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Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom
Airdate Tuesday, September 22, 2009 (DVD)
Sunday, November 1, 2009 (Nickelodeon)
Sunday, November 8, 2009 (Nick Jr.)
Thursday, October 12, 2023 (YouTube)
U.S. Premiere Time (est.) 8:00pm (20:00)
Season 5
Episode 13 (aired)
18 (produced)
Written by Chris Gifford
Storyboard by:
Bismarck "Butch" Datuin
Carol Delmindo Datuin
Enrico Vilbar Santana
Curt Walstead
Jose Silverio
Ysty Veluz
Directed by George Chialtas
Allan Jacobsen
Previous Bark, Bark to Play Park (airing order)
Dora Saves the Snow Princess (production order/chronologically)
Next Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure (airing/production order)
Dora's Big Birthday Adventure (chronologically)

Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom (or simply known as “Dora VII: Save the Crystal Kingdom!”) is a 7th double-length episode Dora the Explorer TV special. It is also the 13th episode of Season 5, as well as the second episode of the Magic Storybook Trilogy.

In production order, it's the 18th episode of Season 5.



Dora and Boots jump into the magic storybook once again to help a girl named Allie find the four colored crystals that were stolen from the Crystal Kingdom by a greedy king in four different stories on their big searching adventure. They also get a Shield, Butterfly Wings, and a Magic Wand along the way.


Act 1[]

Dora and Boots were eating bananas and drinking some hot chocolate before reading another story from the Magic Storybook: the Crystal Kingdom. In the story, there lived a kingdom made out of crystals and its colors were powered by the four magic colored crystals from the crystal statue. The yellow crystal made the sun shine yellow, the blue crystal made the sky and ocean blue, the green crystal made the trees and grass green and the red crystal joined with the others to make a beautiful rainbow. The townspeople loved their town full of color; except for the King, because he was a Greedy King. When he was a little boy he got whatever anything he wanted, even a magic wand. One he decided to take the magic colored crystals for himself. He cast a spell that made the crystals fly out of the giant statue and into his bag. When the people weren’t happy when they noticed that the King took the crystals, they tried to make him return them by banging on the castle door. But the King didn’t want to share the crystals, so he used his magic wand and hid them in other stories (except the red crystal); without the magic crystals, the Crystal Kingdom began to lose its color. A girl named Allie wanted to help out, but didn't know what to do. Suddenly, a light appeared in the sky and she wondered what it was. At this point, the magic crystal in Dora's necklace began to glow in rainbow colors, which has never happened before; Boots realizes the crystal is shining a rainbow into the story where Allie lives, causing her to fly right out of the story and into their forest. The two meet up with Allie and she recognizes Dora's crystal, but she points out this is not one of Allie's as it was given to her by the Snow Princess, who looks like her. Suddenly, the crystal begins to glow again and shine rainbows once more, and she is greeted by the Snow Princess calling her; the Snow Princess tells Dora the crystal will shine colors as long as there is still color left in Allie's kingdom.

Act 2[]

Places in this episode[]

  1. Dragon Land Story (Yellow Crystal)
  2. Butterfly Cave Story (Green Crystal)
  3. Magic Castle Story (Blue Crystal)
  4. Crystal Kingdom Story (Red Crystal)


  • Dora's House
  • The forest where Allie landed
  • Crystal statue
  • Greedy King's castle


Items in Backpack (clockwise from top right)[]

  • Rope (correct item)
  • Doll
  • Baby bottle
  • Umbrella
  • Banana



DVD vs. Television

  • On the DVD and on Amazon Prime, the end of the intro had the Nickelodeon splat logo behind the "Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom" logo, and it has the Nickelodeon lightbulb logo as usual with Season 5 episodes. But on the TV airings, Paramount Plus, and on iTunes, the Nickelodeon splat logo was replaced with the 2009 logo on top and the lightbulb was replaced with the 2009 Nickelodeon Productions, with the copyright notice saying "© 2008 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved", despite the logo not existing in 2008.
  • Therefore, when the episode aired on TV, it was first episode using the Nickelodeon logo from 2009-present. And it's also the only episode that plays the audio normally. Starting with "Dora's Big Birthday Adventure", the audio would sound like it has a buzzing effect.
  • Also, this along with "Dora's Big Birthday Adventure" are the only episodes with the 2009 Nickelodeon logo to have the same copyright font on the copyright notice that was used starting with "The Big Red Chicken's Magic Show". Starting with Season 6 onwards, it will revert back to the font that was used on "Benny's Big Race", "Isa's Unicorn Flowers", "Dora Saves the Snow Princess", and "Bark, Bark to Play Park".
  • When Dora and Boots are flipping through the pages in the book, pictures of León, the Dream Fairy, the Giant-Giant, and the Giant Baby are seen on some of the pages.
    • However, both the Giant Baby and the Dream Fairy did not appear proper in airing order until "The Super Babies' Dream Adventure", but this was produced after said episode.
  • Dora, Boots, and Allie do not sing the Travel Song in this episode since they are traveling from story to story.
  • It is revealed that Map never gives out the wrong information.
  • The Picture Pop-Up Sequence uses the same thing on the Map segment rather than the usual black outline.
  • The bunnies' hopping sound is the same as Boots' jumping sound.
  • The last bunny makes Swiper's "woop" and "zoop" sounds.
  • This is the only double-length episode where the Fiesta Trio does not play their extended fanfare before We Did It!.
  • This is the second double-length episode in which Dora explains her favorite part before Boots, after the previous one.
  • This is the second double-length episode where Dora and Boots only pass the first location before the intermission, following "Dora's Pirate Adventure".
  • When Dora is going to yell "Lasso!" while twirling her rope, she is doing the exact same segment of her cousin Alicia and her Rescue Rope from Go, Diego, Go!.
  • It is unknown how the Fiesta Trio got into the Magic Storybook.
  • In the YouTube version, the episode opens and closes Season 1-4 style. The fast-paced credits cut to the last line of the instrumental at the end after the line “Jump in! Vamanos!” and the whoosh is updated. YouTube uses the TV, Paramount Plus, and iTunes print, but attempts to cut off the 2009 Nickelodeon logo after the credits, although it can be seen for a split-second.
  • Backpack's dancing animation is recycled from Dora's Dance to the Rescue, but with the star pocket removed.
  • Pinto made a cameo appearance as the King’s horse at the end.
  • In this episode, the mailman looks a lot like the Referee from the Season 3 episode "Dora Saves the Game", making this his second and last appearance overall.


  • In the page of the storybook with León at the circus, his nose is black instead of magenta.
  • The rainbow did not have orange, indigo, and purple stripes, three colors that rainbows also have in real life.
    • Also, just like in The Shy Rainbow, the colors red, yellow, green, and blue were out of order. Yellow was supposed to be between red and green, so blue was supposed to be last.
    • In real life, the rainbow colors in order are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple.
    • However, the rainbow that shines from Dora's crystal into the book and the rainbow ray emitting from the magic wand has all seven colors.
  • At the end of the We Did It! song, when the Blue Cursor clicks on Dora to her asking the viewer what their favorite part was, Boots was somehow changed back to normal and Dora is not wearing the magic crystal around her neck.

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