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Dora's Sing-Along Adventure is a Dora the Explorer live show that was held from 2007-2009 and 2014-2015 in Canada.

Dora's Sing-Along Adventure



Dora and her friends embark on a magical journey to Star Mountain. Armed with Map and Backpack, they explore sub-places like the Flower Garden and Benny's Barn, overcoming challenges and sharing moments of camaraderie. Guided by the melodic tunes of the Music Gate, they encounter the Big Red Chicken and unlock the secrets of Disco Star. The episode features nostalgic musical numbers like "Reach Up and Catch the Stars" and "I Love My Boots", fostering unity through the joy of dance with "Chicken Dance" and "Everyone Can Dance". The triumphant return of the Explorer Stars marks a spectacular finale, leaving the audience with a heartwarming tale of friendship and the enduring magic of exploration.


Our adventure begins in the heart of Star Mountain, a magical place that had previously only been glimpsed in the episode with the same name. The mountain is adorned with shimmering stars, each one holding a secret to be unveiled. Dora, armed with her trusty map and accompanied by Boots, embarks on a journey to discover the mysteries hidden within Star Mountain.

As they ascend the mountain, encountering challenges and overcoming obstacles, they reach the awe-inspiring Music Gate. This gate, reminiscent of the Singing Gate from previous adventures, comes to life with melodic tunes that set the tone for the unfolding adventure. Dora and Boots are greeted by the Big Red Chicken, who guides them through the gate and into a world of rhythm and melody.

Within the magical realm beyond the Music Gate, Dora and Boots discover sub-places brimming with wonders. The Flower Garden captivates with its vibrant blooms, the Nutty Forest challenges them with playful surprises, and Benny's Barn serves as a cozy stop where the gang shares laughs and camaraderie.

But the true challenge lies in the heart of Star Mountain, where they encounter the enigmatic Disco Star. To reach this luminescent being, they must solve puzzles, dance, and embrace the spirit of adventure. Disco Star holds the key to unlocking the potential of the Explorer Stars, which have made a triumphant return in this live show, defying their absence in Season 5 onwards.

As the episode unfolds, the plot thickens with musical numbers echoing through Star Mountain. The familiar tunes of "Reach Up and Catch the Stars", previously heard on Dora's Pirate Adventure, and "I Love My Boots", a nostalgic melody from Big River, resonate through the magical landscape.

In a heartwarming moment, the gang engages in the "Chicken Dance" and discovers the universal joy of dancing together. The infectious rhythm of "Everyone Can Dance", a familiar tune from Dora's Dance to the Rescue, brings unity and celebration to the diverse group of friends.

The episode culminates in a spectacular finale, where the Explorer Stars illuminate the sky with their brilliance. The live show becomes a testament to friendship, teamwork, and the enduring magic of exploration.

And so, as the curtain falls on this extraordinary adventure, Dora and her friends return to their familiar world, leaving behind the enchanted Star Mountain, forever etched in the memories of their young and enthusiastic audience.

Places on this Live Show[]

  1. Star Mountain
  2. Music Gate
  3. Big Red Chicken

Sub-places on this Live Show (Updated)[]

  1. Flower Garden
  2. Nutty Forest
  3. Benny's Barn

Items in Backpack (clockwise starting from the top right)[]

  • Dora's art box
  • Pair of socks
  • Catcher's mitt
  • Signal horn (correct item)
  • Lollipops
  • Book

Musical Numbers[]

  1. Dora the Explorer Theme Song
  2. Reach Up and Catch the Stars
  3. I Love My Boots

Swiper, no swiping! (Spoken)

  1. When You Grow Up What Will You Be?
  2. Chicken Dance
  3. Everyone Can Dance