Welcome to Fairytale Land is the opening tune from the episode Dora's Fairytale Adventure.


Come with me now and we can go
To un mundo mágico
Right this way, no time to lose
Come on, take my hand
Wonder what we're gonna see
Will the three little pigs play with me?
Of course, hey, we're in Fairytale Land

Es un lugar maravilloso, a fairytale land
So, just come on in and make yourself at home
'Cause you might see Snow White or the Gingerbread Man
Or play catch with a very friendly gnome

Es un lugar maravilloso, a fairytale land
Grab your wand, come and join our merry band (Es un lugar maravilloso)
Calling all Cinderellas and magical fellas
By now, we think you understand

You're welcome in Fairytale Land
In Fairytale Land! (2x)

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