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Dora asks the viewers to get something from Backpack

Oh no! I don't know when to talk!

Boots: "But Dora, this episode's transcript is incomplete!"
Dora: "We need your help!"
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Dora: ¡Hola, soy Dora!

Boots: And I'm Boots!

Dora: Today is Thanksgiving Day.

Mami: Feliz Accion de Gracias!

Papi: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Babies: Gaa gaa, goo goo!

Boots: Dora's Mami and Papi are helping us build a pirate ship float for the big Thanksgiving Day parade.

Dora: And after the parade, we'll eat our Thanksgiving dinner with all of our friends and family. Una cena bien grande.

Mami: Sí. We're going to eat turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, tamales, empanadas.

Papi: And for dessert, we will have tres leches cake, apple pie, pumpkin pie. ..

Boots: And my favorite: banana cream pie. Yum yum yum! Oh, I can't wait!

Dora: But we can't have our Thanksgiving dinner until we finished our float. The float is missing some of its pieces. And we need your help! We got to put all of its pieces onto our pirate ship float. We have a sail, a flag, an anchor, and a steering wheel. What goes here? Correcto! The sail. What goes here? You're right! The flag. And what goes here? Yeah! The anchor. And here? The steering wheel. Muy bien! Our pirate ship float is all done. Thanks for helping!

Papi: Good luck at the parade. We'll see you there!

Dora: ¡Nos vemos!

Boots: Can we go to the parade now Dora? Can we, can we?

Dora: Sure, Boots!

Boots: Ooh, ooh, aah, aah! I can't wait to ride the Thanksgiving Day parade!

Pirate Pig: Ahoy there!

Dora: Hey! Someone is calling to us. Who is it? Sí. It's the Pirate Piggies!

Pirate Piggies: ¡Hola!

Pirate Pig: Ahoy Dora, we're on our way to the parade.

Pirate Piggy: And we brought pies for our Thanksgiving dinner. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, and...

Boots: Banana cream pie? Yummy!

Pirate Pig: Ooh. I love your parade float. It looks like our pirate ship.

Pirate Piggies: Yeah yeah. It looks like our ship all right. Si, si. *giggles*

Pirate Pig: Argh! Whoa. Uh-oh, Dora, the float is rolling away. Help!

Dora: Come on Boots, we got to help the Piggies. We're coming Pirate Piggies! ¡Ya vamos!

Pirate Piggies: Aye-yai-yai!

Pirate Pig: Well, shiver me timbers Dora, your float floats. Uh-oh, and now we're floating away. Help!

Pirate Piggies: Ayudanos! Help help! Help us, help us! Whoa!

Pirate Pig: Hang on me hearties! Uh-oh, watch out for those pies!

Pirate Piggies: Help!

Boots: We got to save the Pirate Piggies.

Dora: We got to find the quickest way to get to that pirate ship float. Who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go? Right! The Map. I need your help. Will you check The Map to find the quickest way to the Piggies? You have to say Map!

Boots: Say Map, say Map!

Map: Happy Thanksgiving!