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Dora's Treasure Hunt is a sticker book in the Dora the Explorer book series.


Dora and Boots are off on a treasure hunt, and they need some help! Readers can help Dora by using the enclosed stickers to find the right way to the treasure chest -- and find out what's inside it too!

Places in book[]

  1. Icky Sticky Sand
  2. Crocodile Lake
  3. Treasure Island


  • The book is based on the episode Treasure Island.
  • It was also issued as part of Dora's Storytime Collection, without the stickers.
  • There are a few differences between the book and episode:
    • Swiper, Pirate Parrot, Pirate Pig, and the Pirate Piggies have been withdrawn from the book.
    • The Lookout Tree is replaced with the Icky Sticky Sand.
    • In the episode, Dora and Boots didn't need life jackets since the boat was
    • In the episode, Boots discovers the blue key and keeps it in Backpack for later; in the book, Dora has to check Backpack for a key with three points to open the chest.