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Dora's Space Adventure is a 2006 Flash story game for Dora the Explorer on It is based on Journey to the Purple Planet.


Follows the story of Dora and Boots as they discover five space creatures and help them get back home to the Purple Planet.

Page interaction[]

  • On the first page, the flying saucer crash lands on Earth, making one of its legs fall off.
  • On the second page, the player gets to count the space creatures by clicking on them. And when Dora says, "The Space Creatures were sad, because their flying saucer was broken.", the other leg falls off.
  • On the fourth page, the player has to dress up Dora and Boots in their spacesuits. There are three colored versions of the spacesuits that the player can mix and match; they will wear whatever the player chose for the rest of the story, like Pink and Green, Orange and Blue, or Original Spacewear.
  • On the fifth page, Map does some perfectly space explanations.
  • In the Milky Way, the space creatures tumble out and float in the air, and the player has to help them get back to their seats.
  • At the Space Rocks, the player has to click on the rocks to knock them away before they crash into the ship.
  • Just before reaching the Purple Planet, Swiper swipes the rocket's battery and hides it behind one of the various space gems. The player then has to click on the gems to look behind them to find the lost battery, then load it back into the rocket.
  • On the second to last page, the space creatures gasp, cheer, and clamor when they spot the Purple Planet.
  • On the final page, the player can click on the houses to see the space creatures head to their respective homes.


  • The sprites for Dora and Boots in the game were reused in the Dora's World Adventure (PC Game) and Diego's Wolf Pup Rescue (PC Game) downloadable games.
  • In the flash game, Swiper swipes the rocket battery, while in the episode, Dora and Boots stop him from swiping it.
  • When Dinky feels sad, her eyes are shut, and when the other Space Creatures feel sad like Dinky, their eyes are wide open.
  • When the Space Creatures see the rocket ship, it cheers them up and makes them replace their sadnesses with their surprises and excitements.


  • When Al is the last one to go back into his seat, the Fiesta Trio's fanfare does not play and the rules that say, "Click and move each space creature to its same colored seat." stay when Dora says, "Yay!".
  • On the last page, Flinky is called Inky, Inky is called Dinky, Plinky is called Flinky, and Dinky is called Plinky.
  • When Flinky goes home, Dora says, "Inky's home!".
  • When Inky goes home, Dora says, "Dinky's home!".
  • When Plinky goes home, Dora says, "Flinky's home!".
  • When Dinky goes home, Dora says, "Plinky's home!".