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Dora Saves the Prince (book) is a sticker book in the Dora the Explorer book series.


Uh-oh! A mean witch has cast a spell and put Prince Ramón in the Stone Tower. Dora and Boots have to save him, but they need help! Readers can use the enclosed stickers to find the way to the tower and help break the witch's spell.

Places in book[]

  1. Dark Forest
  2. High Mountain (referred to as "Tall Mountain in Dora's Storybook Adventures)
  3. Stone Tower (or "High Tower", just like in the episode, in Dora's Storybook Adventures)


  • The book is based on the episode of the same name.
  • It was also issued as part of Dora's Storytime Collection, without any stickers.
  • There are a few notable differences between the book and the actual episode:
    • It starts with Dora and Boots asking the reader to help them save Prince Ramon, instead of Dora reading the story and she and Boots jumping into the book.
    • Map is wearing a crown in the book, when he doesn't wear anything in the episode.
    • Prince Ramon's magic ball has been withdrawn from the book.
    • Swiper is withdrawn from the book.
    • The Big Gate and Crocodile Lake are replaced respectively with the Dark Forest and High Mountain (Tall Mountain in Dora's Storytime Collection).
    • The High Tower has been renamed the Stone Tower (but kept its original name in Dora's Storytime Collection).
    • In the episode, there were twelve steps up to Prince Ramon's door; in the book there were only eight.
    • In the episode, the witch takes away all the steps; in the book, she only takes away three of them.
    • At the end, Prince Ramon uses his magic wand to turn the witch good; in the episode, he traps her in her magic ball and made a deal to let her out if she promises to be good from now on.