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Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure
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Airdate Tuesday, November 3, 2009 (DVD/extended version)
Sunday, December 6, 2009 (Nickelodeon/edited version)
Season 5
Episode 16
Written by Chris Gifford
Previous The Super Babies Dream Adventure
Next Dora Helps the Birthday Wizzle

Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure is a Dora the Explorer TV Christmas special. It is also the 16th episode of Season 5. It is inspired by Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.


Note: Words in parentheses tell that the character appears in each time period. Present is now, Baby and Toddler are in different parts of the past, and Older is in the future.


Santa Claus narrates a story when Swiper tries to swipe the Christmas Tree Star from Dora's Nochebuena Party, he gets put on Santa's naughty list. When Dora tries to ask Santa for another chance for Swiper to get off the naughty list, he does agree - but only if Swiper learns the true meaning of Christmas by going into the past and the future. Will he be able to get off the naughty list with Dora and the viewer's help?


The episode starts on the North Pole, where Santa Claus has two lists, one with nice people and the one with naughty people. Santa tells the viewer about the nice list. It is someone who gives and shares presents and learn the true spirit of Christmas. Then he thinks that the viewer is on it too. And now he shows the viewer about the naughty list. It is someone who never gets the spirit and never shares. The elves cannot believe that they saw the naughty list. Because these guys on this list will not get any presents or toys for Christmas. Then he decided to tell about how much Christmas is usually giving instead of taking away. And they decided to read a story about the spirit of Christmas. On the first page, the elves noticed a fox inside the ornament. The viewer answered it was Swiper. Now Santa was thrilled that he/she is very good at this game. Then he tells the story about the time all the friends were decorating for Christmas and he saw two friends all dressed up on their best clothes. Their names are Dora and Boots. Dora says hi to the viewer in Spanish and introduces herself. The best party of the year is Nochebuena.

The best part of this party is when they have goodies, wearing fancy clothes and sharing toys and giving presents to friends. And yes. It is also the time for giving. But they know someone who doesn't get presents. He swipes them, especially on Christmas. So she asks the viewer who likes to swipe. He or she and the others say "Swiper". Then Boots tells the viewer that if Swiper never stops swiping on Christmas, he might get on the naughty list. And if he does, he will never get any presents. But maybe this time, he will listen to what Santa says. After that, they heard a rustling noise. It was Swiper. He puts on a reindeer mask and runs like one. Dora asks the viewer if it's a real reindeer, but no. It was just Swiper who disguised himself as it. Now he grabs the ladder, climbs to the top and swipes the star off the tree. But after he swiped the Christmas tree star, the tree began to wobble, which made Swiper throw the star into the sky. All the friends watched as Swiper's tipping the tree over and are afraid that it can fall into the food and the gifts. When suddenly, they heard a jingling noise. It was Santa. So he rescued the tree back upright and Swiper climbed down off it as the friends cheered. Boots asked Dora where the Christmas Tree star is. And Dora asked the viewer where it is. He/she told her that it's in the sky. And after the blue cursor clicked it, the star is about to fly to the viewer. He/she finally caught it. Then it returned to the top of the tree. All the friends cheered for the viewer. Later, Santa Claus returns and caught Swiper trying to swipe. He feels afraid that Swiper is about to swipe over and over. Because he really wants it to end. Now he felt very disappointed for what Swiper has done. The party has usually only begun but if it wasn’t for Santa, it would have been ruined.

Swiper just never seemed to learn and is now on the naughty list. Now Swiper walks away, feeling very sad because he went way too far. But Dora really has to do something to get Swiper off the naughty list and really wants to help him. Dora was usually a good friend and always believes Swiper can change at the end. And there was just one way.

The true spirit of Christmas is what Swiper has to find because is Santa sees that he does, he may change his mind. So he got a card that was missing 4 ornaments and the star. If Swiper fills on one each time, he will be learning the true spirit and then get off the list. But still, there is something else. To get all 4 ornaments, Dora and Swiper must go back to the past when they're young and into the future when they're old and then go back to the present to show it to Santa. Dora always knows that Swiper can learn the true spirit of Christmas. Swiper was sure of it, but they have to find a way to get back to the past and into the future. And Santa knows who can help, assist and help Swiper get off of the list. Time always travels bumpy and thinks the Grumpy Old Troll can help. And so, Dora and Swiper were going to the Troll Bridge so they can go back to the past when they were babies and into the future when they're big kids.

They traveled to the Christmas Forest and sang they're song called There's no swiping on Christmas. This time, Dora doesn't think that Swiper understands. He sneaked upon a cat who was having fun playing with his favourite yarn toy. Dora and the viewer has to stop Swiper from swiping cause it's not the way to go. So the viewer says "No, Swiper, No." Then after he didn't learn again, he sneaked upon the pig who tried hard to find out what's inside a box. After that he sneaked upon a seal who was playing his toy ball. Swiper just didn't mean to because he forgot he is not supposed to swipe. Finally, they arrived to the Troll Bridge. And the Grumpy Old Troll popped out and sang his own song. Dora and Swiper can't go over his bridge because they have to travel through time. Before they can, they have to answer the Troll's 3 riddles. The first riddle is... This reindeer can be seen where ever he goes. He can light up the sky with his shiny red nose. The answer is Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. The second riddle is... He's got a button like nose and coal like eyes. He's a snowman. The answer was Frosty the snowman. The third riddle is... He's got a white beard and rides on a sleigh. He also says "Ho ho ho" delivering gifts to people around the world on Christmas Day. The answer is Santa Claus.

Swiper told Mr. Troll that Santa cannot deliver presents to him. The reason why is that he put him on the naughty list. Mr. Troll was shocked to hear the news. And he gestures that they can travel through time like he said he would and it is usually fun to travel to the past and the future and gave traveling capes for everyone. Dora thanked the Troll but Swiper has one last thing for him. To travel through time by getting the cape to work, they must shake them. They both thanked the Troll and were going to travel back in time. They shook their capes and made it to the past. Soon, the Grumpy Troll arrived when he was young. They were all thrilled that they are back in the past. The Troll threatens Dora and Swiper to go over his bridge, but they can't because they have to do something else to get Swiper off the naughty list. Now the Young Troll giggled. And so, Dora and Swiper returned to the forest just to make sure that Swiper learns and never swipes along the way. This time, Swiper DID understand. There was a puppy who is standing by that stone. The viewer tells Dora that Santa gave him a bone. Now Swiper is not swiping and that IS the way to go. And together, the viewer and Swiper say "No Swiper No" just like that. Then there was a cow who is in luck. The viewer tells Dora that Santa gave her a toy duck. Now, there was a real squirrel wearing a baseball hat. A the viewer tells Dora that what Santa gave him was a baseball bat. Swiper was learning and didn't forget at all. Suddenly, a jingling noise appeared. It was the card. He got the first ornament on the Tree because he was learning the spirit of Christmas. Soon, Dora and Swiper saw a whole bunch of babies sitting on their craddles. Baby Isa has a flower, Baby Tico has a toy car, Baby Boots has a banana, Baby Benny has a cap, and Swiper saw himself as a baby too. All of a sudden, Baby Swiper swiped the other babies presents. Swiper could not believed he made the other babies cry on Christmas. So he took them away from Baby Swiper and returned them back to the other babies. Swiper must find a way to make the babies feel better.

Dora always knows the way and wants someones help. She knows a song that makes her giggle. It was a really silly song when they wiggle, jiggle and sneeze. After wiggling, jiggling and sneezing, Baby Boots giggled. They wiggled, jiggled and sneezed again. And all the babies giggled. Suddenly, a jingling noise appeared. A second ornament appeared. There was only 2 to go. Now Dora and Swiper are going to travel forward in time to make sure Swiper learns the true spirit and then get off the naughty list. When they were about to shake the capes Swiper realized that his cape disappeared. Baby Swiper has it. He swiped it when Swiper was giving back the babies toys. Finally, Swiper got back on his cape, after shaking capes, they traveled to the time when they were little people.

Dora saw herself as a toddler and had a rocking horse for Christmas. Toddler Isa plays her bongos, Toddler Benny playing his toy car and Toddler Tico riding his new tricycle. Then she saw her friend Boots with his baseball mitt. Now, Swiper saw himself as a kid. He had a bunny for Christmas and still has it by the time he grew up. Little Swiper sang his own Song about his bunny. He was happy on Christmas Eve, but still swiped on Christmas. Little Swiper swiped all the thing from the other toddlers and threw them away. Now Swiper has to get their presents back to them. First, Swiper finds Benny's car, Isa's bongo drum, Boots' baseball mitt, Tico's tricycle, and Dora's rocking horse. Swiper tried really hard carrying them even though they were too heavy. Finally he returns them back to the kids. They cheered as they're stuff were back from Young Swiper. Suddenly, a jingling noise appeared again. He got 3 ornaments on the card's Christmas Tree. Now there's only one ornament left. And so they decided to travel to the future when they're older. They both shook their capes and magically went to the future. When they got there, Dora saw herself as a teen. She was looking at the tree but it's not decorated for the party. She thinks that in the future, there's no Christmas party and she has to ask her something. But it's much too hard to explain. Swiper learns not to swipe on Christmas. Because he was learning the true spirit, because if he can do that, then Dora and her friends can have their Christmas party. She misses it so much.

Swiper has to learn and he doesn't want the party to end. When suddenly, a rustling noise appeared again. It sounds exactly like him. Dora asks the viewer where older Swiper is. The viewer tells them he is over there behind the bushes. He was going to swipe the cape from Swiper. If older Swiper swipes the cape he will never be able to return to the present. Swiper always knows how to stop him. He said "Swiper no swiping" 3 times, but it didn't work. He already swiped the cape from him. Older Swiper always swipes even after Swiper says "Swiper no swiping". In the future, Swiper doesn't listen. Because after he got on the naughty list, he did not stop swiping no matter what. That's the reason why they stopped having the Christmas Eve Party. But Swiper doesn't want to let it happen and really wants to change but he can't because he forgot about his time travel cape. Then older Dora knows many friends who can help. They saw Boots when he was older, Benny, Isa and Tico. They can help if Swiper learns the true spirit of Christmas. They decided to get Swiper's time travel cape from Older Swiper, but they didn't know where to find him. So Dora and Older Dora ask the viewer that they don't know which way to go. The viewer answered the Map. And so, he or she said "Maps". After that, Map and Older Map zoomed to the air. Singing their songs. Especially the Fiesta Trio when they saw themselves when they were older. Older Map asks the viewer where Old Swiper is. He is at the castle. So they want the viewer to tell Dora that Older Swiper lives in the castle. So the viewer tells Dora that Old Swiper is at the castle. They took the path with wrapping paper on it. They can't believe there was a lot of litter there. But Swiper wants to clean up. They always remember the sing that song when they cleaned up their room. In English, they say "Clean up". In Spanish, they say "Recoge". So the viewer sings clean up in Spanish. They cleaned up all the wrapping paper from the path to the castle. When they got in, it was really dark in there. So they ran upstairs just to check up on Older Swiper. He was feeling lonely. He was surrounded by those presents and is also sad and really dislikes Christmas and sleeps. Swiper's cape is purple so they have to look for purple things. There was a ribbon on Isa's flower pot that Old Swiper swiped. Benny's baseball hat, a ribbon on Tico's basket of nuts, Boots' Nochebuena bowtie that he really missed, Dora's favorite bear Osito that she had as a kid, and finally Swiper's cape. Now he feels thrilled that he got his cape back. Suddenly a jingling noise appeared again. Swiper got the last ornament on the card's Christmas Tree cause he was learning the true spirit. Then they heard a noise far away. It was Santa Claus. If Santa comes here, He comes back to the party.

Swiper always doesn't want to end up like him. He was all alone on Christmas with no friends. So he decides to change. Dora and Swiper shook their capes together and finally returned home to the party. Dora's friends were so glad they're here at the same time. Then Santa Claus came again. He gave friends all the presents---except for Swiper. He got all the ornaments, but still did not get the star and tried so hard too. Swiper has to find another way to learn the spirit before Santa changes his mind. Swiper always knows that Christmas is a time for giving, not taking away. But Swiper has to go because he has something to show Dora. When he came back, he has that toy as a little fox and wants to give it to Dora. It was a bunny. Dora doesn't want to take his bunny. So Swiper decides to share it instead. It is always good to share on Christmas. All of a sudden, a jingling noise came again. The Christmas Tree Star appeared. Santa came back and felt happy that Swiper learned the true spirit of Christmas. He was off the naughty list and back to the nice list. Swiper and Santa hugged each other. Now Swiper can have presents. After Santa left, Swiper sees a whole bundle of presents and felt proud he was off the naughty list. So now, they started the party once again. It was usually the best time of the year. And so, Swiper finally learned the true spirit of Christmas and got off the naughty list. The elf loved the part when they traveled through time, the second one loved their capes, the third one loved it when the wiggled and the last loved it when they sang their party song. And so Santa asked the viewer about what he or she loved. Then they all cheered that the viewer loved about.

Places in this episode (not said or repeated by the Maps)

  1. Troll Bridge
  2. Older Swiper's Castle


  • Nochebuena party



  • This episode is based on the book by Charles Dickens.
  • All of Santa's dialog rhymes are in the style of Dr. Seuss.
  • Some parts from the DVD version are cut from the TV version:
    • Henry the Elf doesn't say "Here you go, Santa" after he gives the book to him.
    • Santa and the elves do not applaud after he rhymes name with game.
    • The new and old Maps do not sing the full version of "We're the Maps!".
    • Santa does not ask Dora and her friends if they were okay and they do not reply with positive result.
    • One of the elves does not do the Wiggle Jiggle Sneeze Dance after he says he liked that part.
  • This is the second Christmas special in the Dora franchise, first being A Present for Santa.
  • The introduction of the show was a little bit different. It starts with the Deck the Halls refrain. There's a little bit of the original lyrics from the show and then some new lyrics was replaced to reflect the Christmas Eve special.
  • When "We Did It!" begins, Dora and Swiper's time travel capes disappear and will never return.
  • Before Harry Chase did the voice of Santa Claus for this episode, he did the voice of him from the episode "Diego Saves Christmas" on "Go, Diego, Go!".
  • This was the last double-length episode to use the original extended version of We Did It. The other six were Dora's Pirate Adventure, Dora's Dance to the Rescue, Dora's World Adventure, Dora Saves the Mermaids, Dora Saves the Snow Princess, and Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom.
  • This episode first released on DVD on November 3, 2009, and subsequently premiered on Nickelodeon during primetime on December 6, 2009 (at 8pm ET/PT).
  • This is the last episode to premiere in not only 2009, but also the 2000s decade.
  • Swiper still loves swiping since Santa was telling a story to his elves.
  • This is the second double-length episode to be presented as a flashback after Dora's Dance to the Rescue.
    • Unlike said episode, this episode actually ends with Santa concluding the story in the ending scene.
  • This is the 8th double-length episode of the series.
  • This is the 117th episode of the show.
  • This is the only time Older Dora from Dora and Friends: Into the City is shown on a Standard Definition episode. However, she looks very different from Dora's final design in Dora and Friends: Into the City.
  • Dora and Boots do not tell their favorite parts to the viewer at the end of the episode and it does not end with them either, instead Santa Claus and his elves tell their favorite parts to the viewer and the episode ends with them and outside his workshop.
  • This is the first episode "Swiper, no swiping!" does not work when Swiper tries stopping his old self because Older Dora told him that his future self would still swipe anything no matter what whether anyone likes it or not, besides it would not work for him anyway when he gets too old, however, the real reason is that it doesn't work because he's on the naughty list and doesn't listen making him swipe all he wants and it's the only episode he doesn't say "Oh Man" after that.
  • Dora and Boots do not appear as the first characters to begin the episode, Santa Claus appears as the first character instead because he tells the story to his elves about them in his Christmas book but they still introduce themselves to the viewer.
  • Dora and Swiper don't sing the Travel Song in this episode. They sing other songs when they're traveling such as Shake Your Travel Cape and No Swiping on Christmas. They can't technically sing the Travel Song because Dora and Swiper travel mainly in time by shaking their travel capes in this episode and they're only going to 2 places anyway so they never even had the need to sing it.
  • Swiper says that he promises Santa Claus never to swipe again on Christmas or else otherwise he'll be on the naughty list, Santa Claus has heard before many times mentioning he won't do it again but he's still continuing, Swiper finds out from Older Dora that he just goes on swiping in the future. He says that he doesn't want to let that happen and wants to change. It seems very odd that he wants to change, but it doesn't matter because in later episodes, he's still swiping. Either he's finding too much difficulty breaking the habit or he promised to not swipe ONLY on Christmas.
  • Dora doesn't use the picture pop-up sequence in this episode.
  • Dora doesn't wear her normal clothes in this episode, she instead wears a red dress and a red ribbon in her hair.
  • The credits in this episode uses the Nickelodeon Lightbulb logo at the end of this episode. Meaning, this episode took place after the rebrand on September 28, 2009, thus it didn't use the Nickelodeon Productions logo of the rebrand.
  • Swiper is on his good side in this episode but can be found on his bad side swiping when he's a baby, a little kid, and an old adult, however, he's still learning the true meaning of Christmas, even though he is shown to be still bad in future.
  • This is the 22nd instance (and Swiper's second one, first being Dora's World Adventure!) where Dora returns to where she started from after reaching the final place on the map.
  • It is revealed in this episode that in the future, Older Swiper moved from Blueberry Hill to a castle.
  • This is the only double-length episode Backpack isn't used at all.
  • This is also the only double-length episode to feature the Troll Bridge.


  • There were two characters at the end of the naughty list, but when Santa puts Swiper in the naughty list, they disappeared.
  • when Swiper was going to swipe the star on the Christmas tree, he does not say your too late, nor he does not say you’ll never find it now,
  • Most of the characters mention how Swiper always swipes on Christmas; in the only other Christmas episode, Swiper swipes the present Dora and Boots intend to give to Santa, but gives it back once they tell him who the present is for.
  • When Dora and Swiper travel to the past, Dora is the only one not seen as a baby, however, despite Dora's First Trip, that's when Dora and Boots first met each other, but when Dora and Swiper time travel way back in the day where all their friends are seen as babies, this could reveal that Dora has probably never even met them yet until then, so they're technically time traveling to their friends' past when they were babies, that's mostly why she was never meant to be seen as a baby unlike everyone else.
    • This can be found very interesting because Dora is with everyone when they're little kids which is very unknown because she actually first met Boots, then she met Isa, Benny, Tico, and Swiper in Dora's First Trip, which is revealed of how she met everyone but they're all seen together as little kids so they couldn't have met or known each other like that yet until then.
  • When Dora and Boots are about to travel to the future Dora's bow is on the left side of her hair instead of the right.
  • In one scene, Benny's eyebrow is the same color as his skin.
  • Boots grew up in the future in this episode. However, in the Dora and Friends episode "Return to the Rainforest", unlike Dora, he didn't grow up (for an unknown reason).

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