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Dora's Carnival Adventure is a downloadable Dora the Explorer game from the Nick Arcade. It was also released in an abridged format on


Dora's Carnival Adventure is a flash game based on Dora the Explorer cartoon series. In this game, one can pick a treasure chest and then fill it with treasures they win by playing carnival games. Choose a treasure chest, and then select a place to play. Each carnival game differs and each has rewards that add up to treasures that go in their own personalized treasure chest. At the carnival, for instance, one can play air hockey, a crane game, and a slide race to win tickets that one can trade in for prizes, such as printable games. Dora's Carnival Adventure game features six treasure chests which act as profiles.



  • Swiper's Air Hockey: Play a game of air hockey against Swiper. Each time a goal is scored, a ticket is won. The first player to ten points wins.
  • Benny's Bowling*: Play a ten-frame game of bowling with Benny and get the best score. A ticket is won each time all the pins are knocked down. The player gets two chances in ten rounds.
  • Slippery Slide Race: One can choose a character (Dora, Boots, Swiper, or Benny) for their sled and race down the slide while trying to beat the other two characters to the bottom to win tickets.
  • Color Wheel*: Choose a color and Señor Tucán will spin the wheel. If it stops on the chosen color, a ticket is won.
  • Tico's Bumper Cars*: Bump against the other players across four levels before they bump against you. Bumping into one of the flashing cars earns tickets.
  • Thirsty Dolphins*: Spray water at the dolphins to win tickets.
  • Boots' Crane Game: Grab various boots from the crane to win tickets or see something silly.
  • Roberto's Bubble Game*: Play a Pac-Man game where Robot Bird has to clear a maze while avoiding bubbles. Grabbing batteries enhance Robot Bird's power so she can pop the bubbles. Tickets are awarded if Robot Bird touches one or if a level is cleared. If a bubble touches Robot Bird, a light will go out. If all three lights go out, the game is over.
  • Balloon Race*: One can choose a character (Tico, Boots, or Isa) for their balloon and spray air with an air gun while trying to beat the other two characters to the top to win tickets.
  • Basket Game*: Play a shuffling game with Baby Blue Bird and guess what basket the ticket is under.

Asterisk Means Downloadable Version Only.


Finishing a game will win the player tickets; when one has enough tickets for a prize, they may visit the store to trade them for a prize. The prizes can be played with at any time in the player's treasure chest. Collecting all the prizes gives the player a printible certificate reward.

  • Door poster (5 tickets)
  • Coloring page (10 tickets)
  • Map maze (15 tickets, 5 tickets in the online version)
  • Spinning top (30 tickets)
  • Wallpaper (40 tickets)
  • Swiper-in-the-box (50 tickets, 20 tickets in the online version)
  • Paddle ball (100 tickets)
  • Dress-up block (150 tickets, 10 tickets in the online version)
  • Magic slate (200 tickets)
  • Screensaver (300 tickets)


  • The carnival visited is the same as seen at the end of Dora's Ride-Along City Adventure.
  • The Thirsty Dolphins game was reused from The Big Piñata.
    • The titular piñata also appears as the subject of the maze prize.
  • Isa, Big Red Chicken, and Grumpy Old Troll do not appear in the game.
  • In the online version, Swiper's Air Hockey, Slippery Slide Race and Boots' Crane Game are the only games playable, while the only prizes winnable are the maze, dress-up block, and Swiper-in-the-box.
  • At the end of an activity, if the player has over 10 tickets, Dora says, "Look at all the tickets you won!", but only in Tico's Bumper Cars and Roberto's Bubble Game.
  • The process of keeping a profile with inventory is reused in the games Diego's Dinosaur Adventure and Dora's Magic Castle Adventure.
  • Benny's voice sounds slightly deeper than how he sounds in the show due to Jake Burbage experiencing puberty at the time the game was made.
  • If the player goes over 999 tickets, Swiper will swipe them and he or she has to get them again.
  • If you look at the menu for the Slide Race after winning, you get three additional tickets after clicking on the blue Play Again button, but only in the downloadable version.

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