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This is a list of Dora the Explorer episodes from Season 3 that aired between February 24, 2003-October 28, 2005/January 16, 2006.


  • The twenty-fifth episode of this season aired on Noggin in September 2004 prior to its Nickelodeon premiere in January 2006.
  • Episodes are listed by airing order, and not the order they were produced.
  • An asterisk (*) signifies a double-length episode.
  • Two asterisks (**) signify an episode that was held back or aired early


Episode # Season # Title Thumbnail Airdate
53. 3x01 "The Lost City" ** Cutin February 24, 2003
54. 3x02 "Stuck Truck" 152053 October 8, 2003
55. 3x03 "Roberto the Robot" Roberto-Fixing-Tran-Tracks October 9, 2003
56. 3x04 "¡Por Favor!" Por favor dora October 10, 2003
57. 3x05 "Rescue, Rescue, Rescue!" The Gooey Geyser October 13, 2003
58. 3x06 "Save the Puppies!" 152061 October 14, 2003
59. 3x07 "The Big Potato" 152058 October 15, 2003
60. 3x08 "What Happens Next?" 160056 October 16, 2003
61. 3x09 "The Fix-it Machine" Benny's Boat October 17, 2003
62. 3x10 "Meet Diego!" Vlcsnap-2021-11-19-00h06m54s531 October 20, 2003
63. 3x11 "Baby Dino" Baby Dino October 22, 2003
64. 3x12 "Baseball Boots" Baseball Boots October 23, 2003
65. 3x13 "Boots' Special Day" MV5BMTg5MzAyNzI0Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODA1NzQ2MjE@. V1 SX1338 SY878 October 24, 2003
66. 3x14 "Boo!" 152068 October 29, 2003
67. 3x15 "Dora Saves the Game" Vlcsnap-2022-06-21-23h49m58s482 November 11, 2003
68. 3x16 "The Super Silly Fiesta" It's Fiesta Time! April 12, 2004
69. 3x17 "Boots' Cuddly Dinosaur" Boots gets his dinosaur back April 19, 2004
70. 3x18 "Job Day" The Firetruck April 20, 2004
71. 3x19 "Louder!" Louder April 21, 2004
72. 3x20 "ABC Animals" 353242 April 22, 2004
73. 3x21 "Dora's Pirate Adventure" * ** All of the costumes January 17, 2005
74. 3x22 "Dora Had a Little Lamb" ** Vlcsnap-2022-06-17-02h05m14s585 October 4, 2005
75. 3x23 "Best Friends" ** Vlcsnap-2021-11-18-00h06m57s345 October 6, 2005
76. 3x24 "Journey to the Purple Planet" ** 152059 October 28, 2005
77. 3x25 "To the South Pole" ** To The South Pole January 16, 2006 (Nickelodeon)
September 18, 2004 (Noggin)

Production info

  • This season was ordered and announced in November 2001.[1] However, when Nickelodeon first ordered this season, they only commissioned 13 out of the 25 episodes. It is currently unknown when the rest were ordered, but possibly sometime in early or mid 2002.
    • In addition to that, it was also announced that the Season 2 episodes were going to start premiering during the first quarter of 2002.
  • This season was produced in 2002, while episodes of Season 2 (as well as Backpack!) were airing.


  • There are a lot of changes and firsts in this season.
    • This season introduced a new opening sequence that would continue onward up to the show's 6th season.
      • However, it was also used in the restored version of the Season 2 episode Whose Birthday is It? and the DVD version of the Season 2 episode Super Spies. If one counts that, then Season 2 would be the first to use the opening sequence mentioned above.
      • Additionally, this would be the last season to use the original opening sequence if one counts the home media versions of The Lost City and Dora Had a Little Lamb. If not, then the previous season is the last to do so.
    • This also introduced the Explorer Stars, a star-catching sequence, and an Explorer Star mini-game, where the viewer gets more information on what each star has the ability to do in the end credit sequence. The star-catching was officially introduced in the episode Star Catcher.
    • This season introduces Dora's cousin, Diego and his best friend, Baby Jaguar, who would later get their own show less than two years after their introduction came out, called Go, Diego, Go!.
      • In this season, Diego is voiced by brothers Andres and Felipe Dieppa and, in some later episodes in this season, Gabriel Alvarez, who would voice him in Season 4. It is possible that the episodes where he was voiced by the Dieppa brothers were produced before the ones where Alvarez voiced him.
    • This is the first season where the Fiesta Trio sings along with Map during a new version of the I'm the Map song. This will occur in most episodes from this season on.
      • Additionally, after Map reviews how to get to the final destination, he says, "So remember..." instead of "So you tell Dora..."
    • Starting with this season, the screen now shows a close-up of the Fiesta Trio (and what they are doing) as they play their fanfare after Dora and Boots pass a location.
      • Speaking of the Fiesta Trio, also beginning with this season, in (almost) every episode, they now do an extended fanfare before the We Did It! song begins.
    • Swiper is on his good side two times (The Lost City, when he felt bad for Dora for losing her teddy bear, and Boo!, after Dora gave him candy for Halloween) (Three if it was also Dora's Pirate Adventure theoretically).
    • This is the first season to have at least one double-length episode, as the previous two seasons do not have any.
      • This season, tied with Seasons 7 and 8, have the least double-length episodes in a single season, being only one.
    • This season continues to use the picture pop-up sequence's format used in late Season 2; it is also the last season to feature it until Season 5 (excluding the Season 4 episodes Star Catcher, Dora's World Adventure!, and Dora Saves the Mermaids).
      • Speaking of the Picture Pop-Up Sequence, in the first two seasons, Dora has her arms down. Beginning this this season, with "The Lost City", Dora now raises one, or occasionally both, arm(s) when she asks "Where do we go first/next?", even when there isn't a sequence.
    • During the Favorite Parts segments, the valley background from the previous two seasons will no longer be featured from now on. Additionally, Dora (and/or sometimes other characters) now say "Gracias" after "Thanks for helping", just like she (Dora) did in Beaches and To the Treehouse.
    • This is the first season where Backpack is not checked every episode. She was not checked in The Lost City, Save the Puppies!, The Fix-it Machine, Boo! (however, Dora used her to hold her, Boots, and Little Monster's bags of candy for safe keeping), The Super Silly Fiesta, and ABC Animals.
    • Meet Diego! and To the South Pole were seen on the Meet Diego! VHS and DVD, Dora's Pirate Adventure was seen on the VHS/DVD of the same name, and Dora Had a Little Lamb was seen on the Rhymes and Riddles VHS and DVD before they all aired on TV.
    • This season has the second most amount of episodes in a single season, that being 25, the most being Seasons 1 and 2 both with 26.
    • This is the final season to use Dora and Boots' original recordings of "We did it!" from Season 1 during the We Did It! song. However, they were also heard in the Season 4 episodes Star Catcher, Dora's First Trip, and Star Mountain. It is possible that those episodes were produced before the ones with their (Dora and Boots') new recordings of the "We did it!" song, making them the first three produced episodes of Season 4.
      • However, the recording of them singing "We did it" during the verses still remains after Season 1.
    • Beginning with this season, Dora's phrase while trying to find the location, "Do you see (location)?" followed by, "Where?" has become less frequent, and it is now replaced with a new phrase: "¿Dónde está? Where is (location)?".
    • October 2003 is when most of this season premiered. Additionally, Nick Jr. (on Nickelodeon) did two primetime specials to promote the new additions of the show at the time, one for star-catching (Star Catcher) on October 6, and one for Diego's debut (Meet Diego!) two weeks later on October 20.
    • This season introduces a new sound effect for when Backpack dispenses the items needed.
    • This is the last season in which Backpack dispenses one item at a time as she sings her song during her segment.
    • A few episodes this season got aired in different seasons:
      • The Lost City was produced this season, but got aired during Season 2.
      • The last five episodes were produced this season, but got aired during Season 4.
  • Unlike other episodes, the Season 3 finale episode in airing order aired on Noggin on September 18, 2004 before it premiered on Nickelodeon on January 16, 2006.