The Fiesta Trio are three small creatures. Whenever Dora and Boots are successful in a given portion of their quests, which are usually divided into three portions, they appear from seemingly nowhere to congratulate Dora and Boots with an 8-note fanfare followed by a quarter note drum and celebrate.


The Fiesta Trio appears in almost every episode of Dora the Explorer. Their first appearance was in "The Legend of the Big Red Chicken".


The frog is blue with a green stomach. The grasshopper is orange with red spots and a yellow stomach. The snail is pink with a purple shell with light blue lines. Each of them have white eyes with black pupils.


  • The Fiesta Trio didn't play their fanfare on "Lost and Found". However, they did appear at the end of that episode.
  • They didn't play their fanfare after passing Tico's tree in "Little Star".
  • They didn’t play their fanfare in "Star Mountain".
  • Starting with "The Lost City", they play an extended fanfare tune when Dora and Boots finish their adventure. Also in that episode onwards, they sing along with Map during the I'm the Map! song. They just can't resist a song.
  • Beginning with Season 1, the normal fanfare was normal pitch. But beginning with new seasons, it became high-pitched. The older version can still be heard in some new episodes.
  • When the Fiesta Trio talk, there were three different pitch tones for each one. The frog sounds low, the grasshopper sounds slightly higher, and the snail has the highest pitch tone.
  • They only appeared in two Go, Diego, Go! episodes: they made a cameo appearance in Linda the Llama Saves Carnival and sang with Map twice in Diego's Great Dinosaur Rescue.
  • In some episodes, such as Dora Saves the Prince, Quack! Quack!, and To the South Pole, they somehow got to wherever Dora and Boots are going.
  • They live in an orange shell.
  • They were sad when they lost their instruments on "Dora's First Trip".
  • They had to play music for the queen bee on the top of tallest mountain who doesn’t like waiting.
  • In the episode Berry Hunt, they get interrupted and cut off by the Bear, who chases after Dora and Boots.
  • This happens again in We're a Team!, where the Grumpy Old Troll tries to get rid of them by removing his bridge. This fails and they fly out with helicopter blades and continues their song.
  • In some episodes, the Fiesta Trio don't always sing the Travel Song with Dora and Boots, sometimes there's other characters singing it with them too.
  • The Fiesta Trio are always playing their fanfare music before Dora and Boots sing We Did It!.
  • In The Golden Explorers, the Fiesta Trio don't play their fanfare music after everyone passing the Big Tree Swiper throws the soccer ball in.
  • The Fiesta Trio are as well voices by Marc Weiner including Map, and Swiper even throughout the series, they've never gotten new voice actors at all like the other characters.
  • The Fiesta Trio never gets Character Find during the end credits just like Dora, Backpack, and Big Red Chicken, as well as their icon with their picture on it is almost never seen either.
  • There icon was shown once in Whose Birthday is It, but on the personalized version only, as the regular version has Baby Red Fish's icon instead.
  • Their fanfare has 4 B notes, and one E♭ note, C♯ note, B note, and E note.


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