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Dora: Hola, soy Dora.

Boots: And I'm Boots.

Dora: Do you like/love puppies? I love puppies. I have a new puppy at my house: (imagines her new puppy) Perrito! In English, we say "puppy". In Spanish, we say "perrito".

Perrito: Arf, arf!

Dora: He's so cute and cuddly. I can't wait to get home to see Perrito. Look! There's my abuela's house, and there's Abuela!

Abuela: Dora! I've got a surprise for your new puppy.

Dora and Boots: A present for puppy?

Dora: Ooh! Perrito will be so excited. Gracias, Abuela!

Abuela: Oh, and you'd better get the present for Perrito home extra quick, because that Swiper will try to swipe it! He's very, very sneaky.

Dora: Will you help us get Puppy's present home quick? Great!

(dora and boots get going)


(Bushes rustling)

Dora and Boots: Uh-oh!

Boots: Swiper?

[A black and white tail pops out of a bush)

Boots: Ooh! I think I saw his tail.

Dora: I don't think that's Swiper's tail, Boots.

(A skunk pops out behind the bush)

Dora: Is that Swiper behind the bush? What is it?

(dora and boots find the skunk sleeping under a bush)

Dora and Boots: A skunk!

(skunk goes back to sleep)

Boots: (sniffs whispers) He smells bad, Dora.

Dora: (sniffs whispers) I know. We'd better stay away from the skunk.

(Swiper rustles)

Dora: Now, that sounds like Swiper the Fox. If you see Swiper, say "Swiper!".

[Swiper appears in a nearby tree]

Dora: There's Swiper!

Boots: But he's so far away, I don't think he'll be able to swipe the present from way back there.

Swiper: With my new special Grabber Gadget, I'll be able to swipe the present from way back here! Hahaha!

Dora: Is Swiper going to try to swipe the present?

[The Grabber Gadget extends out to Dora, but she dodges; it goes down and picks up the skunk]

Boots: Swiper didn't grab the puppy's present.

Dora: What did Swiper grab?

Dora and Boots: The skunk!

Swiper: (sniffs) PU!! Oh, man!!!

[He drops the skunk and runs off; Dora and Boots discover the Grabber Gadget]

Dora: Boots, it looks like Swiper's got some new tricks today.

Boots: Yeah, he really wants to swipe the present.

Dora: We'd better get the present home super quick before Swiper swipes it!

Boots: We've gotta find the quickest way to Dora's house.

Dora: Mi casa.

Dora and Boots: Who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go?

Dora: The Map, right. You have to say, "Map".

Boots: Say "Map"! Say "Map"!

[Map pops up then zooms into the air]

["I'm the Map" plays]

Map: I'm the Map, I'm the Map.

Fiesta Trio: He's the Map, he's the Map.

Map: I'm the MAP!

(Song ends)

Map: Oh! Dora's got a new puppy! Do you see Perrito?

(Perrito barking)

(Cursor clicks him)

Map: There he is! He's so cute! I love puppies! Dora and Boots need to get Puppy's present home really quick! Well, I know how to get to Dora's house super quick! First, we have to go through the Butterfly Garden. Then, dance with the Ten Dancing Trees. And that's how we'll get to Dora's house and bring the present to the puppy!

(Perrito barking)

Map: So remember: Garden, Trees, Dora's House. Say it with me. Garden, Trees, Dora's House. Garden, Trees, Dora's House. Garden, Trees, Dora's House! So you tell Dora: First we go to the garden.

Dora: Where do we go first? Garden, right! Butterfly Garden. So we need to find the Butterfly Garden. Donde esta? Where is the Butterfly Garden?

(Cursor clicks it)

Boots: Yeah, there it is!

Dora: Si, ahi esta! And look, there's Swiper!

[Swiper is working on something]

Boots: That Swiper's up to something. He'll try anything to get the present.

Dora: We need help to see what Swiper's up to.

Boots: We need an Explorer Star!

Dora: Right, Boots. And I know just the Explorer Star to help...

Dora and Boots: Spy Star!

Dora: Spy Star can help us. To call the star, say "Estrella".

[The star pocket glows]

Dora and Boots: Estrella!

[Spy Star flies out]

Dora: Spy Star!

[All salute]

Dora: We need your help. Fly to Swiper and find out what he's building.

[Spy Star salutes and flies up to Swiper, recording his actions]

Swiper: I'm building a Robot Butterfly! This will help me swipe that present for sure! Hahahahahaha!

[The butterfly is finished]

Swiper: There! Now, let's test this Robot Butterfly.

[He presses a remote which activates it]

Swiper: Robot Butterfly, swipe those bananas!

[The Robot Butterfly takes flight and zooms in on the bananas]

Robot Butterfly: Swipe, swipe, swipe! Swipe, swipe, swipe! (swipes them and brings them to Swiper)

Swiper: Hahaha! The Robot Butterfly works! Now I'll be able to swipe that present! Dora will never know that I built the Robot Butterfly!

[Goes back to Dora and Boots]

Dora: What did Swiper build? A Robot Butterfly?

Boots: The Robot Butterfly will try to swipe the puppy's present!

Dora: We'd better watch out for that butterfly.

[They reach Butterfly Garden]

Boots: There are so many!

Dora: We need to figure out which butterfly is the Robot Butterfly. Spy Star will show us the Robot Butterfly!

[The Robot Butterfly appears on Spy Star's screen Spy Star]

Dora: The Robot Butterfly is red with blue polka dots.

[Cut to an array of butterflies.]

Dora: Find the Robot Butterfly.

(Cursor clicks it)

Dora: Yeah, there it is! Smart looking.

[The butterfly approaches them and sees the present]

Robot Butterfly: Swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe!

Dora: Help us stop the Robot Butterfly from swiping the present! You have to say, "Butterfly, no swiping!". Say it with us.

Dora and Boots: Butterfly, no swiping! Butterfly, no swiping! Butterfly, no swiping!!!

Robot Butterfly: Oh, man!

[The butterfly flies back to Swiper]

Swiper: The butterfly didn't swipe the present! But I want it to swipe, swipe, swipe! (presses remote)

[The butterfly sees Swiper]

Robot Butterfly: Swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe!

[The butterfly swipes his mask and gloves]

Swiper: HEY! You're not supposed to swipe from me! Give me back my stuff, Robot Butterfly!

[Dora and Boots exit the garden]

[Fanfare plays]

Dora: We stopped the Robot Butterfly and made it through Butterfly Garden!

Boots: We have to figure out where to go next before Swiper comes up with a new swiping trick.

Dora and Boots: Say "Map"!

[Map pops up and zooms into the air]

Map: Ooh! You're getting closer to Puppy! We made it past the Butterfly Garden, check! Where do we go next?

(Cursor clicks the trees)

Map: The trees, right! The Ten Dancing Trees! Tell Dora: Next, we go to the trees! [zooms to the screen]

Dora: Where do we go next? The trees, right. We need to find the Ten Dancing Trees.

Boots: I see lots of dancing trees!

Dora: Where are the Ten Dancing Trees?

(Cursor clicks them)

Boots: Yeah, there they are!

Dora: Ahi esta!

Boots: Boy, the Ten Dancing Trees are far away.

Dora: Do you see anyone who could give us a ride?

(Cursor clicks Tico's car)

Boots: That's Tico! In his little yellow car! He'll give us a ride!

Dora: Tico will help us bring Puppy's present home fast! Tico! Tengo un regalo para mi perrito.

Tico: ¿Para tu perrito? ¡Suban!

[They climb in]

Dora and Boots: Seatbelts, so we can be safe.

Dora: Come on, vamonos! Let's bring the present home to Puppy! ¡Rapido, Tico!

[The car takes off]

(Swiper rustles)

All: Uh-oh!

Dora: That sounds like Swiper. Do you see Swiper? Where?

[He skates right behind them]

Dora and Boots: Behind us?!

Dora: Swiper's on rocket skates! He's really, really fast!

Tico: ¡Swiper a va muy rapido!

Boots: He'll try to swipe the present! Dora, we have to go fast!

Dora: To tell Tico fast, we say "Rapido". Can you say "Rapido"? Say "Rapido"!

Dora and Boots: Rapido!

Tico: Rapido!

[Car speeds up]

Dora: Tico heard you!

Boots: And he's driving fast!

[Swiper speeds up]

Boots: Uh-oh! Swiper's going faster! He'll catch up to us!

Dora: We have to tell Tico to go faster. Say "Más rapido".

Dora and Boots: Más rapido!

Tico: Más rapido!

[Car goes faster]

Dora: Tico heard you, and he's driving faster!

Boots: Look, Dora!

Dora and Boots: A muddy mud puddle!

Boots: We have to slow down to get over the muddy mud puddle, or else, we'll get all muddy!

Dora: To tell Tico slow, we say "Despacio". Can you say "Despacio"? Say "Despacio"!

Dora and Boots: Despacio!

Tico: Despacio!

[Car slows down]

Dora: Tico heard you, and he's slowing down!

Boots: Now we can go through the muddy mud puddle without getting all muddy!

Dora: You're good at speaking Spanish.

All: Whee! (laughing)

Boots: We did it! We didn't get all muddy!

Tico: ¡No nos embarramos!

Boots: Hey, look!

Dora and Boots: Swiper!

Boots: He's not going despacio!

Dora: He's gonna get muddy!

[Swiper skates right through the mud and gets muddy]

Swiper: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...! ...Man.

Dora: Muchas gracias, Tico.

Tico: De nada, Dora y Boots. Adios, amigos!

[They cross a bumpy bridge which shakes]

Dora and Boots: Whoaaaaaaa!!!

Dora: This bridge is bouncy!

Boots: And slippery!

[Wind blows]

Dora and Boots: And windy! Oh, no!

[The present falls into the water]

Dora: Puppy's present! We need something we can use to get Puppy's present out of the water. Quick! Will you check my backpack for something we can use to get the present out of the water? You have to say, "Backpack".

Boots: Louder!

[Backpack, Backpack plays]

Backpack: Backpack, Backpack. Backpack, Backpack. Yeah!

(Song ends)

Backpack: Dora and Boots need something they can use to fish the present for Perrito out of the water! Which one of these things is used for fishing?

(Cursor clicks the fishing pole)

Backpack: The fishing pole, right! Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum! Delicioso!

Dora: Thanks for the fishing pole. Now, all we have to do is catch the present. Do you see the present?

(Cursor clicks it)

Dora: Ahi esta!

[She lowers the line]

Dora: Is the present this way? Is it this way? Is it this way? (hooks it) We caught Puppy's present!

Boots: Good fishing!

(Swiper rustles)

Dora: Did you hear that? That sounds like Swiper.

[A giant fish appears]

Boots: I don't see him. All I see is that big fish. And he's headed right for the present.

Dora: I don't think that's just a fish. Who's inside that fish?

[Swiper is controlling it]

Dora: Swiper! Oh, no!

Boots: Dora, he's gonna get the present!

Dora: I need your help to wind up the fishing line and get the present before Swiper swipes it. Put your hands out in front of you. Now make a circle with your hand to wind up the line. Wind it up! Wind it up! Wind it up! Wind it up! Here it comes!

[She successfully fishes it out]

Dora and Boots: Yay!

Dora: We got the present before Swiper could swipe it!

Swiper: Oh, man!

[Another bigger fish is behind him]

Swiper: Uh-oh!

[He escapes]

Boots: Wow, that big fish sure scared Swiper. I can't wait for Perrito to get his present.

Dora: Come on, vamonos! Let's bring this present home to Perrito!

[They reach the trees]

Boots: We've made it to the Dancing Trees!

Dora: Let's make sure it's the Ten Dancing Trees. Count them with me in Spanish.

Dora and Boots: Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez!

Dora: Diez árboles! Ten trees! Great! Now, to get through the Ten Dancing Trees, we have to dance like trees.

Boots: I love dancing like a tree!

Dora: Will you help us dance like the Dancing Trees? Great! You have to stand up tall and straight to dance like a tree. Stand up, please! Stand up!

Boots: Stand up! Tall and straight! Tall and straight!

Dora: Come on, let's dance like the Dancing Trees! Put your arms up in the air and... dance like a tree! Dance, dance!

Boots: Dance, dance, dance!

Dora and Boots: Dance, dance, dance, dance!

[They make it all the way through]

Dora: Good dancing.

(Swiper rustles)

[Swiper hops over in a tree costume]

Dora: Hmm. There are only supposed to be ten trees. But this tree makes eleven.

Boots: Uh-oh! I don't think that's just a tree!

Dora: Is that just a tree? Who's inside that tree?

Dora and Boots: Swiper!

[Swiper successfully swipes the present]

Swiper: You're too late! I got it, I got it, I got it! Heeheeheeheeheeheehee!

[Swiper is about to throw it away when...]

Boots: But Swiper, the present is for Dora's new puppy.

[Swiper stops]

Swiper: This present is for Puppy? I really like puppies!

[He hands the present back]

Swiper: (sadly) Oh, man...

Boots: Swiper likes puppies!

(Both laughing)

[Fanfare plays]

Dora: Ooh, I can't wait to see Perrito!

Dora and Boots: Say "Map"!

[Map zooms into the air]

Map: Ooh! We're almost there! Puppy will be so happy! We made it through the Butterfly Garden, check! We danced with the Ten Dancing Trees, check! Where do we go next?

(Cursor clicks Dora's house)

Map: Dora's house, right! So you tell Boots: Next, we go to Dora's house.

Boots: Where do we go next? Dora's house, right! Where's your house, Dora? Where's your house?

Dora: ¿Donde esta mi casa?

(Cursor clicks it)

Dora: Si, ahi esta! Come on, vamonos! Let's get this present home to the puppy!

[They reach Dora's house; Mami and Papi are waiting]

Dora: Mami, Papi!

Mami: Dora, Boots!

Papi: Hola, chicos!

Mami: Bienvenidos!

Papi: Welcome home, you two.

[They go inside]

Dora: Mami, Papi, traemos el regalo para perrito. Donde esta? Where's Perrito?

(Perrito barking)

[Perrito arrives]

Dora: Yeah, there he is!

Mami and Papi: Ahi esta, Perrito!

[Perrito jumps on Dora]

Boots: Hi, Puppy!

Dora: Look, Perrito! Un regalito! It's from Abuela!

(Perrito barking)

(Both laughing)

Dora: He's so excited! Let's open the present.

[They open it]

Dora: Look! A bowl for you to eat out of.

(Perrito barking)

Boots: And a brand new collar.

(Perrito panting, barking)

Dora: And a leash we can use on long walks.

(Perrito barking)

Dora: And we've got one more thing. What else did Abuela give Perrito? A bone!

(Perrito barking)

Dora: Puppy's so happy!

[They hug Perrito]

Boots: He loves his presents!

Dora and Boots: We did it!

[We Did It Plays]

Dora and Boots: We did it!

Boots: We did it!

Dora: We did it!

Dora and Boots: Yay!

Dora: Lo hicimos!

Backpack and Map: We did it!

Dora: We went through Butterfly Garden and danced with ten trees.

Dora and Boots: We did it!

Boots: We did it!

Dora and Boots: We did it! Hooray!

Boots: We got Abuela's present home to Dora's new puppy.

Dora and Boots: We did it!

Boots: We did it!

Dora and Boots: We did it!

Dora: We did it!

Boots: Swiper swiped the present, he's real sneaky, you know.

Dora: But he gave it back again...

Dora and Boots: 'Cause Swiper loves Perrito!

(Perrito barking)

Boots: Hooray!

Dora and Boots: We did it!

Dora: Whoo!

(Cursor clicks)

Dora: We had such an exciting day today. What was your favorite part of the trip? I liked that, too.

Boots: My favorite part was stopping the Robot Butterfly.

Dora and Boots: Butterfly, no swiping! (laughing)

Dora: My favorite part was giving Perrito his present.

(Perrito barking)

Dora: I think that was Puppy's favorite, too.

(both laughing)

Dora: And look who else really likes puppies!

Swiper: Yes, you are a good puppy! Yes, you are! Oh, man!

Dora: We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for helping! Gracias!

(Cursor clicks)