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Dora Window Surprises Dollhouse is a 2010 Dora the Explorer dollhouse released by Fisher-Price.

This special dollhouse is known for its scrolling windows which change scenes according to the seasons and the time of day. Pressing the scroll button causes the window to scroll to the next scene; closing the dollhouse and reopening it will also cause the window to scroll. Pressing the sound button will activate sounds and phrases according to the window scene.

Window Scenes[]

  • Summer Day
  • Summer Night
  • Autumn Day
  • Autumn Night
  • Winter Day
  • Winter Night
  • Spring Day

Additional sets[]

  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom

Figure packs[]

  • Dora
  • Diego
  • Boots and Isa
  • Fall Fiesta Dora
  • Beach Adventure
  • Twins


  • ¡Es primavera! It's springtime!
  • ¡Es otoño! What a cool autumn night!
  • ¡Es invierno! Let's stay by the fireplace tonight.
  • ¡Es verano! Let's relax in the summer!