Dora's Home is a the closing song everyone sings when Dora gets back home after the Wishing Wizzle grants her wish to go back home for her birthday in Dora's Big Birthday Adventure.


Come on, let’s celebrate
Sing and dance, ’cause it’s my birthday
We’re here to celebrate
Now that I’m back home

There’s mami and papi
Helping the twins decorate my cake
Tico’s drumming
And Benny plays his guitar
Isa brought flowers
And Swiper’s not swiping them!
Grumpy Old Troll and the Big Red Chicken
Hanging up my piñata

Vamos a bailar y cantar
I’m back home

(Dora’s home, Dora’s home)
With the singing flowers
(Dora’s home, Dora’s home)
Y mi primo Diego
(Dora’s home, Dora’s home)
It’s great to be home

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