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Dora & Diego's 4D Adventure Catch the Robot Butterfly!

Dora & Diego's 4D Adventure: Catch that Robot Butterfly! is a Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go! computer-animated crossover amusement ride opened in early 2010. In this amusement ride, Dora, Boots and Diego must stop Swiper's new Robot Butterfly from swiping all the other animal habitats.

Characters present[]


Voice Cast[]


  • Although Boots doesn't sing the "Go, Diego, Go! ¡Vamos, Diego, Vamos!" lines, this is the only time he is part of the Al Rescate/Una Adventura song.
  • This marks the first CGI/3D appearances for Dora, Boots, Diego, Swiper, Robot Butterfly, and Rescue Pack.
  • It uses Steve Sandberg's music from Go, Diego, Go! before Rescue Pack transforms into a plane.
  • This was the only amusement ride to have the original sound designer/editor and re-recording mixer Juan Aceves.