Lost City Adventure is the first PC game for Dora the Explorer and it takes children on a fun learning adventure, with the world's youngest explorer!



Dora's special teddy bear, Osito, is lost. She and Boots post a sign, and then decide to take matters into their own hands. With her trusty map for guidance and help from kids, Dora and Boots journey to the Lost City, a mysterious and hidden place where all lost toys and treasures go. Along the way, they travel to exotic locations, encounter some of their friends--Pirate Pig, Mami Bugga Bugga, and more--and help them regain their lost objects, too.

Places in this PC game

  1. Big Pond
  2. Number Pyramid
  3. Lost City


  • This PC game is based on The Lost City, which didn't premiere on TV until February and June 2003.
  • In this game, the Number Pyramid is the second location, while in the episode, it was the first location.
  • The Mixed-Up Jungle is not in this game unlike the actual episode. Instead, the Big Pond was featured.
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