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Dora the Explorer is a popular cartoon, and has been referenced and parodied in popular culture numerous times. The popularity and impact has led to the show being referenced in various other media and unofficial media.

TV Shows[]

American Dad![]

American Dad - Dora Pinata

Aqua Teen Hunger Force[]

In the episode, "Knapsack!", the characters Jubilee, Knappy the Knapsack, and Mappy the Map are parodies of Dora, Backpack, and Map respectively.

Clone High[]

  • In the episode "Cloney Island: Twist!", Principal Scudworth says "Let do like Dora and explore-a", which is a reference to Dora the Explorer. Mr. Butlertron says "I'm the map!" which is a reference to the song, sung by The Map in the show.

Drake & Josh[]

Eat Bulaga![]

  • The opening number for November 28, 2009 Allan K. as "Dora the Rat Killer" while he holds the Stuffed Monkey along with Wally Bayola as Spider-Man.
  • Screenshot 2022-03-14-14-53-59

    Cartoon & Anime Cosplay Characters with Dora, Batman, Wonder Woman, Peter Pan, & Sailor Moon to take care with 2 students each from 1 selected school each on the Junior Pinoy Henyo Finals.

    On June 2, 2012, In this Segment of Junior Pinoy Henyo: Final Exam, There's cartoon and anime cosplay characters (such as Dora, Batman, Wonder Woman, Peter Pan and Sailor Moon.)
  • On the July 6th 2019 episode of Boom!, "Dora & Boots" are one of the couples being chosen in the first bomb. The gallery below shows some screenshots from that episode.
  • Nidora-1-scaled

    Villar and Sumaya as "Duminadora" and "Eksenadora" on the left

    Since the revamp in June 2023 (renamed "Tahanang Pinakamasaya!" since January 2024), TVJ (Tito, Vic and Joey) alumni Buboy Villar and Betong Sumaya cosplayed Dora in their "EB Happy" and "Pinaka EB Happy" segments several times.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends[]

  • In the episode, "Bloo Tube", Eduardo watches and singing Explorin' Lauren, which is a parody of Dora the Explorer.


Futurama - Dora the Destroyer

Dora the Destroyer (Dora the Explorer parody from Futurama episode, "Yo Leela Leela").

  • In the episode, "Yo Leela Leela", during the "Young People's Choice Awards" (a parody of both People's Choice Awards and Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards), one of the nominees for Best New Kids Show is called Dora the Destroyer. The series features her, along with an unnamed monkey. They are seen wearing military attire and carrying guns, a stark contrast to the squeaky clean standards of preschool-aimed television shows.

Family Guy[]

  • In the episode, "How the Griffin Stole Christmas", Stewie explains to Susie Swanson that he has a Dora the Explorer sled because his parents picked it up at a yard sale. He tries to justify it being for boys due to her language acquisition skills.
  • Stewie writes erotic fiction featuring Dora and her cousin Diego in "Peter's Lost Youth".

Goin' Bulilit[]

IMG 20190903 071044
  • In this segment about Nora the Explorer - a spoof of Nickelodeon's educational cartoon series Dora the Explorer, Chacha Cañete as Nora the Explorer.

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy[]

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy - Pandora

A girl called Pandora alias "Dora" from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy episode, "Pandora's Lunch Box".

  • In the episode, "Pandora's Lunch Box", a girl called Pandora from the times of Ancient Greece, until one day Zeus, Poseidon and Hades decided to send down a 'mysterious box' down to Pandora. The girl is under the alias "Dora". Billy refers the animated series mentions her and the monkey. Pandora opened a box that unleashed all the evil in the world.


Phineas and Ferb[]

  • In "Oh, There You Are, Perry", Doofenshmirtz is yelling, "We did it! We did it! Lo Hicimos we did it!". He says lo hicimos, which is a reference to the "We Did It!" song of Dora the Explorer.

Robot Chicken[]

  • In "Werewolf vs. Unicorn", Dora appeared in a sketch called "Illegal Alien Problems".
  • In "Hemlock, Gin, and Juice", a sketch featuring a teenage version of Dora appears.
  • In "The Mystery of the Curious Box", another sketch with Dora and Boots climbing on Mount Everest.
  • In "Your Mouth Is Hanging Off Your Face", another sketch features Swiper as the president.
  • In a deleted sketch from the episode "Eaten by Cats", Dora parodies Tomb Raider.

Saturday Night Live[]

  • In a "TV Funhouse" sketch entitled "Maraka". The sketch made fun of the pauses in the show for the child viewer to react, the translations from Spanish to English (and Chinese, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, Swahili, Xhosa, Korean, and Russian.) in Maraka's sentences and had many sporadic events. Maraka was voiced by Becca Lish.

South Park[]

Dora the Explorer on South Park

Dora the Explorer in South Park episode, "Taming Strange".

  • In the episode, "Taming Strange", at the end Ike and his brother Kyle Broflovski are watching Dora the Explorer.
    • The official Dora would later be seen (in disguise as Tim McGraw) calling Eric "a giant hippo" in a commercial for Paramount+.
  • In the episode "Hummels and Heroin" A woman in a Swiper costume is seen.

SpongeBob SquarePants[]

IMG 3132
  • In “Truth or Square”, At the beginning, when Patchy arrives at the Nick Animation studio, a Dora the Explorer poster can be seen behind him.

Teen Titans Go![]

  • In the episode, "Curse of the Booty Scooty", two skeletons are seen when the Titans enter the cave which are eerily similar to Dora and Boots.
  • The episode "Toddler Titans…Yay!" parodies Nick Jr. related characters including the Dora series. A purple snake from the series appears in the jungle as well. The cheer in the episode's title is also similar to the opening lyrics of the Animal end song from Go, Diego, Go!.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon[]


Ice T Re-Voices Scooby-Doo, Dora & G.I. Joe Cartoons


Annoying Orange and Scratch[]

  • In Ask Orange #34, Orange is asked to "sing Dora". He then sings a parody of the Dora the Explorer Theme Song.
  • In Zuccitchi bagpipe: intro, Zuccitchi sings a parody of the Dora the Explorer Theme Song.


On a YouTube channel called "AOK", a parody called "Dora The Grownup" which references Dora the Explorer, and features a Grownup Dora, and a teenage Boots. She usually smiles a lot and is a weirdo, and fails trying to make her life go down.

Battle for Dream Island[]

  • One of the characters in the series is directly based on Dora the Explorer, who first appeared in a crowd in "Vomitaco". She was recommended by "JACKIEMON1."
    • In her audition tape from "The Reveal," Dora claims to speak in "perfect Spanish," similar to how the show teaches Spanish to young children.
    • In the episode "Get Digging," upon learning she is eliminated from the game, the Puffball Speaker Box teases her by telling her to "go explore the TLC".
  • In the episodes "The Glistening" and "Don't Pierce my Flesh," characters based on Boots the Monkey can be seen. Both were recommended by "bridgetteandcody2."

GoAnimate/Vyond/Wrapper: Offline[]


Example of a Goanimate Dora video. Here, she is getting grounded by her parents.

  • Dora the Explorer is a notable subject for making videos using GoAnimate/Vyond. These videos usually involve Dora getting into trouble, leading to her being grounded for impossibly long periods of time. In these videos, Dora herself is voiced by the Kayla or Julie text-to-speech voice.


  • Dora and Boots appear in various webcomics such as Dora the Teenage Explorer, Grim Tales: from Down Below and The Powerpuff Girls: Doujinshi. most of those webcomics are drawn in Anime styled.

Also, Joe the Traveler (A Short Movie Series on YouTube) is a parody of Dora the Explorer, the Roles are:

  • Joe as Dora
  • Socks as Boots
  • John as Diego

Dora and Boots also appear in Joe the Traveler 4.


In December 2010, CollegeHumor uploaded to YouTube a US history Dora parody entitled "Conquista Dora".

"Dora the Explorer and the Destiny Medallion", loosely based on Dora the Explorer, features Ariel Winter as Dora.


  • Dora appears in an episode of SML where Mario is traveling through dimensions.
  • In the video "Jeffy the Explorer!," a parody of Dora, named "Windowa," plays a major role.

Yo Mama[]

Various Yo Mama jokes are made involving Dora in the punchline. A notable example is: "Yo mama so fat, Dora couldn't explore her!".


Number One Spot[]


In 2012, TheStringiniBros released a song called Dora No More. The song is about Dora dying gruesomely in different ways. Despite it, there is no blood shown in the video.

Video Games[]

AdVenture Communist[]

One of the event cards is a parody of Dora the Explorer called Dora the Destroyer (Similar to the Futurama reference).

Amanda the Adventurer[]

  • The entire game is a horror-themed parody of the series. The game features two main characters named Amanda, who is similar to Dora, and Wooly, a sheep who is similar to Boots.


There is a Fishing event title achievement called "Dora the Explorer".


2005 79th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade[]

  • On that event, Dora the Explorer became the first Latina balloon character.  




GEICO South Pole Dora Commercial 2015 It's What You Do

Dora (voiced by Fátima Ptacek) and Boots (voiced by Koda Gursoy) appear in a commercial for GEICO taking place in the South Pole.


A girl wearing a springtime Dora and Boots can be seen in a commercial for Fijian instant fruit drink VitaFresh.

VitaFresh is a Fijian-made product that can be exported to other parts of the South Pacific region.