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Dora's Christmas Parade is a hardcover book in the Dora the Explorer series.



It's Christmastime, and Dora and Boots are celebrating Christmas with their families. But Dora's grandma is unable to come because she is not feeling well. Dora and Boots decide to use their Christmas presents-- some new musical instruments-- and start a musical parade to Abuela's house, picking up Benny, Isa, and Tico along the way!

Places in this book[]

  1. Benny's Barn
  2. Flowery Garden
  3. Nutty Forest
  4. Grandma's House



  • The book is based on the episode Dora, La Música (with some elements from Grandma's House), but in a more Christmassy version.
  • Dora and her friends have the exact same instruments from the episode.
  • There are notable differences between the book and the episode.
    • Dora and Boots got their instruments for Christmas, while in the episode, they already have them, most likely because that episode took place after A Present For Santa.
    • Piano Bridge, Singing Gate, and the Music Box are all withdrawn from the book. They were replaced with Benny's Barn, Flowery Garden, Nutty Forest, and Abuela's House, thus there are four places in the book instead of three, something that would not happen in an episode (four places rather than the usual three) until Dora's Fairytale Adventure.
    • Señor Tucán and Señor Shush are withdrawn from the book.
    • This book does not involve helping the townspeople in the newspaper unlike the episode, where instead, Dora and her friends play music for Abuela to make her feel better.
    • In the book, the "A Musician I Am" song had different lyrics. For example: "We are musicians and a playing we will go" replaces "A musician I am and a playing I will go".
      • The book tells the characters who play their instruments in third person, since the book is told in third person ("[character] plays the [instrument]! [instrument sound]!")
      • The closing lyrics for the song is "We are musicians, Merry Christmas, one and all!" instead of "A musician I am and a playing I will go".
    • Swiper disguises himself as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer instead of piano.