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Dora's House is the location that Dora's family Lived Until They moved to the city in Dora And Friends: Into The City


The house is yellow and has a red-orange tile roof. It is a one story and a patio. The living room is in the front of the house. The House is owned by Mami, Papi, Dora, Guillermo, Isabella, and Perrito. Sometimes, Boots, Benny, Isa, and Tico come to visit.


Dora's house appears in some episodes of Dora the Explorer. It was first seen in Grandma's House. It was also seen at the beginning of the intro for Seasons 3-6 and at the end of the intro in Seasons 7-8.


In 2004, there was a play set that was released titled "Dora's Talking House." The house could open and transform and show various different rooms for pretend play. One could decorate the house with characters and transforming accessories. There was also a game released on in the same year titled, "La Casa De Dora." The game allowed the player to explore Dora's house. The player can go in the living room and play music with Dora, go in her bedroom and dress her up, cook in the kitchen with her Papi, and plant a garden in the backyard. In the game, there were clickable surprises and hidden printable souvenirs. Also, the player can try to catch hidden stars along the way.


  • In some episodes like Little Star, it made a cameo appearance.
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