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Dora's Say it Two Ways Bingo is a 2006 flash game for Dora the Explorer at Nick


Dora teaches the player how to play bingo, and they have to match three in a row by finding the pictures she calls out.


To start, the player selects a level, then Dora gives the player a card with various items on it: animals, colors, food, or furniture items.

Dora will then produce a picture from the basket and announce its name in English and Spanish or just Spanish depending on the chosen level. If the player has the same picture on their card, they click on it to place a chip over it. If that picture is not on the card, the player has to click on the basket for a new picture.

Once the player has matched three pictures in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), they win the game and Dora will congratulate them.

Possible Pictures[]


  • Cat (El gato)
  • Cow (La vaca)
  • Crocodile (El cocodrilo)
  • Dog (El perro)
  • Duck (El pato)
  • Fox (El zorro)
  • Owl (La lechuza)
  • Pig (El cerdo)
  • Snake (La culebra)


  • Blue (Azul)
  • Brown (Marrón)
  • Green (Verde)
  • Orange (Anaranjado)
  • Pink (Rosado)
  • Purple (Morado)
  • Red (Rojo)
  • White (Blanco)
  • Yellow (Amarillo)


  • Apple (La manzana)
  • Carrots (Las zanahorias)
  • Corn (El maíz)
  • Grapes (Las uvas)
  • Green Pepper (El pimiento verde)
  • Lemon (El limon)
  • Peapod (El guisante)
  • Strawberry (La fresa)
  • Tomato (La tomate)

Furniture Items[]

  • Bed (La cama)
  • Chair (La silla)
  • Computer (La computadora)
  • Couch (El sofa)
  • Door (La puerta)
  • Radio (El radio)
  • Refrigerator (El refrigerador)
  • Table (La mesa)
  • Window (La ventana)


Bingo 1[]

  • "Do you have a peapod, el guisante?"
  • "Do you have the apple, la manzana?"
  • "Do you have the bed, la cama?"
  • "Do you have the chair, la silla?"
  • "Do you have the computer, la computadora?"
  • "Do you have the couch, el sofa?"
  • "Do you have the cow, la vaca?"
  • "Do you have the crocodile, el cocodrilo?"
  • "Do you have the dog, el perro?"
  • "Do you have the door, la puerta?"
  • "Do you have the duck, el pato?"
  • "Do you have the fox, el zorro?"
  • "Do you have the green pepper, el pimiento verde?"
  • "Do you have the lemon, el limon?"
  • "Do you have the owl, la lechuza?"
  • "Do you have the pig, el cerdo?"
  • "Do you have the radio, el radio?"
  • "Do you have the refrigerator, el refrigerador?"
  • "Do you have the snake, la culebra?"
  • "Do you have the strawberry, la fresa?"
  • "Do you have the table, la mesa?"
  • "Do you have the tomato, el tomate?"
  • "Do you have the window, la ventana?"
  • "Do you see the carrots, las zanahorias?"
  • "Do you see the cat, el gato?"
  • "Do you see the color blue, azul?"
  • "Do you see the color brown, marrón?"
  • "Do you see the color green. Verde!"
  • "Do you see the color orange, anaranjado?"
  • "Do you see the color pink, rosado?"
  • "Do you see the color purple, morado?"
  • "Do you see the color red, rojo?"
  • "Do you see the color white, blanco?"
  • "Do you see the color yellow, amarillo?"
  • "Do you see the corn, el maíz?"
  • "Do you see the grapes, las uvas?"

Bingo 2[]

  • "Do you see el cerdo?"
  • "Do you see el cocodrilo?"
  • "Do you see el color amarillo?"
  • "Do you see el color azul?"
  • "Do you see el color blanco?"
  • "Do you see el color marrón?"
  • "Do you see el color morado?"
  • "Do you see el color rojo?"
  • "Do you see el color rosado?"
  • "Do you see el gato?"
  • "Do you see el guisante?"
  • "Do you see el limon?"
  • "Do you see el maíz?"
  • "Do you see el pato?"
  • "Do you see el perro?"
  • "Do you see el pimiento verde?"
  • "Do you see el radio?"
  • "Do you see el refrigerador?"
  • "Do you see el sofa?"
  • "Do you see el tomate?"
  • "Do you see el zorro?"
  • "Do you see la cama?"
  • "Do you see la computadora?"
  • "Do you see la culebra?"
  • "Do you see la fresa?"
  • "Do you see la lechuza?"
  • "Do you see la manzana?"
  • "Do you see la mesa?"
  • "Do you see la puerta?"
  • "Do you see la silla?"
  • "Do you see la vaca?"
  • "Do you see la ventana?"
  • "Do you see las uvas?"
  • "Do you see las zanahorias?"
  • "Do you see the color anaranjado?"
  • "Do you see the color verde!"

When a card is ignored, but only important for mismatches[]

  • "Hmmm, let's pick another picture."

When a chip is placed, but only when the game is almost over[]

  • "All right!"
  • "Great job!"
  • "Muy bien!"
  • "Que bien!"
  • "Yay! Excelente."
  • "You're doing great!"

When the game ends with three in a row, in a column, or sometimes diagonals[]

  • "Bingo!"
  • "Bingo, fantastico, you won the game. You're great at playing Bingo!".
  • "Yay! You won the game. Great matching."
  • "You got Bingo! Ganaste el Bingo!"

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  • When you move the cursor over the Bingo 2 button, the words move, but only in this game, not in La Casa de Dora containing it.