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Dora's Explorer's Kit is a minor item that was "introduced" in the flashback of Dora's First Trip, and hasn't made an official appearance or been mentioned in-universe since then.


The Explorer's Kit was Dora's first adventuring pack before she was given Backpack as seen in the flashback episode of the same name. Like Backpack, it was gifted to her by her parents, but unlike her, the Explorer's Kit is non-anthropomorphic, not at all magic, and has a limited storage. It came prepackaged with three basic yet useful exploring tools: some binoculars, a magnifying glass, and a compass.


The Explorer's Kit is modeled after a messenger bag. It's rectangular and light blue in color with yellow accents, as seen on the parts where the shoulder strap meets the bag. Like Backpack and a real-life messenger bag, it opens with a flap that leads to one major compartment that holds objects; this compartment being a vanilla color.


  • Though it's visible in the close-up shot, the Explorer's Kit's compass goes unused in the episode.
  • The two yellow buttons on the underside of the kit become four in one shot during the episode.