Dora the Explorer Wiki

Elf 1 : Oh, Oh (DVD only)

Elf 2 : There it is! (DVD only)

Elf 3: Uh, oh! (DVD only)

Elf 4: A naughty list! (DVD only) (an "Ooooooh" is also heard only on the DVD as well)

Elf 5: La lista de los que se portaron mal! (DVD only)

Elf 6: Por favor, Santa! (DVD only)

Henry the Elf: Here you go, Santa! (DVD only)

(Elfs applaud) (DVD only)

Dora: This year my mommy love me pick out my own new Christmas dress! (DVD only)

Boots: Dora, you looks so great! (DVD only)

Dora: Gracias! Me siento muy linda! (DVD only)

Boots: And a Nochebuena! I always wear my favorite bow tie! (DVD only)

Dora: (Giggles) Very nice, Boots! (DVD only)

Boots: Thanks! (DVD only)

Dora: Everybody loves Nochebuena! (DVD only)

Benny: I know that Tico's gonna love his presents! (DVD only)

Big Red Chicken: And I know that Benny is gonna love his! (DVD only)

Benny: What is it? (DVD only)

Big Red Chicken: You'll find out soon! (DVD only)

Tico: Your present! (DVD only)

Boots: Tu regalo! Yeah. (DVD only)

Benny: Sure. (DVD only)

Big Red Chicken: He can do it. (DVD only)

Isa: I don't know. I don't know. (DVD only)

Santa: Is everyone OK? (DVD only)

Dora: Yeah, we're OK. (DVD only)

Isa: Yes, we are. (DVD only)

Benny: We are OK. (DVD only)

Tico: Si, estei bien. (DVD only)

Big Red Chicken: We are all OK. (DVD only)

Boots: Yep, thanks to you. (DVD only)

Swiper: Santa. Next time, I really won't. On the other hand, I really do like swiping, you know. And maybe you can let me swipe just a little on Christmas. (DVD only)

Santa: Swiper! (DVD only)

Swiper: Yes, Santa? (DVD only)

Santa: You know that I've warned you, you know that it's true, but Swiper, there'll be no more warnings for you! (DVD only)

Swiper: But,-- (DVD only)

Boots: It will be nice not to have the presents swiped. (DVD only)

Tico: Santa no como ranticolcolsa. (DVD only)

(Swiper walks away slowly in shame) (DVD only)

Dora: We've got to find the troll so he can help us travel through time! (DVD only)

Swiper: I hope he can do it! It's the only way I can get ornaments for my Christmas card and get off the naughty list! (DVD only)

Dora: Santa says he can but I wonder where he is! (DVD only)

Dora & Swiper: Mr. Troll! (DVD only)

Troll: Here I am! (DVD only)

Dora: But don't you want to come with us! (DVD only)

Troll: I can't leave my bridge someone might wanna cross and then I'll miss a chance to be grumpy! (Laughing maniacly) (DVD only)

Dora: Swiper, do you know how they work! (DVD only)

Swiper: I would have I know! (DVD only)

Dora: Ask him! (DVD only)

Swiper: I don't want to ask! (DVD only)

Dora: Come on, you can do it! (DVD only)

Swiper: You ask! (DVD only)

Dora: I always ask! (DVD only)

Swiper: That true! Okay!

[Pause] (DVD only)

Troll: Excuse me, but do you want to come over my bridge? (DVD only)

Dora: No, little troll! We need to go to the Christmas Forest! (DVD only)

Troll: Well, it's a good thing, 'cause I wasn't gonna let you go over anyway! (Laughing maniaclly) I'll never let anyone go over my bridge! (DVD only)

(Both laughing) (DVD only)

Dora: Well, maybe you should let people go over if they answer a riddle! (DVD only)

Troll: That's a crazy idea! But I do love riddles! Maybe I'll do it! Thanks! (DVD only)

Dora: You're welcome! (DVD only)

Swiper: See you later! (DVD only)

Swiper: Ooh, look! (DVD only)

(Baby Swiper shakes his raddle) (DVD only)

Swiper: I've got a rattle! Look how much I liked getting a Christmas present! (DVD only)

Maps: Who are the guys you need to know when you got a place to go? What's our names? (DVD only)

2 Fiesta Trio: The Maps! (DVD only)

Maps: Say it again! (DVD only)

2 Fiesta Trio: The Maps! (DVD only)

Maps: Who can help you say "Hey, I figured out the way!" What's our names? (DVD only)

Fiesta Trio: The Maps! (DVD only)

Maps: Say it again! (DVD only)

Older Fiesta Trio: The Maps! (DVD only)

Older Dora: I guess this is for Swiper lives! (DVD only)

Swiper: Wow! It's so big! (DVD only)

Older Benny: Santa! (DVD only)

Older Boots: Santa! (DVD only)

Older Isa: Yeah, there he is! (DVD only)

Older Dora: Good luck, Swiper! I'm proud of you! (DVD only)

Older Benny: Good luck! (DVD only)

Older Boots: Good of the list! (DVD only)

Older Tico: Thanks, Swiper! Buenas suerte! (DVD only)

Benny: Did he learn the spirit of Christmas? (DVD only)

Isa: I hope Swiper learned! (DVD only)

Tico: Ni lo pienses! (DVD only)

Grumpy Old Troll: That's a first! (DVD only)

Benny: What is he giving? (DVD only)

Boots: It's Swiper's bunny! (DVD only)

Isa: He's giving his bunny! I don't believe it! (DVD only)

(Five of the elfs start doing the Wiggle Jiggle Sneeze Dance), DVD only)

Elf 1 : I liked when Swiper gave out the presents! (DVD only)