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Dora's Book of Manners is the seventh book in the Dora the Explorer book series.


The Grumpy Old Troll was very rude to his friend Mouse -- and now he needs help from Dora and Boots for Mouse to forgive him. But what should he say? Join Dora and Boots as they help Mr. Troll, and learn about manners along the way!

Places in book[]


  • This was the first book to be told in a third-person narration. It will happen again in Dora's Fairy-Tale Adventure.
  • Hence the name, this book teaches the viewers about manners, just like the episodes To the Treehouse ("Thank you") ¡Por Favor! ("please").
  • This was also the first book where Grumpy Old Troll travels with Dora and Boots.
  • This is the first time to see the Grumpy Old Troll cry.
  • Sneezing Snake Lake from Whose Birthday is It? and The Shy Rainbow and Dragon Mountain from Star Catcher appear in the book, but Dragon Mountain, unlike second said episode, looks completely different. It is a pink dragon-scaled mountain.
  • In the reissued front cover, the Dragon Mountain can be seen, and Boots and Mouse are seen in the cover, unlike the original. Additionally, Grumpy Old Troll is holding flowers, while in the original cover, he was holding an ice cream cone.