Dora's Got a Puppy!
Airdate Monday, May 16, 2005 (Nickelodeon)
Tuesday, November 6, 2007 (DVD)
Season 4
Episode 11
Written by Chris Gifford
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Dora's Got a Puppy! is the 11th episode of Dora the Explorer from Season 4.



After school, Dora has some exciting news to tell the viewer: she has a new puppy named Perrito and she and Boots have to bring a gift from Abuela to her house. But they must get Perrito's present home quickly because Swiper has some new swiping tricks up his sleeves! He uses a swiping grabber toy; he builds a swiping Robot Butterfly; he uses super fast rocket skates; he hides in a submarine fish; and he even disguises himself as an eleventh dancing tree! But what happens when Swiper finds out that the present is for Perrito? The surprise ending must be seen to be believed!


The episode starts with Dora and Boots coming home from school. Dora mentions to the viewer that she just got a new puppy. His name is Perrito. After Dora and Boots picked up a present for Perrito from Abuela, they have been warned to watch out for Swiper. Dora and Boots saw a skunk, but later saw Swiper. He tells the viewers that with his grabber toy, he can swipe the present from far away. However, he didn’t. Instead, he grabbed the skunk. It stunk so bad that he went "PU!" and then "Oh man!". Dora and Boots have to hurry home to take the present to Perrito before Swiper swipes it. Dora and Boots ask the Map for assistance. He said that they had hurry home and avoid Swiper by going through the Butterfly Garden and through the ten dancing trees. On their way to Butterfly Garden, Swiper was up to something. Dora and Boots do not know what he is doing so they call Spy Star, the super spy explorer star for help. Spy Star sees that Swiper is building a robot butterfly that can swipe anything. As he tested it, the butterfly swiped a pile of bananas. Dora and Boots entered the garden and found the butterfly. They said "Butterfly no swiping" three times, and it said "Oh man!" (just like what Swiper always says when he is stopped). Swiper was shocked that it didn’t get the present. As he tried to make it swipe something else, something insane happened: it actually swiped Swiper's bandana, mask, and gloves! He got very angry and followed it to try to get his stuff back. Now, Dora and Boots had to go to the 10 dancing trees. It was a long walk, but Tico offered a ride in his car. All of a sudden, Swiper had rocket skates. Tico went as fast as he can to avoid Swiper. They later slowed down to get across a mudpuddle. As Swiper was still coming after them, he is still going too fast and did not even pay attention to the mud puddle. He got very muddy and ended up hanging on a tree. Now Dora and Boots made it to a bridge that leads them to the dancing trees, it was bouncy, slippery, and windy. The wind knocked the present out of their hands and it went in the water. They got a fishing pole from Backpack. After that, they saw Swiper in a submarine fish, so they fished for the present very fast. Swiper then saw a giant fish and got away. Dora and Boots made it to the 10 dancing trees. To get through, they had to dance like the trees. They did so and made it to the other side. Swiper comes back and disguised himself as a tree labeled "11" on it. He finally got the present, but as he was about to throw it far away, Boots tells him that the present is for Perrito the Puppy. He then reveals to them that he really loves puppies and returns it to Dora. So far, Dora and Boots made it through Butterfly Garden and past the ten dancing trees. Now they had to get home. Once they made it, Perrito comes up to Dora and Boots and they show him the presents. When Dora opened the present, there was a dog bowl, a collar, a leash, and a bone. Perrito has happy with all his presents. The episode ends with Dora and Boots playing with Perrito and even Swiper pets him and Perrito licks Swiper's face.

Places in this episode

  1. Butterfly Garden
  2. 10 Dancing Trees
  3. Dora's House


  • Bouncy Bridge


This episode can be found in Puppy Power! on DVD.


  • It is revealed that Map and Swiper love puppies.
  • This is the first and only episode seeing Swiper without his bandana, mask, and gloves. However, in The Lost City, he is missing one glove, but in this episode he is seen with no gloves.
  • Instead of by hand, Swiper uses mechanical instruments for swiping, which they all failed.
  • It is a very rare event that Swiper returns any items he swipes. This previously happened in A Present for Santa.
  • When Map was about to be checked the first time, Dora and Boots both ask "Who do we ask for help when we don’t know which way to go?" in a unison, just like in Lost Map.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Dora's School makes a cameo appearance. It is possible that it was a school day before going home.
  • Dora and Boots stop Swiper five times but they don't say "Swiper, no swiping!" to stop him at all when they do in this episode, they actually instead just stop him in other ways. However, all of the inventions he created failed, so they never even had the need to say "Swiper, no swiping!".
    • The first time Swiper swiped a skunk instead of the present with his grabber.
    • The second time Swiper built a robot butterfly and it ended up swiping Swiper's bandana, mask and gloves after Dora and Boots stopped the butterfly by saying "Butterfly, no swiping!" (this is actually the only attempt in which Dora and Boots said "no swiping!").
    • The third time Swiper was going super duper fast on his rocket skates and hung himself on a tree after running into the mud.
    • The fourth time Swiper built a large submarine fish, but Dora and Boots were fast enough to fish the present, then a larger fish scared Swiper so he ran away fast.
    • The fifth time Swiper finally swipes the present, but returns it to Dora and Boots before he throws it after telling him that the present is for Dora's new puppy Perrito. He then reveals the fact that he really loves puppies.
  • This is the second episode in which Swiper got muddy, just like in ¡Rápido, Tico!.
  • This episode is very similar to ¡Rápido, Tico!.
  • This is the 87th episode of the show.
  • There was no star catching in this episode, but Spy Star did appear to help Dora and Boots figure out what Swiper was doing at the Butterfly Garden (inventing a robot swiping butterfly). It is possible that they caught him before the episode starts.
  • Dora and Boots do not sing the Travel Song in this episode.
    • They're not supposed to sing it anyway because Swiper is on to them wanting to swipe the present, besides if they did sing it, then he would most likely cut them off in the middle of them singing because he's trying everything into getting the present, so they just run to every place without singing it and/or other songs. The only song that was sung in this episode is We Did It!, (excluding the theme song, Backpack Backpack, and I'm The Map).
  • When Dora and Boots are telling their favorite parts at the end of the episode, Swiper is on his good side because he loves Dora's new puppy but he doesn't tell his favorite parts with Dora and Boots to the viewer, as he was chasing Dora and Boots, creating inventions to swipe the present throughout the episode.
  • Perrito means Puppy in Spanish.
  • Isa and Benny don’t appear in this episode.
  • Due to this being Perrito's third appearance of the show, this episode most likely takes place before Big Sister Dora.
  • According to the credits, the Robot Butterfly is voice by Kathleen Herles, the same voice actress who voiced Dora.
  • When Swiper swiped the present on his fifth attempt (not knowing, at first, it was for Perrito) he does not say "you'll never find it now!" after saying "you're too late!". He instead says "I got it!" three times and laughs.
    • In fact, he did not say that phrase ("you'll never find it now!") at all in this episode, but he does keep saying "Oh man!" whenever he fails, except for the second attempt when he built the robot butterfly.


  • It is unknown how Swiper got to all the places Dora and Boots are going, including the sub-place (the Bridge).
    • Also, if one looks closely, when Dora asks the viewer if he/she sees the garden, Swiper can be found there.
  • When Swiper invents the robot butterfly, the back of the robot butterfly was all in red, the bottom was in pink, the butterfly had feet, and it faced down at the table. However, when Swiper picks up the robot butterfly, it had no feet, it was looking at Swiper, and the colors red and pink in the back were alternating.
  • It is unknown how Backpack can carry a giant fishing pole. This also occurred in Big River and Grandma's House.

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