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Name Emma
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Musician
Interests Music
Dislikes N/A
First Appearance School Science Fair (Dora the Explorer)
Last Appearance TBA
Friends Dora, Alana, Naiya, Kate, Pablo
Relatives TBA
Enemies N/A
Voiced By Karen Scarboyoo (Dora the Explorer)
Kayta Thomas (Dora & Friends)

Emma is a explorer girl who loves music. She made her first appearance in the episode School Science Fair for the TV show Dora the Explorer.


Emma teamed up with Dora to make a homemade volcano to take to the science fair at school.


  • She has dark skin, brown eyes, brown hair, black and eyebrows
  • She wore a yellow short-sleeved shirt, a purple skirt, a blue ribbon tied into a bow in her hair at the back and had a cyan backpack on Dora the Explorer.
  • She wore a yellow sweater, a white shirt underneath it, a pink skirt, pink shoes, pink earrings and had a music note necklace on Dora and Friends: Into the City.
  • In Explorer Girls, she had curlier hair with pink bows and wore a mint green cardigan over a cream-colored shirt, a light blue skirt, and navy blue and white flats.
  • In Our First Concert, Emma had box braids, wore a yellow sleeveless dress with orange trim and polka-dots, pink and yellow bracelets, and orange shoes.



  • Emma was voiced by Karen Scarboyoo on Dora the Explorer.
  • Emma is now currently voiced by Kayta Thomas on Dora and Friends:Into the City!.
  • Emma is into music and can play the violin.
  • Emma's puppy is named Lala.


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