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This is a list of Dora the Explorer episodes from Season 1 that aired between August 14, 2000-March 4, 2002.

Episode # Season # Title Thumbnail Airdate
1. 1x01 "The Legend of the Big Red Chicken" 785E2581-7A8E-41B2-B29D-B7902F93198B.png August 14, 2000
2. 1x02 "Lost and Found" Vlcsnap-2022-01-02-21h00m23s581.png August 14, 2000
3. 1x03 "Choo-Choo!" Dora boots and azul .jpg August 14, 2000
4. 1x04 "Hic-Boom-Ohhh!" Vlcsnap-2022-01-02-22h39m35s997.png August 21, 2000
5. 1x05 "We All Scream for Ice Cream" Dora and Boots with ice cream yummy.jpg August 28, 2000
6. 1x06 "Three Little Piggies" 421291.jpg September 4, 2000
7. 1x07 "Treasure Island" Islandtreasure.jpg September 18, 2000
8. 1x08 "Beaches" Vlcsnap-2022-04-17-20h59m15s041.png September 25, 2000
9. 1x09 "'Big River" Vlcsnap-2022-02-08-23h16m04s071.png October 9, 2000
10. 1x10 "Wizzle Wishes" Vlcsnap-2022-02-08-00h56m47s619.png October 23, 2000
11. 1x11 "Berry Hunt" 160003.jpg October 30, 2000
12. 1x12 "Surprise!" Vlcsnap-2021-11-20-02h58m27s055.png November 6, 2000
13. 1x13 "Grandma's House" 152022.jpg November 13, 2000
14. 1x14 "Sticky Tape" Sticky Tape.jpg November 27, 2000
15. 1x15 "Bouncing Ball" Bouncing Ball.jpg December 4, 2000
16. 1x16 "Bugga Bugga" Bugga Bugga.jpg April 30, 2001
17. 1x17 "Fish Out of Water" Vlcsnap-2022-02-05-22h26m21s811.png May 1, 2001
18. 1x18 "El Coquí" El Coqui.jpeg May 2, 2001
19. 1x19 "The Chocolate Tree" 152011.jpg May 3, 2001
20. 1x20 "To the Treehouse" Vlcsnap-2021-11-29-02h19m08s605.png May 4, 2001
21. 1x21 "Little Star" Vlcsnap-2022-02-04-02h18m06s926.png May 21, 2001
22. 1x22 "Call Me Mr. Riddles" Vlcsnap-2022-02-05-14h57m04s749.png September 24, 2001
23. 1x23 "Te Amo" Te Amo.png October 1, 2001
24. 1x24 "Pablo's Flute" 159988.jpg October 15, 2001
25. 1x25 "Dora Saves the Prince" Captive Prince.png October 29, 2001
26. 1x26 "Backpack" First time wearing Backpack.png March 4, 2002

Production info

This season was mostly produced in 2000, while the last few episodes were produced in early 2001.


  • Each time the blue cursor clicks on something, from The Legend of the Big Red Chicken until Sticky Tape, there is a fading effect.
    • As of Bouncing Ball, it got switched to a split-second rapid glow. This gets put to permanent use after said episode.
  • When the three pictures appear during the picture pop-up sequence, they simply appear with a faint flash.
  • This and Season 2 are the only seasons where Dora always keeps her arms down during the picture pop-up sequence.
    • Starting in Season 3, she would raise one or both arms after asking, "Where do we go first/next?" and keeps them up until the blue cursor clicks the next place.
  • This and Season 2 are the only two seasons that don't have any double-length episodes.
  • Dora has a total of five different face designs this season.
  • The background color for Map's segment is brown in all episodes. Starting with Season 2, the background colors are randomly chosen per episode (pink, red, yellow, blue, etc.).
  • After Map reviews on how to get to where Dora and Boots have to go, he says, "So you tell Dora…". He does this again throughout Season 2, then in Season 3 onwards, he says, "So remember…". In the episodes The Legend of the Big Red Chicken, Lost and Found, Treasure Island, Berry Hunt, and The Chocolate Tree, he says, "So here’s what you tell Dora…".
  • This is the shortest running season out of the eight. It took more than one and a half years (August 2000-March 2002) for all the episodes to be aired.
  • This season, tied with Season 2, has the most number of episodes in a single season, that being 26.
  • In this season, Muhammad Cunningham voices Tico (this season only), who would get a new voice actor (Jose Zelaya) in the next three seasons. After that, he gets another new voice actor in Season 5.
  • During the Travel Song, Dora and Boots simply just say out the place they are going to after asking each other, "Where are we going?". This also occurred in the Season 2 episode The Big Storm. Beginning with Season 2, they clap three times before doing so.
  • The walking animations during the travel song in some episodes are identical to others.
  • This is the only season to feature the travel song in all episodes. Coincidentally, they all feature it at least twice (a few feature it three times).
  • This is the only season where, when Dora asks where the location is, there is only one path. In later seasons, there are multiple paths that lead to other places.
  • When Dora tells the viewer to stand up, in earlier episodes, Boots yells, "Up, up! Get up!". From Wizzle Wishes until early Season 2, he says, "Up, up, up!" once or sometimes twice.
    • Also, the first two episodes are the only times Dora says, "You can sit down, now!" following the "stand up" prompt. All later episodes don't have that.
  • This is the only season where all the episodes aired on TV before they appeared on home media.
    • Speaking of home media, The Legend of the Big Red Chicken is the only episode to never be released onto VHS and/or DVD.
    • It was, however, released on DVD in international releases.
  • The first three episodes (The Legend of the Big Red Chicken, Lost and Found, and Choo-Choo!) premiered on the same day.
  • This the only season where Isa had a character find segment. It only happened in Choo-Choo! and El Coquí.
  • Boots and Map's character find backgrounds are the same throughout the season up until the Season 2 The Missing Piece, but Boots' is mirrored. He (Boots) will have a new background in a later episode from said season, El Día De Las Madres.
  • For this season only, whenever Dora and Boots ride on a boat with Tico, he wears the same orange lifejacket as Dora and Boots; starting next season, he can pull a cord on his rainbow vest to turn it into a rainbow lifejacket.