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Dora's Puppy Adventure is a 2005 Flash game for Dora the Explorer.


Perrito's puppy friends are locked up in a cage which can only be opened by four keys matching the colored locks. The player takes control of Perrito through various dog obstacle courses to find the keys to unlock the cage and free the puppies.


Moving the mouse makes Perrito follow the cursor; the farther away, the faster Perrito moves. Clicking makes him jump.

In each level, Perrito must pass several obstacles like platforms, slides, and swings. Perrito can also pick up bones for points. Once Perrito grabs the key at the end of the level, Dora will unlock the lock according to it and the number of bones collected are shown.

The game ends after all four keys have been collected and the puppies are free. The final bone score is also tallied.