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If you were looking for the episode with the same name, click here.

Dora Had a Little Lamb is the 23rd book in the Dora the Explorer book series.


Little Lamb is lost! She can't find her friend, Mary. Dora and Boots step into the Big Book of Nursery Rhymes to help Little Lamb find her way back to Mary. Along the way they meet all kinds of favorite nursery rhyme characters! 


  • This book is based on the episode with the same name. However, there are several differences between the book and the actual episode.
    1. Jack in the Beanstalk is in the book, unlike the episode. Additionally, it is a fairytale, not a nursery rhyme.
    2. Glowy and the same amount of other stars are in both the book and the episode. However, there are is one pink star, two blue stars, a yellow star, and a purple star in the book. In the episode, the ordinary stars are three red and two silver.
    3. The pickled peppers are red in the episode, unlike the episode, in which they are blue.
    4. The Flying Pig, the baby in the cradle, and Jack and Jill are all withdrawn from the book.