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Lost City Adventure is the second PC game for Dora the Explorer and it takes children on a fun learning adventure, with the world's youngest explorer!



Dora's special teddy bear, Osito, is lost. She and Boots post a sign, and then decide to take matters into their own hands. With her trusty map for guidance and help from kids, Dora and Boots journey to the Lost City, a mysterious and hidden place where all lost toys and treasures go. Along the way, they travel to exotic locations, encounter some of their friends--Pirate Pig, Mami Bugga Bugga, and more--and help them regain their lost objects, too.

Places in this PC game[]

  1. Big Pond
  2. Number Pyramid
  3. Lost City


  • This PC game is based on The Lost City, which didn't premiere on TV until February 2003.
    • Coincidentally, the episode was produced in 2002, which is the same year this game was released.
  • There are several notable differences between the game and actual episode:
    • In this game, the Number Pyramid is the second location, while in the episode, it was the first location.
    • The Mixed-Up Jungle is not in this game unlike the actual episode. Instead, the Big Pond was featured.
    • Señor Tucán, Pirate Pig, the Pirate Piggies, Mami Bugga Bugga and the Bugga Bugga Babies appear in the game, but not in the episode.
    • Benny, Isa, Tico, and Azul do not appear in the game.
    • Screen appears as different colors in the game, while in the episode, he is only blue.
    • In the Number Pyramid, Dora and Boots catch jewels, while in the episode, they take rides on a lift and a vine. Also, unlike the episode, the slide to get out is not behind a trapdoor, and it is at the top of the Number Pyramid.
    • Because the Mixed-Up Jungle was replaced with the Big Pond and the Number Pyramid had different objectives, the We Did It! song had some of its lyrics changed from the episode version, except the last line when Dora says, "We found the Lost City and got back my teddy bear."
  • The game uses the same gaming engine as Backpack Adventure; some animations were reused.