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Go Diego go everyday I’m getting bigger

Every Day, I'm Getting Bigger is a song that Baby Jaguar sang to show his confidence of climbing up Jaguar Mountain, and also getting to be a big jaguar. It was heard on Journey to Jaguar Mountain.

Characters Singing[]



Go Diego Go - Climb to Jaguar Mountain

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Note: Lyrics denoted in italics are spoken.

Every day, I'm getting bigger.
I know that you are too!
Every day, I'm getting stronger,
Just like you!
Every day, I'm running faster,
Come on, run fast with me!
Every day, I'm jumping higher,
Can you jump? Let me see!
So maybe it's today.
I can make it all the way,
to the top of Jaguar Mountain in the SKY!
I really think I'm big enough to...

Reprise lyrics (after Baby Jaguar climbed up Jaguar Mountain)[]


Go Diego Go!- Journey To Jaguar Mountain Clip- Baby Jaguar Sings.

Today's a special day,
'cause we made it all the way
To the top of Jaguar Mountain, you and I!
We made it all together 'cause we...