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Dora's Magical Castle is a Dora the Explorer dollhouse released in 2006 by Fisher-Price. It is partially based on Dora's Fairytale Adventure.

It is a large, castle dollhouse and has special features activated with the included magnetic magic wand. Placing the tip of the wand on the magnetic star marks causes something special to occur in that location.


  • Touching the star on the left column in the front of the castle causes the front doors to swing open.
  • Touching the star in front of the bookcase causes it to revolve and reveal any figure placed behind it.
  • Touching the star on the floor next to the closet trapdoor causes it to drop whatever figure is inside to the bottom level, and can be revealed by a secret door at the back.
  • Touching the star on the treasure chest accessory makes it open.
  • Touching the star on the side of the magic mirror causes it to display a picture of La Princesa Dora with Boots.

If the wand is lost, the features can still be activated manually by pressing a button to the sides of the star switches.

Additional sets[]

The castle comes with La Princesa Dora and Fairy Godmother Abuela posable figures and one magic wand. Additional figure and furniture packs are sold separately, each including a furniture piece with magic action and matching wand.

Furniture packs[]

  • Dora's Magical Bedroom
  • Magical Adventure Room
  • Magical Living Room
  • Magical Bathroom
  • Magical Dining Room
  • Musical Magic Carriage

Figure packs[]

  • Fairytale Adventure Dora
  • Royal Boots and Tico
  • Prince Diego
  • Queen Mami