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Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure is a Dora the Explorer DVD title featuring the special from its fifth season.


Note: There are no bonus episodes in this DVD so it’s just the special itself.


  • This DVD contains an extended version of the special compared to the TV airing which would premiere a month and 3 days later.
  • This DVD does not feature any bonus episodes. This is the first out of 2 DVDs to do so.
  • This DVD was released exactly 1 year after Dora Saves the Snow Princess premiered.
  • This is the last DVD to be released in the 2000s.
  • Some copies have a yellow banner at the bottom saying "A Classic Holiday Family Movie".
  • This is the first Dora the Explorer DVD to not have the show's logo on the front cover. It's also not on the spine or on the back. So the logo can only be seen on the disc.