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Santa Claus: Ho ho ho! Bienvenidos, amigos. It's good to see you. Do you know who I am? Santa Claus! Right. That's who. I'm checking on my lists of the naughty and nice. And I'm so glad to see. There are way more than twice. There's many nice children. So many who know the true spirit of Christmas. (then notices the viewer on it) Hey, you're on here too. But here's the much smaller list for the naughty out there, who don't get the spirit and don't ever share.

Elf 1: Ahi esta!

Elf 2 : Oh, Oh (DVD only)

Elf 3 : There it is! (DVD only)

Elf 3: The naughty list! (an "Uh Oh" is also heard only on the DVD)

Elf 3: A naughty list! (DVD only) (an "Ooooooh" is also heard only on the DVD as well)

Elf 4: La lista de los que se portaron mal! (DVD only)

Santa: Those on this list, the naughty girls and boys, will get no presents for Christmas. Won't get any toys. Now, I've got a story, the one on this list. It's a nice Christmas story and shouldn't be missed.

Elves: Ooh, a story.

Elf 3: I love stories.

Elf 4: Por favor, Santa! (DVD only)

Santa: Ho ho ho! The elves love a good story for this holiday. Do you want to hear it?

(Elfs cheering)

Henry the Elf: (Grunting when he tried to give the book to Santa) Here you go, Santa! (DVD only)

Santa: Thank you, Henry. It's all about someone you know very well. He's a fox and he's sneaky.

Elf 4: Ooh, it's a fox.

Elf 5: Ques en Zorro.

Santa: Oh, yes, I can tell that you know who I mean. Well, what is his name? Swiper the fox. Hey, you're good at this game.

(Elfs applaud) (DVD only)

Santa: So let us begin, so we'll get to the end, and find out if maybe, by helping a friend on the night before Christmas that's Christmas Eve. The friend learns that it's better to give than receive.

[The story begins in a snowy forest where Dora and her friends are preparing for a Nochebuena party]

Santa: (narrating) It starts the forest that's all you know. It's a Christmas-y Forest. It's sprinkled with snow, and look! There are two friends all dressed up in suits. What are their names?

(Dora & Boots wave to the viewer)

Santa: Right, Dora and Boots!

Dora: Hola, soy Dora! You're invited to a party!

Boots: Nochebuena!

Dora: That's what we call a Christmas Eve party.

Boots: Everyone's very excited about the party!

Dora: There's lots of food and yummy treats, like alientas, duorces, y caramilos nal ientes.

Benny: Oooh, I love caramilos! (as he tries to eat them, Isa stops him)

Isa: Not yet, Benny. Wait until the party starts.

Benny: (sadly) Okay.

Dora: And everyone gets dressed up for Nochebuena. This year my mommy love me pick out my own new Christmas dress! (DVD only, except for the "And everyone gets dressed up for Nochebuena" line.)

Boots: Dora, you looks so great! (DVD only)

Dora: Gracias! Me siento muy linda! (DVD only)

Boots: And a Nochebuena! I always wear my favorite bow tie! (DVD only)

Dora: (Giggles) Very nice, Boots! (DVD only)

Boots: Thanks! (DVD only)

Dora: Everybody loves Nochebuena! It is the best party of the year! Sing with us! (the "Everybody loves Nochebuena" is on the DVD only)

(Nochebuena theme plays)

All: Nochebuena, Nochebuena. (whooping) Nochebuena, Nochebuena.

Dora: There's a party going on, it's Nochebuena. (passes ornaments to everyone)

All: Nochebuena, Nochebuena.

Dora: We,ll bring hot chocolate in soon to prema.

All: Nochebuena, Nochebuena.

All: Everybody in the forest is so excited.

All: Nochebuena, Nochebuena.

All: Everybody's going on and you're invited on, Nochebuena, Nochebuena.

Boots: Come on.

All: Nochebuena, Nochebuena.

Benny: I brought tasty nuts for my friend Tico.

All: Nochebuena. Nochebuena.

Big Red Chicken: I brought donuts for Benny, mi amigo.

All: Nochebuena, Nochebuena.

Isa: Look, everybody, I brought my flowers.

All: Nochebuena, Nochebuena.

Dora: This party can go on for hours on...

All: Nochebuena.

Boots: Yeah.

Dora: Nochebuena.

Isa: Nochebuena.

Both: Nochebuena.

Benny and the Big Red Chicken: It's our favorite time of the year.

Tico: (pops up on the tree) Que, Si.

Dora: Cause when it's Nochebuena, Nochebuena, Nochebuena.

All: That means Christmas time is here. Christmas time is here.

Dora: Time for acting all our friends here.

All: Nochebuena, Nochebuena.

All: Sing until the party is here.

All: Nochebuena, Nochebuena.

Big Red Chicken & Dora: Lets all decorate the tree now. (Dora puts the star on the tree.)

All: Nochebuena, Nochebuena. Gifts for you and gifts for me now on Nochebuena, Nochebuena! (song ends) Yay!

Dora: The best part of Nochebuena is when we all give each other Christmas presents. Look, everyone's putting presents under the tree.

Benny: I know that Tico's gonna love his presents! (DVD only)

Big Red Chicken: And I know that Benny is gonna love his! (DVD only)

Benny: What is it? (DVD only)

Big Red Chicken: You'll find out soon! (DVD only)

Tico: Your present! (DVD only)

Boots: Tu regalo! (DVD only)

Isa: Christmas is a time for giving.

Dora: That's true, Isa, but we know someone who never gives presents. He swipes them even on Christmas.

Isa: I know who you're talking about.

Dora: Who loves to swipe?

All: Swiper!

Dora: Swiper the fox. That's right.

Boots: And Santa warned Swiper that if he doesn't stop swiping on Christmas, he'll get on the naughty list.

All: Ooh, the naughty list.

Tico: La lista de Los Que se portaron mal! (clicks tongue)

Boots: And if he's on the naughty list, he won't get any presents.

Dora: Well, maybe this Christmas, he'll listen to Santa.

Boots: Yeah. (DVD only)

Benny: Sure. (DVD only)

Big Red Chicken: He can do it. (DVD only)

Isa: I don't know. (DVD only)

(Swiper rustling)

All: Uh-Oh!

Dora: That sounds like Swiper.

(Swiper giddy laughing as he puts on his reindeer mask and runs like it)

Boots: But, look! That's just a reindeer.

Isa: I don't know. (DVD only)

Dora: Is that really a reindeer? Who's inside that mask? Here comes...

All: Swiper the Fox!

Tico: El Zorro Swiper!

(Swiper laughing as he carries the ladder and climbs to the top of the tree)

Benny: He's trying to swipe and it's Christmas Eve.

Big Red Chicken: If he swipes on Christmas again, he'll get on the naughty list.

Dora: I really thought Swiper could change. What's he trying to swipe?

[Swiper pulls the star off the tree as it bends over]

Dora: Right, the Christmas Tree Star.

Swiper: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!! (Star flies to the dark sky)

Dora: Swiper's tipping the Christmas Tree over.

Boots: It's gonna crash into all the food and presents!

[Suddenly they hear the bells]

Dora: I hear something! Here comes...

All: Santa!

[Santa puts the tree back up straight saving Swiper's life then climbs off it]

All: Yay!

Boots: But, Dora. Where's the Christmas Tree Star?

Dora: Do you see the Christmas Tree Star?

(Cursor clicks it)

Dora: Yeah, there it is. The star is flying to you. You've got to catch the star. Put your hands up in front of you and catch it, catch it, catch it! You've got it. Now, put your hand in the air, aim to the top of the tree and throw it back, throw it back! (star flies back to the top of the tree) You got the star back on the tree. Great throwing.

All: Yay!

Santa: Is everyone OK? (DVD only)

Dora: Yeah, we're OK. (DVD only)

Isa: Yes, we are. (DVD only)

Benny: We are OK. (DVD only)

Tico: Si, estei bien. (DVD only)

Big Red Chicken: We are all OK. (DVD only)

Boots: Yep, thanks to you. (DVD only)

Santa: I was afraid that he might swipe again. I just hope that he wouldn't, but this swiping must end. Oh, Swiper! Just think of what you could have done. Dora's Christmas Eve party had only begun. It would have been ruined if I hadn't come.

Swiper: (sadly) What if I say "I won't do it again"?

Santa: But you know, Swiper, I've heard you say that before. And then the next Christmas, you swiped even more.

Swiper: But, Santa. Next time, I really won't. On the other hand, I really do like swiping, you know. And maybe you can let me swipe just a little on Christmas. (DVD only, except for the "But" line.)

Santa: Swiper! (DVD only)

Swiper: Yes, Santa? (DVD only)

Santa: You know that I've warned you, you know that it's true, but Swiper, there'll be no more warnings for you! (DVD only)

Swiper: But,--

Santa: I'm so sorry, Swiper, but you don't seem to learn. And as much as it hurts me, I'll have to be stern, and keep to my promise. I'll have to insist! Swiper, you're now on... (a picture of Swiper flies from the nice list to the naughty list) ... the naughty list!

Swiper: I'm on the naughty list? Oh man!

Isa: Well, he was giving lots of chances.

Benny: He really shouldn't have swiped on Christmas.

Boots: It will be nice not to have the presents swiped. (DVD only)

Tico: Santa no como ranticolcolsa. (DVD only)

(Swiper walks away slowly in shame) (DVD only)

Dora: No, guys. We can't let this happen. I'm gonna try to do something. Swiper, wait! (whispering to Swiper inaudibly)

(whispers) Swiper, I'm gonna ask Santa if I can help.

Dora: Santa?

Santa: Yes, Dora?

Dora: Is there anything we can do to get Swiper off the naughty list? I really want to help him.

Santa: Well, Dora. I must say you are a good friend. Do you believe Swiper can change in the end?

Dora: Si, Santa. I do.

Swiper: And, Santa, I believe I can change too. Santa, please?

Dora: Por favor?

Santa: Well, there is one way.

Both: How, Santa, how?

Santa: The true spirit of Christmas is what you need to find. If I see that you do, then I will change my mind. This card's missing four ornaments and a star. You'll fill in one each time you show that you are learning the spirit of Christmas that's true.

Swiper: Then I'll get off that list?

Santa: It's the best I can do. But there's something else.

Swiper: What is it?

Santa: To get ornaments, you must go to the past.

Dora: You mean when we were younger?

Santa: You're getting on fast, then you'll go into the future when you're older and see if you can learn the true spirit and show it to me.

Dora: I know Swiper can learn the true spirit of Christmas. Right, Swiper?

Swiper: Yes, but how can we go back to the past when we were babies and into the future when we're big kids?

Santa: Oh, there's someone who'll help, someone who'll assist, someone who will help you get off of the list. He'll send you through time because time travels bumpy. He's a troll that I've often heard that he's grumpy.

Dora: The Grumpy Old Troll can help?

Santa: (winks to Dora) Chop chop! (flies away) Go to his bridge, Dora. Go there really fast. It's the way to the future and back to the past!

Dora: Come on! Lets get to the troll bridge, so we can go to the past when we're babies and to the future when we're big kids.

Swiper: So I can learn the true spirit of Christmas and get off the naughty list.

All: Hooray!!

Dora: And there's one thing Swiper has to remember Santa says:

All: There's no swiping on Christmas.

(Song starts)

Dora: We're off together and we're on our way to find,

Both: The spirit of Christmas once we travel on through time.

Dora: We'll help get Swiper off the naughty list for good. But uh-oh! I don't think that Swiper understood. There's no swiping on Christmas. Swiper's still up swiping. I can't imagine that. What's Swiper sneaking up on? A cat! (meows) We've got to stop him swiping. That's not the way to go. Everybody say, "no, Swiper, no!".

Swiper: Oops!

Dora: We'll help get Swiper off the naughty list for good, but somehow, I still don't think that Swiper understood. There's no swiping on Christmas. Now look whose Swiper's after. Oh boy, he's pretty big. What's Swiper sneaking up on? A pig! (snorts) We've got to stop him swiping. Come on, lets tell him so. Everybody say, "no, Swiper, no!".

Swiper: Oh, right.

Dora: Uh-oh. I still don't think that Swiper's learning. Look! Swiper still can't stop it. Is that fun for real? What's Swiper sneaking up on? A seal. Right. (barks) We've got to stop him swiping. That's not the way to go. Everybody say, "no, Swiper, no!".

Swiper: Oh, yeah.

Dora: There's no swiping on Christmas, so, no, you may not.

Swiper. Oops, I didn't mean to. I guess I just forgot.

Both: There's no swiping on Christmas. (Song ends)

Swiper: It's the troll bridge.

Dora: We've got to find the troll so he can help us travel through time! (DVD only)

Swiper: I hope he can do it! It's the only way I can get ornaments for my Christmas card and get off the naughty list! (DVD only)

Dora: Santa says he can but I wonder where he is! (DVD only)

Dora & Swiper: Mr. Troll! (DVD only)

[Suddenly, the troll pops up]

Troll: Here I am! (DVD only)

(Grumpy Old Troll theme plays)

Troll: I'm the Grumpy Old Troll who lives under the bridge. Hey! I'm the Grumpy Old Troll who lives under the bridge. Who's there!? If you wanna come over, all you have to do is this. All you have to do is this! Solve my riddle!

(Song ends)

Dora: Well, we don't want to go over your bridge, Mr. Troll.

Swiper: Yeah, we have to go to the past when we're babies and to the future when we're big kids.

Troll: You mean you have to travel through time?

Dora: That's right, Mr. Troll.

Troll: OK! But before you go traveling through time, I must see you answer my riddles. First one, two, then three. Riddle number 1: This reindeer can be seen where ever he goes. He can light up the sky with his shiny red nose. What's his name?

Dora: (whispers to Swiper) Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

Swiper: Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer?

Troll: Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. That is right! You've got the first one. Lets see if you can guess the next. Riddle number 2: He's got a button nose, and coal for each eye. He's a snowman. Can you guess the name of this guy?

Dora: What's the snowman's name? Right, that's Frosty the snowman.

Troll: Oh, you're good. Get the answer to the third riddling rhyme, and I'll do what you ask for. I'll send you through time.

Swiper: Oh, goody.

Troll: Riddle number 3: He's got a white beard and rides on a sleigh. He says, "Ho ho ho!" delivering gifts Christmas Day. Who is it? Santa. Right.

Swiper: But, Mr. Troll, he won't deliver any gifts to me.

Troll: Why not?

Swiper: Cause he put me on the naughty list.

Troll: Ooh, the naughty list. Gee, that's not good, but I'll help you through time like I said I would. Traveling to the past and the future is fun. And I've got traveling capes for everyone. One for Dora, one for Swiper, and one for you.

[Dora, Swiper and the viewer get time travel capes]

Dora: Gracias, Senor Troll. But don't you want to come with us! (DVD only)

Troll: I can't leave my bridge someone might wanna cross and then I'll miss a chance to be grumpy! (Laughing maniacally) (DVD only)

Dora: Swiper, do you know how they work! (DVD only)

Swiper: I would have I know! (DVD only)

Dora: Ask him! (DVD only)

Swiper: I don't want to ask! (DVD only)

Dora: Come on, you can do it! (DVD only)

Swiper: You ask! (DVD only)

Dora: I always ask! (DVD only)

Swiper: That true! Okay! Uh, excuse me, Mr. Troll, how do the capes work? (the "That true! Okay!" is on the DVD only)

Troll: Ooh, good question.

[Pause] (DVD only)

Troll: I'm glad you asked. It's a magical mystical time travel cape. To get it to work you must shake, shake, shake, shake!

Both: Cool! Thanks, Mr. Troll.

Dora: Come on, we've gotta go back in time to get Swiper off the naughty list. Put your hands out to your side and grab your capes like this. Shake your cape. Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake! Shake your travel cape. Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake! Shake your travel cape. Shake it up. Shake it down. shake it all around.

Both: Now lets go! (Dora & Swiper magically travel to the past)

Swiper: Hey, Dora, do you think we're in the past?

Dora: I think so.

(Troll theme plays again as the little troll pops up)

Troll: (when he was young) I'm the Grumpy Little Troll, who lives under the bridge! (sucking his thumb as the song ends)

Swiper: Look! It's the Grumpy Old Troll when he was a little troll. We're back in the past. We're back in the past!

Troll: Excuse me, but do you want to come over my bridge? (DVD only)

Dora: No, little troll! We need to go to the Christmas Forest! (DVD only)

Troll: Well, it's a good thing, 'cause I wasn't gonna let you go over anyway! (Laughing maniacally) I'll never let anyone go over my bridge! (DVD only)

(Both laughing) (DVD only)

Dora: Well, maybe you should let people go over if they answer a riddle! (DVD only)

Troll: That's a crazy idea! But I do love riddles! Maybe I'll do it! Thanks! (DVD only)

Dora: You're welcome! (DVD only)

Swiper: See you later! (DVD only)

Dora: Now, we've got to go back to the Christmas Forest, and make sure Swiper learns the Christmas spirit and doesn't swipe along the way.

(Song starts)

Dora: We'll help get Swiper off the naughty list for good. And I think that maybe Swiper understood. There's no swiping on Christmas. Look, there's a little puppy. He's standing by that stone. What did Santa bring him? A bone! But Swiper isn't swiping. Now that's the way to go. Everybody say "no, Swiper, no!".

Swiper: No, Swiper, no!

Dora: We'll help get Swiper off the naughty list for good. Cause he's learning and I think he understood. There's no swiping on Christmas. Look, there's a cow. Wow, is she in luck? What did Santa bring her? Si, a rubber duck. Look, Swiper isn't swiping. Lets all tell him so. Everybody say, "no, Swiper, no!".

Swiper: No, Swiper, no!

Dora: Look, there's a squirrel in a baseball bat. What did Santa bring him? A bat. Right. A baseball bat. Look, Swiper isn't swiping. Now that's the way to go. Everybody say, "no, Swiper, no!".

Swiper: No, Swiper, no!

Dora: You'll get the Christmas spirit. Look, you haven't swiped yet.

Swiper: Yeah, I guess I'm learning. I hope I don't forget.

Both: There's no swiping on Christmas.

(song ends)

[jingle bells occurred. Swiper picks up the card and a red ornament appears]

Swiper: Hey, I got one of the ornaments on my card already. I must be learning the spirit of Christmas.

Dora: That's awesome Swiper. I think we're in the Christmas forest of the past.

Swiper: Look, It's a bunch of babies.

Dora: I know those babies. That's Isa when she was a baby and Tico too. What baby is this? Boots. Right. What baby is this? Benny. Right. And what baby is this?

Swiper: Right. (giddy laugh) That's me when I was a baby.

Dora: Look! The babies all have presents.

Swiper: Ooh, look! (DVD only)

(Baby Swiper shakes his rattle) (DVD only)

Swiper: I've got a rattle! Look how much I liked getting a Christmas present! (DVD only)

(Baby Swiper shakes his rattle again until he rustles)

Swiper: Uh-oh!

Dora: Baby Swiper is swiping all the other babies presents.

(Babies began crying)

Swiper: Oh, no! I didn't mean to make the other babies cry on Christmas. You shouldn't swipe on Christmas, Baby Swiper. (Swiper brings back the presents as Baby Swiper takes the cape from him)

Dora: Swiper's returning the presents.

[Babies continued crying]

Swiper: Shhh! Babies? Shhh! Babies? (Nothing happened. They continuously cry)

Swiper: Dora, we've gotta make them feel better. No one should cry on Christmas. Can you do something?

Dora: I think I might know the way, but I'm gonna need your help. Will you help me stop the babies from crying? Excellente! I know a song that always makes me giggle.

Swiper: It sounds like a silly song.

Dora: It's a really silly song when we wiggle, jiggle and sneeze. Can you wiggle? Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Now, jiggle, jiggle. Jiggle, jiggle, jiggle. Now sneeze. Achooo! Here's our song that always makes me giggle. And everybody lets wiggle wiggle wiggle.

Both: Wiggle wiggle wiggle. Jiggle jiggle jiggle. Wiggle wiggle jiggle and a sneeze. Achoo!

(Baby Boots giggling while the other babies look surprised)

Dora: Look! Baby Boots is giggling. You see we're almost done. We gotta keep on wiggling. Come on everyone.

Both: Lets wiggle wiggle wiggle. Jiggle jiggle jiggle. Wiggle wiggle, jiggle and a sneeze. Achoo!

(Babies giggling)

Dora: Are the babies giggling? All right. You're really good and wiggly and jiggly.

[A jingle bell noise occurred.]

Swiper: Oooh! I think I'm getting another ornament on my Christmas card.

[A blue ornament appears]

Swiper: How many ornaments do I have now? One, two. Two ornaments. So how many more do I need?

Dora: Two, right.

Swiper: Dora, I think I'm learning the spirit of Christmas.

Dora: I think you are too, Swiper. Now, we've gotta go forward in time so you can learn more Christmas spirits.

Swiper: And get off the naughty list.

Dora: We've got to shake our capes. Grab your capes.

[Suddenly, Swiper realized his cape disappeared.]

Swiper: But Dora, I.. (looks on his back) don't have my cape.

Dora: Do you see which baby has a cape?

(Cursor clicks on Baby Swiper)

Dora: Right. Baby Swiper.

Swiper: Baby Swiper, no swiping. (takes the cape from him.)

Baby Swiper: Oh, man!

Swiper: One day, you'll learn. (Baby Swiper pouts sadly)

Dora: Now, we've all got to shake the capes. Put your hands to your sides, grab your cape and shake, shake, shake! Shake, shake shake! Shake your travel cape. Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake! Shake your travel cape. Shake it up. Shake it down. Shake it all around.

Both: Now let's go! (They magically traveled to the time when they were toddlers.)

Dora: Look! We're not babies anymore. We're little kids. Hey, that's me when Santa brought me a rocking horse. And Toddler Isa loves her new bongos. And there's Toddler Benny with his toy car present. And Toddler Tico riding a new tricycle. They look so happy. And there's my buddy Boots with his new baseball mitt. Boots loved baseball.

Swiper: And that's me with my bunny. I still have that bunny Dora. I love it so much. I used to sing a song about my bunny. (Bunny theme plays)

Toddler Swiper: He's my funny bunny. My funny funny bunny. My funny bunny. My funny funny bunny. I'll hug you then I'll kiss you then, everyday, I'm gonna spend, (kisses) with my funny funny bunny bunny funny funny bunny bunny funny funny bunny bunny friend. (sighs)

Swiper: Oh, look how happy I was on Christmas Eve.

Dora: Yes, Swiper, but you always swiped on Christmas. (Toddler Swiper swiped all the other toddlers presents and throws them away)

Toddler Swiper: Ha ha ha! You'll never find them now. (walks away)

Swiper: Oh, no. This is terrible. I'm gonna have to get their presents back.

Dora: That's the Christmas spirit, Swiper. Come on! Lets help Swiper find the presents. Swiper's trying to find the presents. (a bubble appears) First, Swiper needs to find Benny's car. Do you see Benny's car?

(Cursor clicks it)

Dora: There it is.

Swiper: Oh, yeah. There's Benny's car. (picks it up out of the rocks)

Dora: Good job, Swiper. Keep looking. Now he needs to find Isa's bongo drum. Do you see Isa's bongo drum?

(Cursor clicks it)

Dora: There it is.

Swiper: Isa's bongo drum! (picks it up out of the flowers)

Dora: All right! Now lets see if Swiper can find Boots' baseball mitt. Do you see it?

(Cursor clicks it)

Dora: Yeah, it's Boots' baseball mitt.

Swiper: Yay! (picks it up out of the nest)

Dora: Keep going, Swiper. You're doing great. Now lets see if Swiper can find Tico's tricycle. Do you see it?

(Cursor clicks it)

Dora: You got it.

Swiper: Oh, oh, I see it. (picks it up out of the large rocks. As he starts carrying them they were getting heavy) Now I have to find Dora's present.

Dora: It's a rocking horse.

Swiper: I can't find it.

Dora: See it?

(Blue cursor clicks it)

Swiper: Yes! (Then he brings it out of the bush and takes the toys back to the toddlers)

Toddlers: Yay!

[Jingling sound is heard again]

Swiper: My Christmas card. Look, I have one, two, three ornaments on my card's Christmas Tree. How many more ornaments do I need? One. Right.

Dora: And the only way to get it is to go to the future when we're big kids.

All: Yay!

Dora: Come on. Let's go and get Swiper off the naughty list.

Swiper: Let's go. Let's go.

Dora: Put your hands out to your sides, grab your cape, and shake, shake, shake! Shake, shake, shake! Shake your travel cape. Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake your travel cape. Shake it up. Shake it down. Shake it all around.

Both: Now let's go. (Dora & Swiper magically traveled into the future)

Swiper: Dora, do you think we're in the future?

Dora: I think so, Swiper. Look, it's me when I'm a big kid.

Swiper: Older Dora looks like she's missing something.

Dora: I'm looking at the Christmas Tree, but it's not decorated for the party. You know what I think?

Swiper: What, Dora?

Dora: I think that in the future, there's no Christmas party. I'm gonna ask. Hola, Dora. Um, this is hard to explain.

Swiper: She's you when you we're younger and I'm...

Older Dora: Swiper, there's nothing left for you to swipe here.

Dora: He's not going to. Swiper is learning not to swipe on Christmas.

Older Dora: You are?

Swiper: Yeah, I'm learning the true spirit of Christmas.

Older Dora: That's fantastic. If you can do that, then maybe we can still have our Christmas party. I really miss it.

Swiper: I'm gonna try to learn. I don't want the Christmas Party to end.

(Rustling noise)

All: Uh-oh.

Swiper: That sounds like me.

Dora: Do you see Older Swiper?

All: Yeah, there he is.

Older Swiper: I'm gonna swipe that cape.

Dora: Uh-Oh, if Older Swiper swipes the cape we'll never be able to go back home.

Swiper: I know how to stop me. Swiper, no swiping. Swiper, no swiping. Swiper, no swiping.

Older Swiper: That doesn't work anymore. (maniacal laughter) (Takes the cape away)

All: Whoa!

Dora: Older Swiper swiped even after you said, "Swiper, no swiping".

Swiper: I don't get it.

Older Dora: It's because in the future, you don't listen.

Both: Huh?

Older Dora: After you got on the naughty list, you wouldn't stop swiping. No matter what.

Swiper: Really?

Older Dora: That's why we stopped having the Christmas Eve party.

Swiper: You stopped having the party because of me? Oh, we can't let it happen.

Older Dora: Well, you'll have to change your way, Swiper.

Swiper: I will change. I will change. I'll go back home and change. But, Uh-Oh!

Dora: What is it, Swiper?

Swiper: I can't go back home unless I get my time travel cape back.

Older Dora: Well, Swiper, I know some friends that can help.

Swiper: Friends?

Older Boots: Friends!

Dora & Swiper: It's Boots when he's older.

Older Benny: Great! (both get a handclap)

Dora & Swiper: And Benny and Isa.

Older Tico: Amigo!

Dora: I think I know who that is. Who's that?

Older Tico: Hola, Swiper. Repundo gut.

Both: It's Tico.

Dora: And he wants to help you, Swiper.

Older Boots: We'll all help if you really wanna learn the Christmas spirit.

Older Isa: We've heard everything, and we wanna help.

Swiper: Wow, you really will help me.

All: Sure.

Tico: Glado que si.

Swiper: Awwww.

Older Dora: Come on. Let's go get Swiper's cape back.

Dora: So he can change and get off the naughty list.

Older Boots: But how will we find him?

2 Doras: Who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go? (both laughing) The Map, that's right. You have to say, "Maps."

Swiper: Say, "Maps", say, "Maps!".

(Both pop up)

Dora: Louder.

(Both zoom into the air)

Maps: Who are the guys you need to know when you got a place to go? What's our names? (DVD only)

2 Fiesta Trio: The Maps! (DVD only)

Maps: Say it again! (DVD only)

2 Fiesta Trio: The Maps! (DVD only)

Maps: Who can help you say "Hey, I figured out the way!" What's our names? (DVD only)

Fiesta Trio: The Maps! (DVD only)

Maps: Say it again! (DVD only)

Older Fiesta Trio: The Maps! (DVD only)

Maps: We're the Maps. We're the Maps.

Fiesta Trio: They're the Maps.

Older Fiesta Trio: They're the Maps.

Maps: We're the Maps.

Map: Dora has to find where Swiper is in the future.

Older Map: Do you see Old Swiper.

Both: There he is in the castle.

Older Map: The rapping paper trail leads to the castle.

Map: So you tell Dora...

Older Map: ... Old Swiper lives...

Both: the castle! (Both zoom to the screen)

Dora: Where does Old Swiper live? In the castle. Should we take the path with flowers, leaves, or rapping paper.

(Blue cursor clicks on the trail with wrapping paper)

Dora: Right, the trail with the rapping paper. Good remembering. Now let's go. (As they continued their journey they started to stop) Boy, sure is a lot of litter here.

Older Dora: Yeah, Old Swiper litters everywhere he goes, especially on Christmas.

Older Boots: Yeah, he unwraps the Christmas presents and threw those wrappers on the ground.

Swiper: Whoa, I don't want to be a litterer, I wanna clean up.

Older Dora: Great idea, Swiper.

Dora: I know a song in Spanish that can help us clean up.

Older Dora: I know that song too. Mommy taught it to us. We sing it every time we clean up our room.

Dora: In English, we say clean up.

Older Dora: In Spanish, we say Recoge. Can you sing, "Recoge"?

Both: Muy bien!

(Song starts)

Dora: So when you see wrapping paper, say, "Recoge."

All: Pick it up, clean it up.

Dora: Again.

Older Dora: Recoge.

All: Pick it up. Clean it up.

Dora: Come on.

Older Boots: Recoge.

All: Pick it up, clean it up.

Dora: Yeah.

All: Recoge. Pick it up. Pick it up. Pick it up up up.

Dora: Got to have on Swiper's cape in his home in the past.

Older Boots: But on our way to the castle we see old Swiper's tracks.

All: Lets clean it up along the way.

Swiper: If you see wrapping paper,

All: This is what we say.

Dora: Everyone sing.

All: Recoge.

Dora: Yeah.

All: Pick it up. clean it up.

Dora: Come on.

All: Recoge. Pick it up clean it up.

Dora: Louder!

All: Recoge. Pick it up. Clean it up.

Dora: Sing!

All: Recoge.

Dora: Yeah.

All: Pick it up. Pick it up. Pick it up up up.

Dora: Recoge!

All: Pick it up!

(Song ends)

[The friends put the wrapping paper from the door to the can and Swiper closes the lid]

Older Dora: I guess this is for Swiper lives! (DVD only)

Swiper: Wow! It's so big! (DVD only)

(Door creaks open)

Swiper: (in fear) It's pretty dark in here.

Dora: It's OK, Swiper, We'll all go up together.

Tico: Juntos!

Older Dora: We'll help you get your cape back, Swiper.

All: Vamonos!

[They quietly climbed up the steps and found old Swiper sitting on a rocking chair alone]

Swiper: (sadly) Wow. I look so lonely. (sad voice) I'm surrounded by all those presents, but I look so sad.

Older Swiper: Christmas. Bah-Humbug! (snoring)

Older Dora: He's asleep.

Dora: We've got to find the travel cape, or we'll never get Swiper home.

Swiper: My cape is purple, so we've gotta look for purple things. Which one of these ribbons is purple?

(Cursor clicks it)

Older Isa: Yeah, that's my ribbon flowers that Old Swiper swiped.

Swiper: Let's keep looking for more purple ribbons. Do you see a purple one?

(Blue cursor clicks it)

Older Benny: That's my baseball hat that Old Swiper swiped.

Older Tico: Gimmes Lisson.

Swiper: Do you see another purple ribbon? Yeah, that's purple.

Older Boots: But that's my Nochebuena bow tie. I really missed it. Thanks for finding it.

Swiper: Wow! There sure are a lot of ribbons. Do you see a purple one?

(Cursor clicks it)

Older Dora: Osito! We found it. We found it. (Hugs her bear) I missed you so much.

Older Boots: Gee, Swiper got back all our presents.

Older Dora: We've really got to get his cape so he can get home.

Swiper: We can't give up. Do you see a purple ribbon?

(Cursor clicks it)

Swiper: There you are. Yay! Yes, yes, yes!

[Jingle bells ringing]

Swiper: And look! (an orange ornament appears) I've got another ornament on my card's Christmas Tree. I'm really learning the Christmas spirit.

Santa: Ho ho ho!

Swiper: That sounds like Santa.

Older Dora: Do you see Santa?

Older Benny: Santa! (DVD only)

Older Boots: Santa! (DVD only)

Older Isa: Yeah, there he is! (DVD only)

Older Tico: He's coming.

Dora: Oooh, If Santa's coming here, he'll be coming to the Christmas Party back home.

Swiper: We've gotta get home fast. [as they get out of the castle, Swiper miserably checks on Older Swiper still alone]

Swiper: Gee, I don't wanna end up like him.

(Old Swiper snoring)

Swiper: All alone on Christmas with no friends. I really wanna change.

Dora: Come on, Swiper. Let's get you home fast.

Older Dora: Good luck, Swiper! I'm proud of you! (DVD only)

Older Benny: Good luck! (DVD only)

Older Boots: Good of the list! (DVD only)

Older Tico: Thanks, Swiper! Buenas suerte! (DVD only)

Both: Put your hands out to your sides, and...

Dora: Shake, shake, shake! Shake, shake, shake! Shake your travel cape. Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake your travel cape. Shake it up. Shake it down. Shake it all around.

Both: Now let's go. (Dora & Swiper magically returned home in the present)

Dora: We've made it back.

Boots: You made it! Did Swiper learn anything?

Benny: Did he learn the spirit of Christmas? (DVD only)

Tico: Los ecoloma de easta?

Isa: I hope Swiper learned! (DVD only)

Dora: Swiper did great.

Swiper: I really wanna change.

Santa: Ho ho ho!

Dora: That sounds like Santa. Yeah, we made it back in time!

Swiper: I hope Santa thinks that I've learned the true spirit of Christmas.

Big Red Chicken: It looks like Santa's got a lot of presents!

Grumpy Old Troll: Ooooh, I hope I get a present.

Dora: Here he comes! (Santa flies giving gifts to everyone, except for Swiper)

Boots: I think everyone got a present.

Swiper: Everyone, but me.

Dora: Oh, Swiper. (Hugs him tightly)

[The card has all four ornaments, but is still missing the star]

Swiper: (sadly) I got all the ornaments, but I still didn't get the star.

Dora: And you've tried so hard, Swiper.

Swiper: Oh, well. I guess Santa thinks that I still have to find the true spirit of Christmas before he changes his mind.

Dora: Swiper, we all like to share our presents with you.

Swiper: Really?

Big Red Chicken: Of course we can.

All: Yeah, we can take turns! Yeah.

Tico: Glado Que Si, Swiper.

Swiper: Wow! Thanks, guys. It makes me feel better if you wanna share your presents.

Dora: We want to share, because we care about you, Swiper.

Swiper: You do?

Big Red Chicken: Yeah, sure.

Boots: Yeah sure we do. Of course.

Benny: Yeah, sure. Of course.

Tico: Glado Que Si.

All: We sure do.

Swiper: Wow, maybe that's why Santa made by a Christmas spirit. Maybe it's showing your friends that you care. Maybe it's learning, it's better to... [Swiper starts to feel a little strange] Dora, what if, Don't go away. (Runs off to get something)

Benny: What's Swiper doing?

Isa: Is he coming back?

Tico: Que Sta ecundo Swiper.

Swiper: Dora, I had this since I was a little fox, and I wanna give it to you.

Boots: Swiper's giving a present.

Tico: Ni lo pienses! (DVD only)

Grumpy Old Troll: That's a first! (DVD only)

Benny: What is he giving? (DVD only)

(Swiper showing Dora a bunny)

Boots: It's Swiper's bunny! (DVD only)

Isa: He's giving his bunny! I don't believe it! (DVD only)

Swiper: Here, for Christmas.

Dora: Swiper, I, I can't take your bunny.

Swiper: But, Dora, I really wanna give you a Christmas present.

(Dora shakes her head no)

Swiper: Well, can I share the bunny with you?

Dora: That's a great idea, Swiper.

Swiper: Yeah, we can share my bunny, and play with him together.

All: Yay!

Swiper: It feels good to share on Christmas. (Jingle bells ringing) My card! Something's happening to it!

(A star appears on the top of the tree)

Dora: The Christmas Tree Star!

All: Yay! (Then they saw Santa coming back)

Dora: Santa! He's coming back. Swiper, he saw that you are sharing on Christmas!

Swiper: Do you think that means? (Santa lands to the ground)

Santa: You're off the naughty list, Swiper, (A picture of Swiper flies back to the nice list) and back on the nice.

(Swiper hugging Santa)

Santa: And if I were you, I'd take this advice: share with your friends on each Christmas Day. And spend your time giving, not taking away.

Swiper: Thank you, Santa.

Santa: Ho ho ho! You deserve it, Swiper. You tried really hard. I'm proud that you filled up your Christmas spirit card. And as for you, Dora, I knew in the end that you would come through, cause you're a good friend.

(Santa hops back to the sleigh)

Santa: Chop chop!

All: Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas. Bye. See you later! Feliz Navidad.

Santa: Swiper, I left you something. Feliz Navidad!

Swiper: Santa left me something?! (sees a bag of gifts for him) (happily) Wow! Santa bought me a whole bag full of presents! I'm off the naughty list! I'm off the naughty list!

All: Yay!

Boots: Dora, can we start the party now?

Dora: Si, great idea, Boots. It's Nochebuena!

(Song plays)

All: Nochebuena. Nochebuena. Nochebuena, Nochebuena. (Big Red Chicken whoops) Nochebuena, Nochebuena.

All: Calling out to all our friends here. Nochebuena. Nochebuena.

All: Sing until the party is here. Nochebuena. Nochebuena. Lets all dance around the tree now. Nochebuena, Nochebuena. Gifts for you and gifts for me now on, Nochebuena, Nochebuena!

(Song ends)

Dora: Congratulations, Swiper.

Swiper: Santa told me to spend my time giving, not taking away. Hey, guys, presents for everybody!

(Fanfare plays)

All: We did it!

(We Did It! plays)

Dora: We did it!

Swiper: We did it.

Dora: We did it!

All: Yay!

Dora: Lo hicimos!

Map: We did it!

Dora: Swiper came to the party and swiped the Christmas Star. He did it.

Swiper: I did it!

Benny & Big Red Chicken: He did it?!

All: He did it!

Swiper: Santa put me on the naughty list and got too far.

Both: He did it.

Santa: I did it.

All: He did it.

Map: He did it.

Dora: He shared us some things and he didn't swipe along the way.

Swiper: I gave back everybody's presents and cleaned up on Christmas Day.

(Song continues)

All: We did it!

Dora: We did it.

All: We did it! Yay!

Tico: Lo hicimos!

Map: We did it.

Dora: We've got Swiper off the naughty list and onto the good.

Swiper: We did it. (gives the guitar to the Troll)

Troll: We did it.

All: Hooray!

Swiper: And I learned the Christmas spirit like Santa said I should.

All: He did it.

Swiper: I did it.

Santa: He did it.

Swiper: Hooray!

Benny & Isa: And now Swiper got the Christmas party on Christmas Eve.

Dora: And Swiper thinks it's better to give than to recieve.

Troll: Yay!

(Dora whooping)

All: Hooray! We did it! (Dora whooping)

(Blue cursor clicks)

[The story ends and goes back to Santa's workshop]

Santa: And so, Swiper the fox learned a lesson that night, and that lesson taught him to do whatever is right. From that Christmas on, Swiper's here with his friends. And that my mighty elves, is where my story ends.

All: Yay!

Elf 1: My favorite part was then they were babies.

Elf 2: I liked their travel capes.

Elf 3: I liked when they wiggled. (Five of the elfs start doing the Wiggle Jiggle Sneeze Dance), DVD only)

Elf 4 : I liked when Swiper gave out the presents (DVD only)

Elf 4: I liked when Swiper filled up the card.

Santa: Ho ho ho! Yes, for Swiper, that must have been hard. But Dora helped Swiper pass my little test. And what part of the story did you liked the best?

Elf 1: Oh, yeah! (DVD only)

Elf 2: Good one! (DVD only)

All: Yay! (DVD only)

Elf 3: I liked that part! (DVD only)

Elf 4: I liked that part, too! (DVD only)

Elf 5: Eso me gustó! (DVD only)

Santa: Good! Swiper learned the spirit of Christmas it's true. And remember, he couldn't have learned without you. Merry Christmas.

All: Feliz Navidad!