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Dragon's Song is a song sung by the dragon from "Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom" telling the story about what happened when the greedy King hid the yellow crystal in the tale.


I'll tell you all the story, but if you don't mind, I'll sing
A man wearing a crown appeared, that's the greedy king
He had a sparkling bag with him with crystals shining bright
He flew up to a cliff and waved his wand with all his might
The cliff had opened up for him, he threw the yellow crystal in
And sealed it up again with a great blast

One thing I know, I have no doubt
We need to get that crystal out
Just hop on me, I'll take you all there fast

(Song continues in Get the Crystals.)

Note: Parts in italics are spoken.


This song was written by the musical director himself Jed Becker.