Mami (also known as Mama, Mrs. Márquez, or Señora Márquez) is Dora's mother who has appeared in some episodes of Dora the Explorer. She is a baker and mother of her three children. She is Papi's wife. 


Mami was first mentioned in Hic-Boom-Ohhh! as Dora is helping Benny getting rid of his hiccups. She was also mentioned the episode Berry Hunt where she has given her daughter Dora five blueberries. In the start of the series she wasn't known by anything besides "Mami," until the episode Grandma's House where Boots addressed her as "Señora Marquez" when he visited Dora's home to meet her (this reveals that Marquez is Dora's last name). He also called her that in Surprise!.

Dora's mother's forename being Elena was revealed in casting advertisements for the Lost City of Gold live-action film.


Mami is a very kind and caring person. She is always willing to help Dora. For example, she helped plan Boots' surprise party. She cares a lot about her family.


Mami has dark peach skin, brown eyes and hair. She wears a purple sleeveless calf-length dress, light purple slip-on shoes and yellow earrings.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Main article: Dora and the Lost City of Gold


  • It's possible that she is Abuela's daughter due to the similar hairstyle.
  • She never appeared in Go, Diego, Go!



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