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Egg Hunt is a Dora the Explorer VHS tape featuring episodes from its 2nd season. The DVD release also features the same episodes from its 2nd season with 2 episodes from Move to the Music as a bonus.

Episodes Included

  1. Egg Hunt
  2. El Día De Las Madres
  3. Dora, La Música (DVD)
  4. Pablo's Flute (DVD)


  1. Nick Jr. Celebrates... VHS & DVD Trailer (Oswald Version)
  2. Dora the Explorer: Dora's Pirate Adventure VHS & DVD Trailer
  3. Oswald VHS & DVD Trailer
  4. Peanuts VHS & DVD Trailer (A Charlie Brown Valentine, Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown and I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown)
  5. Charlotte's Web 1 & 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure VHS & DVD Trailer
  6. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning
  7. Paramount Home Video (2002)
  8. Egg Hunt
  9. El Día De Las Madres
  10. Dora the Explorer Credits (Egg Hunt & El Día De Las Madres)
  11. Nick Jr. Productions (1999)
  12. Nickelodeon Haypile Logo
  13. Paramount Home Video (2002)

Face Promos (VHS)

  1. Face Tries Out Lots of Different Patterns (Short Version)
  2. Face Eats a Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich (Short Version)


  • This is the only video that has the second episode title appear at the beginning of the character find segment before the second episode starts.
  • The previous VHS, Pirate Adventure, didn’t have any Nick Jr. Face segments, but this however is the last VHS to have Nick Jr. Face segments.
  • This is the last VHS to have the Nick Jr. Kids Opening and Closing bumpers. Although, the previous VHS only had the Frogs bumper at the opening and no Kids Opening and Closing bumpers.
  • This is the last DVD release to have bonus episodes from an older VHS.
  • Boots is the only Character Find character to appear in all 4 episodes in this DVD.
  • This is also the second VHS to have the same Character Find character from both episodes.
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