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Dora's Big Birthday Adventure
Airdate August 3, 2010
Season 5
Episode 20
Previous Boots' Banana Wish
Next Dora's Pegaso Adventure

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure is a Dora the Explorer TV movie. It's also the 20th episode for season 5.

Characters present


The episode starts with Dora and Boots in the magic story book they need to get home for Dora's 8th birthday so they can celebrate, but they end up in the twisty wind cloud to Wizzle World they go on an adventure back home for the party by finding the Wishing Wizzle and give him back his wishing crystal get past a mean witch who hates wishes.




  • Dragon's Lake
  • Dancing Forest
  • Rainbow
  • Wizzle Mountain


Older Episode Clips


  • This episode marks the 10th anniversary of the series and features the songs from the past episodes.
  • This is the final episode in the "Magic Storybook Trilogy".
  • This is the 9th episode that lasted over 30 minutes.
  • In A Second time, the episode Boots' tip of his tail gets chomped first being Fish Out of Water.
  • During We're Going Home, the characters in the flashbacks appear to be lip-syncing to the song.
  • This is the first double-length episode to use a different version of The "We Did It" Song.
  • The crystal Dora wears throughout the episode is identical to the one wore in "Dora Saves the Snow Princess" and "Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom".
  • There was no four picture pop-up sequence after going over the rainbow.
  • This is the 121st episode of the series.
  • They will use this version of the We Did It! song for the rest of the series.
  • In some scenes of this episode, Dora has her season 6 look.


  • The TV version uses a new intro, but the DVD version uses the same storybook intro from the other two episodes mentioned.
  • Dora forgets to defeat La Bruja, so it's possible that La Bruja is not giving up just yet.


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