Dora's First Trip! is a Dora the Explorer VHS tape featuring episodes from its 4th season. The DVD release also features the same episodes from its 4th season with 2 bonus episodes from its 1st season.

Episodes Featured


  1. Dora the Explorer VHS & DVD Trailer
  2. Blue's Room VHS & DVD Trailer
  3. LazyTown VHS & DVD Trailer
  4. My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade VHS & DVD Trailer
  5. Jakers! DVD Trailer
  6. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning
  7. Paramount Home Video Logo (2002)
  8. Nick Jr. ID Bumper - Frogs (2003)
  9. Dora the Explorer Theme Songs
  10. Dora's First Trip
  11. Dora the Explorer Credits
  12. Nick Jr. Productions (1999)
  13. Nickelodeon Haypile Logo
  14. Dora the Explorer Theme Songs
  15. Best Friends
  16. Dora the Explorer Credits
  17. Nick Jr. Productions (1999)
  18. Nickelodeon Haypile Logo


  • To the Treehouse is listed as "Tree House".
  • The Chocolate Tree is listed as just "Chocolate Tree".
  • This isn't the first DVD to offer Spanish or French audio, the actual first DVD to do so is Dora's Christmas! for Spanish and It's A Party for French. However this is the first DVD to feature all three audio options (English, Spanish or French).


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