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Everybody Wants My Goose (or "Todos quieren mi ganso" in Spanish) is a song sung by the Mean Giant in "Dora Saves Fairytale Land" making everyone stay away from his goose when he thinks everyone wants it without hearing his final say.


My goose
Everybody wants my goose

Goose, goose
Everybody wants to take my goose
That’s why I will never let them loose

Everybody wants to take my goose
Now they’ve seen what this goose can produce
I don’t want to hear any excuse
You will never, ever, nunca take my goose

(His goose) Stay away from my goose (4×, last time spoken)

Todo el mundo quieren su ganso/Everybody wants his goose
Y por eso no tiene descanso/And that's why he wants no excuse
Everybody wants my goose!

Note: Parts in italics are spoken.