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Dora Saves the Mermaids is a Dora the Explorer DVD title featuring episodes from its 4th and 1st seasons.

Episodes Featured[]

Special Features[]

  • Cleanup Song Music Video
  • Yo Gabba Gabba Music Video: "Party in My Tummy"
  • Song Selection
    • Dora the Explorer Theme
    • Find the Crown Song
    • Travel Song
    • Travel Song (reprise)
    • Conga Song
    • Clean-Up Song
    • Clean-Up Song (reprise)
    • We Did It! Song
    • Dora the Explorer End Theme
  • Previews



  • This is the third DVD release where Boots in not in the front cover.
  • This is the first video featuring a double-length episode to not be available on VHS at all due to the fact that major movie studios discontinuing to make VHS tapes in 2007.
  • This DVD was released exactly 7 years after Beaches premiered.