Dora Saves the Snow Princess
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Airdate September 30, 2008 (DVD)
November 3, 2008 (TV)
Season 5
Episode 7
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Dora Saves the Snow Princess is a Dora the Explorer TV movie. It's also the 7th episode from season 5.

Characters present


Dora must save the snow princess from a tower. An icy sea snake, a grumpy polar bear, and a mean witch slow her down in her tracks. She gets help with Boots, Benny, Isa, Tico, A Snowflake Fairy, and the viewer.


Boots, Dora and their friends were going to read a story. The friends wanted a story that had a witch, a snow fairy and a snow princess. Dora had a story just like that. Dora starts reading the story. The story starts with a lovely young girl named Sabrina who lived in a forest where it never snows. She dreamed about living in a place filled with snow. Boots thought Sabrina looked like Dora. Meanwhile, Sabrina heard someone calling for help. Sabrina saw a white dove caught in a cage. Sabrina runs up to the white dove and the white dove said "the witch caught me in this trap and no one will free me because they're all afraid of her. Sabrina thought that she could free the white dove and so she did. The white dove was set free. The white dove had a surprise for Sabrina. The white dove told her to look behind the bush with purple fruit. A gust of wind blows that bush away to reveal something stuck in the ground. Sabrina tried to pull it out herself but needed help. She asks the viewer to help pull. Sabrina pulls out a crystal stuck in the ground. The white dove tells Sabrina to smile into the crystal. Sabrina did so and something amazing happened. The forest turned snowy and Sabrina got a change of clothes. Sabrina wondered what was happening. The white dove explained that the forest was under a spell which could only be broken by someone who's brave and kind. The white dove flew up into the sky, spreads its wings and turns into a snowflake fairy. The snowflake fairy returns and tells Sabrina that she would be the snow princess. Sabrina the Snow Princess was amazed and never knew there was so much to smile about. She was so happy that she decided to sing about the magic snowy forest. The viewer sees a penguin skating on the ice, a polar bear behind a tree and a butterfly up in the sky. After the song, Sabrina the Snow Princess traveled further down the snowy forest until she saw someone in the sky. Sabrina saw a witch. The witch was not happy about the snowy forest and how Sabrina was the snow princess. The witch swooped down and swipes the crystal away. The witch made a mean face into the crystal and the magic snowy forest started to melt. The witch didn't like snow. All of the snowy animals and snow figures wanted to know where Sabrina the Snow Princess was. They looked up, down and all around. They asked snow fairy to search for her. Snow fairy was running out of time. Snow Fairy looked up and talks to who thought was the snow princess was really Dora. Snow Fairy didn't know where the snow princess was. Boots told Snow Fairy that she was in the tower. The others said that the mean witch put her there. Snow Fairy was determined to find the snow princess but he couldn't do this alone. Dora and her friends told Snow Fairy that they'll help him. So, Dora and her friends jumped into the storybook. Once there, they had to dress warm because it was a snowy forest. Dora, Boots, Benny, Isa and Tico didn't know how to get to the snow princess locked in the tower. Map tells them that they have to go across the ocean, past the snow hills, through the cave to find Sabrina the Snow Princess locked in the tower. Map warns them to watch out for the witch who doesn't like snow. Dora and her friends along with Snow Fairy got going to save Sabrina the Snow Princess. They need a way to get down the snowy hill to the ocean. They find a sleigh. Benny decided that he can pull it. They all jumped in and had to remember they're saving Sabrina the Snow Princess and what places they have to pass through before they can get there. They have to go across the ocean, past the snow hills, through the cave to save Sabrina the Snow Princess in the tower. After the travel tune, they hear Swiper the fox. Dora thought Swiper will try and swipe Snow Fairy. They all stop Swiper and then he runs away. Boots jumped up and down on the sleigh and didn't know he was going down with it. Boots yells and the friends catch up to him but couldn't keep up. Boots tries to tell the sleigh to slow down. The sleigh went: "¿que?". Boots thinks that the sleigh speaks Spanish. Dora asks the viewer if the sleigh spoke English or Spanish. The viewer tells Dora that the sleigh spoke Spanish. Dora had to get the viewer to tell Boots to tell the sleigh "Mas despacio" to get the sleigh to slow down. The viewer tells Boots "mas despacio" and Boots tells the sleigh "mas despacio" and the sleigh responds "yes" in Spanish. The sleigh slows down and everybody jumped into the sleigh with Boots. The sleigh reaches the bottom of the hill. After the sleigh ride, they needed a way to get across the ocean. Suddenly, the viewer points out to a pirate boat. Dora and her friends noticed that on the pirate boat were the pirate pigs. They all call out simultaneously. Pirate Pig calls out and drives the pirate boat to collect Dora and her friends. After they all boarded the pirate boat, it was time to set sail across the ocean. The witch saw a pirate boat sailing across the ocean. The witch put a stop to that. She decided to make an icy sea snake appear. She waves her wand once and nothing happened. She tries again and then the icy sea snake appeared. The witch flies away with her broomstick which didn't work well in the cold. Everybody saw the icy sea snake. Pirate Pig told them not to worry and said that all sea snakes are afraid of pirates. Pirate Pig explained that if an icy sea snake pops up to try and scare them, they all have to say "argh!". Pirate Pig sings out a tune about the icy sea snake. Every time they said "argh!" the icy sea snake disappears into the ocean. They said "argh!" faster and faster until the icy sea snake was completely gone. After that, they ask the viewer "who are we saving?" and the viewer responds with them by saying "La Princesa". Boots wondered if they'll make it across the ocean. Pirate Pig tells him not to worry as long they don't bump into icebergs. Suddenly, the pirate boat bumps into an iceberg and Boots gets knocked off the pirate boat and floats away on an ice floe which is a piece of ice that floats. Dora had to catch up to Boots. Dora jumps onto an ice floe. But then, it starts melting and needed a bigger one. Dora jumps onto the next biggest ice floe and it starts melting too. Dora jumps onto the next biggest ice floe and as it starts melting she jumps onto the next biggest one and catches up to Boots and together they completely get across to the side. Snow Fairy was so worried about Boots. Boots tells Snow Fairy that he was OK. After getting across the ocean, Snow Fairy, Dora & Boots reach the snow hills. Boots stands on a snow hill and jumps up and down. The witch saw Dora & Boots down below and were still trying to save Sabrina the Snow Princess. The witch decides to turn the snow hill into a polar bear. The witch waves her wand once and nothing happened; she waves her wand and turned the snow hill into a polar bear As Boots was still jumping up and down, he stops and thought that the snow hill moved. The Snow Fairy knew the witch did something to it. Dora asked the viewer if it was still a snow hill and it wasn't. Then Dora asks what the witch turned the snow hill into. The viewer tells them, a polar bear. Boots asked if the polar bear was happy or angry. The polar bear was angry and it caused Dora & Boots to run. Dora & Boots saw an Inuit town and hopes someone there will help Dora & Boots get away from the polar bear. Sure enough there was someone. Her name was Paj and was driving a dogsled. Paj tells them "jump on". Paj leans the dogsled to the right and the polar bear was still after them. Next, Paj leans the dogsled to the left. Boots wondered if the polar bear was still coming and he was. Paj had to lean the snow sled far to the right and then the polar bear gave up and then Dora & Boots thanked for Paj for helping them get away from the polar bear. Dora & Boots had Snow Fairy. Paj never met a snow fairy before. After getting past the snow hills, Paj gives Dora & Boots a boost to the cave. After that, Dora & Boots thanked Paj again and Paj drives the dogsled away as Dora & Boots wave goodbye. After the dogsled ride, wind started blowing. Snow Fairy went "whoa" as he gets pushed by the wind. The wind blows Snow Fairy into the cave. Dora & Boots called out: "snow fairy" and started entering the cave. Boots said "we've got to find him" and his voice echoes. When Dora called out "snow fairy!" her voice echoes. Dora and Boots noticed that whenever they shout out inside the cave, their voices echo. Dora and Boots called out to Snow Fairy together. They both said "snow fairy!" and their voices echoed. They called out again. Snow Fairy calls out from afar. Dora & Boots looked around for Snow Fairy. They find him up high on the stalactite. Snow Fairy was OK. Boots noticed Snow Fairy was getting smaller. Dora tells Boots that he's melting. Dora & Boots had to get Snow Fairy and themselves out of the cave and rescue Sabrina the snow princess. The viewer found a way out for Dora, Boots and Snow Fairy. They go in the direction the viewer pointed out and made it out of the cave. All that's left to do is rescue Sabrina. The Witch couldn't wait for the snowy forest to disappear because she hated snow. Dora & Boots had to get down the hill which still has some snow on it down to the bottom to reach the tower. Dora looks in her backpack for something she and Boots can use to get down the hill. Backpack had something for Dora and Boots to help them get down the snowy hill. Backpack had a snowboard. Dora & Boots get on the snowboard and put their helmets on for safety. They got going and then saw that some snow has melted up ahead revealing rocks. Dora & Boots had to jump in sync over the rocks. They had to jump in sync 3 times. After making it down the hill, they reach the tower. Sabrina the Snow Princess was glad to see Snow Fairy found her. All they had to do is save Sabrina from the tower. But they had to activate a switch on the other side of the moat. Snow Fairy had to do it but he's still melted and is afraid he won't make it. Dora & Boots help Snow Fairy flap his wings. Crocodiles poke their heads out. Dora, Boots and the viewer help Snow Fairy flap his wings so he can get to the switch. Snow Fairy makes it to the switch. He pushes it down to lower a drawbridge. Dora & Boots enter the tower and ran up a set of spiral stairs and came up to a door where Sabrina the Snow Princess was waiting. Snow Fairy had to get Sabrina the Snow Princess to smile into the crystal. Sabrina tells him that it won't work for her now. Sabrina tells Snow Fairy that the witch put her under a spell and she can't smile. Dora had a thought on the part where Boots thought Sabrina looked like Dora. Dora thought she and Sabrina could switch clothes and then the witch will show the crystal to Dora and then Dora would smile into the crystal and make it snow. Sabrina thought it was a great idea. But then, Dora looked worried and thought maybe the crystal won't work for her. Sabrina told Dora that the crystal didn't work because she was a princess; it worked for someone who was kind and brave and that what matched Dora's description. The witch coming with the crystal. Sabrina told Dora that they didn't have time to switch clothes. Snow Fairy helps out by turning Dora into a snow princess. Dora was dressed just like Sabrina as a snow princess. Snow Fairy, Boots and Sabrina waited nearby and will be listening carefully. Dora sits on the chair and closes her eyes. The witch comes into the tower and thinks she was talking to Sabrina the Snow Princess. Dora speaks out and that she can smile into the crystal. The witch was perplexed and then realized that who the Witch was talking to was Dora. Dora and the viewer smiled into the crystal to break the spell. The snowy forest turned snowy again. The witch tired waving her wand and was most surprised. Dora broke the witch's spell. Snow dumps onto the witch and had to get away from the snow. The witch flies out of the tower and looks at her wand. The witch's wand gets broken as it freezes and brakes into pieces. The witch's powers were gone. Boots heard that the snow took away the witch's powers and it was no wonder the witch hated snow so much. Sabrina said the witch will never bother them again and now they had to get out of the tower because it was starting to disappear. Dora, Boots, Sabrina and Snow Fairy hurried down the spiral stairs until at last they got out of the tower just in time and the tower completely disappeared. Dora, Boots, Sabrina and Snow Fairy sang the tune about how Dora & Boots were the heroes of the snowy forest. After the tune, Sabrina the Snow Princess had an announcement to make. She was going to hand out medals. Before that, Boots wished he had some fancy clothes like Dora. So, Snow Fairy gives Boots a fancy tuxedo and Dora a lovely new dress. Now, it was time to hand out the medals. Boots gets his medal first, Dora went second and then Snow Fairy went third. Sabrina the Snow Princess even had a medal for the viewer. They all bowed their heads to get their medals. After that, Sabrina had a favor to ask for Dora. Sabrina decided to pass the crystal to someone who can use it for good deeds. Dora wasn't so sure. Sabrina begs Dora for a good reason because the crystal is so powerful and needs to be taken care of. Sabrina reminds Dora that the crystal works for anyone who is brave and kind and for other good deeds. Dora understood and will take good care of it. And that was how Dora and Boots led the search with Snow Fairy to save Sabrina the Snow Princess from the tower and how Dora saved the snowy forest.

Places in episode

  1. Icy Ocean
  2. Snow Hills
  3. Cave
  4. Tower



  • This is the first home video not to feature the Dora the Explorer Theme Song in the beginning.
  • First double-length episode where the characters jump into the book.
  • This is the 6th episode that lasted for over 30 minutes.
  • This is the 108th episode of the show.
  • Dora wore a crystal necklace and will wear the crystal necklace again throughout Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom, and wears a similar one in Dora's Big Birthday Adventure.


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