Dora Saves the Prince
Captive Prince
Airdate Monday, February 5, 2001 (Nickelodeon)
Monday, October 29, 2001 (Nick Jr.)
Tuesday, February 5, 2002 (VHS)
Season 1
Episode 20
Written by Valerie Walsh
Storyboard by:
Tina Kugler
Dominic Orlando
Directed by George Chialtas
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Dora Saves the Prince is the 20th episode of Dora the Explorer from Season 1.

Characters present


A young prince named Prince Ramon tries to get his ball back from the deep dark forest but ends up being locked in the high tower by a mean witch.


Dora had a special book that she'd like to read to Boots. Dora gets out the special book out of her backpack. The special book had a prince on the front cover. The title of the book was called "El Príncipe y la Bruja" which is Spanish for "The Prince and the Witch". Dora & Boots had to say "abre" when they want to open the book. As Dora started reading, there was a prince named Prince Ramon playing with his ball. He bounced with it, spun with it and he even kicked it. Prince Ramon kicked the ball once and went very far. He kicked the ball a 2nd time, and went very very far. When he kicked the ball a 3rd time, it went so far away that it landed in "el bosque de la bruja" or the witch's forest. Prince Ramon was not allowed into the witch's forest, but he went in there anyway because he wanted to get his ball back. He couldn't find it anywhere and the witch caught Prince Ramon in her forest she closed the big gate and banished him to a high tower. The witch whispered "Abre" for open, so Prince Ramon couldn't hear and the tower door opened and inside the tower, the prince and the witch climbed 12 steps up to another door at the top of the tower. The witch locked the prince in a small dark room and the witch walked away. Prince Ramon was stuck and he couldn't get out. Many people from near and far tried to get the prince out of the tower. But, nobody knew the magic word to open the tower door except for Dora. Dora decides that she can save the prince and that Boots will help too. Dora & Boots had to say "Abre" to open the book again, then they had to jump into the book. But Dora & Boots didn't know how to get to the high tower. Luckily, Map knows the way to the high tower. Dora & Boots had to go through a big gate, across crocodile lake and that's how they'll get to the high tower to save Prince Ramon and they'll have to watch out for the witch along the way. As Dora & Boots approached the gate, it was shut closed. Boots tried to pull the gate open, but it didn't work. So, they decided to use the magic word "Abre" to open the gate. In no time, they made it through the gate. Suddenly, Dora & Boots saw the witch behind the tree. They had to close the gate fast. They put their hands out in front and as they pushed the gate closed, the witch bounced back from the gate. Not only did Dora & Boots go through the gate, they also just entered the witch's forest and Boots remembered that Prince Ramon lost his ball somewhere in the forest. Dora & Boots found Prince Ramon's ball by a tree. But then, Swiper was nearby. Dora & Boots stopped Swiper by saying "Swiper no swiping" 3 times and he ran away. Dora & Boots decided that they should the ball in Dora's backpack for safe keeping. After that, Dora & Boots made it to crocodile lake. But how were they going to get across? Dora told each crocodile to close their mouths by saying the Spanish word "cierra". Each crocodile took their turn closing their mouths. Dora & Boots jumped on the crocodiles like stepping stones and they made it across in less than a minute. Suddenly they saw the witch jumping on the crocodiles. Dora & Boots stopped the witch from getting across to the other side by having each crocodile open their mouths. They told each crocodile "abre" and the witch bounced on each crocodile going backwards and then the witch flew far away going backwards. Dora & Boots were so close to getting to the high tower to rescue Prince Ramon. Dora & Boots got to the high tower in no time. Now, they had to use the magic word to open the tower door. Dora & Boots knew the magic word and it was "Abre". When they said "Abre" the tower door opened. Dora & Boots went into the tower and the tower door closed behind them. As they got in, it was dark and steps were taking away. Boots flips on a light switch and the steps were in a pile. Dora & Boots counted out 12 steps. The first time they counted 12 steps, it was arranged horizontally. The 2nd time they counted the 12 steps, they were put back into place. Dora & Boots climbed the steps and Boots tried pulling the circular handle but it wouldn't open. So, they had to say "abre" once more to open the door to set Prince Ramon free. Now that Prince Ramon is out of the tower, their journey wasn't done just yet. Dora & Boots had to give back the prince's ball. It wasn't just any ordinary ball, it was a magic ball. Dora gets out the prince's "magic" ball from her backpack. After that, the witch saw that the prince was out of the tower and thought the prince had to be put under a spell. But Prince Ramon gave the witch payback by locking her in his magic ball. The witch wanted out of the ball and Prince Ramon refused. He did not want to let her out because of her threatening to cast a spell on him. Then Dora comes up with a deal with the witch. She says that they'll let the witch out of the ball if the witch promises to be a good witch from now on. The witch decided to keep her promised. So, Dora, Boots and Prince Ramon let the witch out of the prince's ball by saying "Abre" one last time. The witch was released from the ball and landed on solid ground and the witch gave them a hug. Dora and Boots saved Prince Ramon and the witch turned nice. The episode ends with Prince Ramon and the Witch playing catch and having fun with the magic ball.

Places in this episode

  1. Big Gate
  2. Crocodile Lake
  3. High Tower


  • Witch's Forest (also known as "El Bosque de La Bruja")

Items in Backpack (Clockwise starting from the top right)

First segment

  • Pink book with a picture of girl on a hill
  • Big red book (with a new look; picture of Big Red Chicken)
  • Yellow book (also with a new look; picture of the Wizzle)
  • Blue book with a picture of Señor Tucán
  • Purple book with a picture of Prince Ramon (correct item)

Second segment

  • Purple ball with a blue diamond on the center
  • Blue ball with a yellow triangle on the center
  • Red ball with a pink square on the center
  • Dark blue ball with a green rectangle on the center
  • Orange ball with a darker orange circle on the center
  • Prince Ramon's Magic Ball (magenta with a golden yellow star on the center; correct item)


  • This episode and El Coquí can be found on the VHS with the same name. They also can be found as bonus episodes on the Pirate Adventure DVD.


  • This is the 1st episode where Dora and Boots had to jump into a book to start their adventure.
  • This is the first episode where Boots does not yell "Say Backpack! Say Backpack!" at all, not even once.
    • However, in Wizzle Wishes and Backpack!, Dora and Boots checked Backpack more than once and Boots yelled "Say Backpack!" the first time the checked her only. The second time in first said episode and the other 5 times in the second said episode they checked her has Dora saying "You have to say Backpack!" while Boots not saying anything.
  • As Dora reads the story to Boots, one of the locations in this episode (Big Gate) and the sub-place (Witch's Forest) can be seen way before they even started their adventure and Map even showing them.
  • As Dora and Boots sing We Did It, the Witch and Prince Ramon are playing catch with the magic ball.
  • "Abre" the Spanish word for open, was used many times when they had to open a book, the big gate, the crocodile's mouths, the tower door, the cage door and Prince Ramon's magic ball.
  • This is the first episode in which Swiper somehow snuck into a book to try to swipe something.
  • It is also unknown how the Fiesta Trio got in the book.
  • Map mentions that Dora and Boots had to watch out for the witch on their adventure.
  • Tico, Benny and Isa don't appear in this episode.
  • A picture of Dora and Boots securing the witch inside Prince Ramon’s magic ball will later be seen in the Season 2 episode "To the Monkey Bars".
  • This is the 20th episode of the show.
  • After Dora and Boots stop Swiper, Dora doesn't thank the viewer saying "Thanks for helping us stop Swiper". Instead, Boots immediately throws Prince Ramon’s ball in Dora's Backpack.
  • When Prince Ramon locks the Witch in his magic ball to see how she likes it (because Prince Ramon never liked it when the witch locked him up first), this is technically payback for her locking him in the High Tower.
  • Even though Map told Dora and Boots that they had to watch out for the Witch on their adventure to the High Tower to save Prince Ramon, Swiper somehow got into the book and he's also someone they got to watch out for too since he's in the book. Map did not mention they had to watch out for both enemies on their hands.
  • When the viewer checks Backpack for the book, two of the books happen to include books from previous episodes with cover being a different design. The books are The Legend of the Big Red Chicken, but unlike its appearance in the episode of same name, this book is normal sized and has Big Red Chicken on the front and Wizzle Wishes but with the book having Wizzle on the cover rather than a star.
  • Just like in The Legend of the Big Red Chicken, the book that Dora reads to Boots is in Spanish and she reads it to him by translating the words in English. However, the actual Spanish words can be heard in the Spanish version of the episode.
  • When Dora checks Backpack for Prince Ramon's magic ball, the other balls don't come out of her, nor spin around, they're already just immediately showing around her instead.
  • This is one of few episodes that premiered on Nick instead of Nick Jr.
  • This episode aired on Nick Jr just 2 days before Halloween 2001.


  • When Backpack was checked the first time, she only had books. But when she was checked the second time, she had nothing but balls with different shapes on it.
  • When Dora tells the viewer to stand up jumping over the crocodiles, she just says "stand up" without saying "please".
  • It is unknown how the picture of Dora and Boots securing the witch in the magic ball was seen in Dora's photo album when no one was seen taking the picture.
  • In real life, one can't jump into a picture book. If he/she tries to, he/she is literally jumping on the book (although it does not apply here due to cartoon logic).


Character Find

Señor Tucán

Isa (VHS and DVD only)


Dora Saves the Prince Premiere Promo (2001)

Dora Saves the Prince Premiere Promo (2001)

The promo for this episode

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