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Dora's Carnival 2: Boardwalk Adventure is a downloadable Dora the Explorer game from the Nick Arcade. It is the sequel to Dora's Carnival Adventure.


Dora and her friends are exploring the boardwalk. Just like the original, the player gets to pick a treasure chest and play a series of ten boardwalk games. Winning the games will win the player tickets to trade for prizes.


  • Fishing for Treasure: Use the crane to grab the treasure chests to find tickets or something silly.
  • Fish Frenzy: Several fish are popping out of the ocean; clicking on them makes them jump. If the fish is under a ticket, they will collect it if clicked on. The game ends after the time has run out.
  • Count the Fish: Count the number of appropriate-colored fish as announced by Dora.
  • Seahorse Matchup: Match the seahorses to the correct colored groups.
  • Piñata Party: Guess which of the three piñatas has a ticket inside. If the player guesses correctly, a ticket is won.
  • Juggling Boots With Boots: Help Boots with his boot juggling act by giving him the boots that match the pattern of the lights.
  • Skeeball with Benny: Play a game of skeeball with Benny and shoot the balls into the holes with the tickets. The player gets ten chances.
  • Explorer Air Hockey: Play a game of air hockey against Swiper. Each time a goal is scored, a ticket is won. The first player to five points, which is less than ten, like the number in Dora's Carnival Adventure wins.
  • Dolphin Squirt: Spray water at the dolphins to win tickets.
  • Musical Mix-Up: Help the Fiesta Trio play their music by repeating the shape patterns.


Just like the original game, the player wins tickets at the end of every game; once the player has enough for a prize, they may visit the store to trade them. The prizes can be played with at any time in the player's treasure chest. Collecting all the prizes gives the player a printable certificate reward.

  • Coloring page (5 tickets)
  • Connect-the-dots (10 tickets)
  • Boardwalk photo frame (15 tickets)
  • Toy boat (25 tickets)
  • Beach shovel and bucket (30 tickets)
  • Bongo drums (40 tickets)
  • Coloring game (50 tickets)
  • Sand castle builder (70 tickets)
  • Wallpaper (90 tickets)
  • Aquarium (100 tickets)


  • This is the last game to use Dora's sprite from Ride-Along Animal Photo Adventure.
  • If the player goes over 999 tickets, Swiper will swipe them and he or she has to get them again.