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Dora's English Adventure is an English-Learning app released by BlueArk in 2016 in South Korea and China. There is absolutely no Spanish here. The game is about Dora and Boots, learning English, the voices of the characters are different (Mainly due to the voice actors possibly not being available, didn’t want to be involved, or budget cuts) and all sounds are different, the game has remakes of episodes, and some new ones.


  1. A Visit To The Hospital (a remake of the episode Check Up Day)
  2. The Wizard Of Green
  3. The Family Adventure (Somewhat remake of the episode Big Sister Dora)
  4. How We Feel
  5. Up & Down (a remake of the episode Boots to the Rescue)
  6. Yay, Guess Who Won
  7. Let's Sing Along
  8. Isa Loves Flowers