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Dora-save map game

Dora Saves Map is a flash platformer game based on Dora the Explorer at Nick


On another day in the Rainforest, Swiper swiped all the Bugga-Bugga babies' birthday presents, while the Big Silly Bird kidnapped Map again! Now Dora must rescue Map and find the presents that Swiper has swiped in a big platforming adventure. Will you help Dora rescue Map?


Using the left and right arrow keys makes Dora walk in that direction, and the space bar makes her jump. Dora can collect stars along the way if she walks by them. Dora can also grab the presents if she approaches them. At certain points in a level, there will be an obstacle that cannot be passed unless Dora finds an Explorer Star whose talent is crucial to getting past. Throughout the level, Dora has to watch out for Swiper's Robot Butterflies and Robot Bats; touching one will cause her to lose a star. However, she will not lose any presents.

Places in this game[]

Explorer Stars[]


  • This game is somehow loosely based on Lost Map. Just like in the episode, the Big Silly Bird (this time a female) thinks that Map is a stick for the nest and kidnapped him.
  • Dora's voice in this game is her 5th-6th season actress Caitlin Sanchez instead of Kathleen Herles.
  • Boots does not appear in this game.
  • Despite still being voiced by Karen June Sanchez, Mami Bugga Bugga Bug's voice changes in tone.
  • This is similar in fashion to the flash game based on the episode Swiper the Explorer, but the toys are replaced with stars and the caterpillars are replaced by bats.
  • Just like in Stuck Truck and Louder, Noisy is sometimes referred to as a male.