Dora's Knighthood Adventure
Dora's Knighthood Adventure.png
Airdate Friday, February 3, 2012
Season 6
Episode 19
Previous Current Airings: A Ribbon For Pinto

Earlier Airings: Dora's Royal Rescue

Next Current Airings: Dora's Rescue in Mermaid Kingdom

Dora's Knighthood Adventure is the 19th episode of "Dora the Explorer" from Season 6.



Lady Knight Dora and Squire Boots embark on a noble quest to help Rocinante the horse and Dapple the donkey rescue a princess, whose cat is stuck in a tree. Yet at each landmark they go to, Rocinante and Dapple jump to conclusions and causes problems.


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The episode starts where

Places in this episode

  1. Puppet Stage
  2. Tico's Carousel
  3. Princess Garden


  • This is the first time Dora becomes a knight.
  • This is the last episode featuring the Blue Cursor as it won’t appear in season 7 and won’t be clicking anymore objects, however, it actually will still continue appearing, it'll still click on Dora after singing We Did It! and during Backpack segments.
  • Dora and Boots don't sing the Travel Song in this episode, they instead sing about going on a rescue and helping animals on the way and they don't walk to the places they're going on their adventure, they instead ride a horse and a donkey.
  • When Dora uses the picture pop-up sequence the first time and after they pop up together, she doesn't say the places by listing them one at a time, she just asks the viewer where to go first and what place.
  • Dora doesn't wear her normal clothes in this episode and neither does Boots although he isn't really meant to wear clothes, she instead wears a dress and a crown or tiara in her hair.
  • Tico's carousel looks a lot like a merry-go-round.
  • This is the last episode Dora uses the old picture pop-up sequence, she'll always be tapping it open in later episodes from now on.
  • This is the last episode Dora uses Map in the old version, he'll always be used in a new version in later episodes seeing him as an animated version from now on. However, it will make a brief return in Dora's Royal Rescue, yet again.
  • Isa doesn't appear in this episode.
  • Like Swiper's Favorite Things, the theme song for this episode uses the same vocals. This would be the last time this version of the song is used


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