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This article is about the book, for the DVD with the same name, click here.

Dora Loves Boots is the sixth book in the Dora the Explorer book series.


It's Valentine's Day! Dora and Boots can't wait to spend it together. They pick a favorite meeting place and set put with Map's help. Will they find each other on this special day? Only with "your" help!

Places in book[]

  1. Valentine Gate (Dora)
  2. Rosy Red Crabs (Boots)
  3. Rainbow Rock (together)



  • Less than 8 years after this book was released, there is a DVD with episodes that all focus Boots that shares the exact same title.
  • This book, along with Super Friends!, is based on the episode, Best Friends, which was originally supposed to air in October 2003, but ended up airing 2 years later. (However, the episode was produced in 2002, about two years before this book was released).
    • Speaking of Best Friends, there are several notable differences in this book compared to the actual episode.
      • In the book, the characters celebrate Valentine's Day, while in the actual episode, they celebrate Best Friend's Day.
      • Dora picks out five strawberries in the book, while in the episode, she picks out double the amount, ten strawberries.
      • Boots gets chocolate from the Chocolate Lake, while in the episode, he gets it from the Chocolate Tree.
      • The crabs in the book are Rosy Red Crabs, which have heart shaped claws.
      • The gate in the book is a Valentine's Gate, which has a red fence and a pink gate with a red heart on it, while in the episode, the gate is just a regular gate, which has a purplish-gray fence and a lavender gate. Additionally, the lock in the book is pink and is shaped like a heart.
      • In the book, Dora successfully stops Swiper from swiping the key to the gate, while in the episode, he did swipe it.
      • In the book, Boots climbs Rainbow Rock on his own, and Dora throws the rope up to Boots to help her up, while in the episode, both use the rope to climb in separate places. Swiper also does not try to swipe the rope.
      • Rainbow Rock in the book is just a regular giant gray rock with a rainbow (with all seven color stripes on it) above it, while in the episode, it's actually a rainbow colored rock, but the rainbow above it only has an orange, yellow, green, and blue stripe.