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Dora Links is a doll that was a part of the Dora's Explorer Girls franchise, lasting from 2009-2014.

The doll is designed to resemble Dora as a pre-teen. By pressing the charm in her necklace, this causes Dora to say different phrases.

The doll is used for the online "Dora's Explorer Girls" website; upon connecting the doll to the computer, she can be used during Dora's online mystery adventures. Accessing Dora's closes will cause any modification to Dora on the website to change on the doll in real life.


  • Selecting one of the three hair lengths causes the doll's hair to lengthen or shorten.
  • Selecting a jewel color changes the colors in the light-up charm and earrings.
  • Selecting one of the three eye colors causes the doll's eyes to change their color.
  • Selecting the different makeup colors changes the colors in the lights on the doll's lips and cheeks.

During the exploration, the player explores Puerto Verde where Dora has to solve various mysteries and get help from her friends along the way. Various locations and minigames are locked upon first purchase, and be unlocked by entering codes that come with other Dora Links-related merchandise sold separately.

Download the modded game version here (you need the doll):

Download the zip file for the Voicelines Here: