Dora's Big Birthday Adventure
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Airdate Tuesday, August 3, 2010 (DVD)
Sunday, August 15, 2010 (Nickelodeon)
Season 5
Episode 20
Current Airings: 21
Previous Boots' Banana Wish
Current Airings: Swiper the Explorer
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Dora's Big Birthday Adventure! is a Dora the Explorer TV special. It is also the 20th episode (21st in current airings) from Season 5 as well as the third and final episode of the Magic Storybook Trilogy. It was released on August 15, 2010 to coincide with the show's 10th anniversary, which happened the day before it aired.



Dora and Boots are in the magic story book and need to get home for Dora's 8th birthday so they can celebrate with their friends and family.


Act 1

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The episode starts with Dora and Boots in the magic story book they need to get home for Dora's 8th birthday so they can celebrate, They have been away in the magic storybook for a long time helping friends like the Snow Princess and Allie in the crystal kingdom but before they jump out of the book they end up in the twisty wind cloud to Wizzle World they go on an adventure back home for the party by finding the Wishing Wizzle and give him back his wishing crystal get past a mean witch who hates wishes. Map says they need to go over Sea Snake Lake, past the Dancing Forest, go over the Rainbow and go to Wizzle Mountain.

Act 2

As Dora and Boots get closer to a Sunflower Field, they see Mr. Scarecrow. After going over the rainbow Boots told Dora that it was getting late and they had to get back in time for her birthday party. Dora was glad to be back cause she couldn't wait to go exploring again

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Places in this episode

  1. Sea Snake Lake
  2. Dancing Forest
  3. Rainbow
  4. Wizzle Mountain

Sub Places

  • Sunflower Field

Items in Backpack (clockwise starting from the top right)

  • Sticky tape (correct item)
  • Crayon box
  • Donut
  • Thermos
  • Pair of scissors
  • Hula hoop


Older Episode Clips

Episodes used in the magic storybook recap, in order:

Episodes used during "We're Going Home", in order:

Episodes remembered during the first Travel Song, in order:

Episodes remembered during the second Travel Song, in order:


  • This episode marks the 10th anniversary of the series and features a few songs from past episodes and some new ones.
  • This is the final episode of the Magic Storybook Trilogy, following "Dora Saves the Snow Princess" and "Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom".
  • This is the 9th episode that lasted over 30 minutes.
  • This is the second episode where the tip of Boots' tail gets chomped, first being "Fish Out of Water".
  • During "We're Going Home", the characters in the flashbacks appear to be lip-syncing to the song.
  • This is the first episode to use a newer, more upbeat version of the "We Did It" song. It will be used for the rest of the series.
  • The crystal Dora wears throughout the episode is the same one Dora wore in "Dora Saves the Snow Princess" and "Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom". It is revealed in this episode to be the Wishing Wizzle's wishing crystal, and when Dora says she got it in another story, she is referencing the events of the former episodes.
    • After this double-length special, it is never seen again because the Wishing Wizzle has it, as Dora gave it to him, and this is, of course, the final episode of the Magic Storybook Trilogy.
    • The Magic Crystal will always be remembered.
  • There was no four picture pop-up sequence after going over the rainbow. There was no need to anyway because Dora and Boots are already at the fourth location (Wizzle Mountain).
  • This is the 121st episode of the series.
  • In some scenes of this episode, Dora has her Season 6 look.
  • In some frames during the we did it song, Boots has his Dora and Friends Look.
  • This is the second time the birthday balloon is shown. "Whose Birthday is It?" marks the first time.
  • Map uses different animations and assets in his segment.
    • He also says the places twice before the zoom wipe.
    • After Map explains to the viewer about getting to the last place Dora and Boots got to go, he just says "Remember...", instead of the usual "So remember...".
  • This episode parodies The Wizard of Oz. Dora is Dorothy, Boots is Toto, Sabrina is Glinda, La Bruja is the Wicked Witch of the West, the Scarecrow is the scarecrow, and the Birthday Wizzle is the Wizard of Oz while the Wizzles are the munchkins and the Flying Monkeys are Nikko and the flying monkeys, the only characters who are missing from The Wizard of Oz is the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion.
  • In the Nintendo DS game, Mr. Scarecrow briefly escapes from his stick to help Dora and Boots scare the crows.
  • Swiper is on his good side at Dora's Birthday Party. However, Dora and Boots stopped him from swiping twice in the flashbacks.
    • However, La Bruja takes his place as the antagonist.
  • This episode shows some clips from past episodes from Seasons 1-4, but Dora and Boots' dialogues from those episodes were re-recorded by the new cast.
  • This is the only double-length episode of Dora the Explorer in which Dora wears her casual outfit throughout the entire length of the episode.
    • However, it was not the first time in the franchise in general in which it happens, because Dora was seen in her casual throughout the Go, Diego, Go! double-length episode "Diego's Great Dinosaur Rescue" from start to finish.
  • Dora and Boots don't sing the Travel Song in this episode, however, they technically do but they don't sing it in the original way and it's not played in the original version, they sing it in a different way and it's played in a different version, they actually sing a special variant.
  • Dora and Boots will never sing the original We Did It! from now on.
  • Unlike Whose Birthday is It?, the entire cast doesn't sing the Happy Birthday song to Dora, nor do they sing Feliz Cumpleaños from Season 1 episode Surprise!, they instead sing Dora's Home.
  • The birthday balloon with a picture of Dora on it is magenta and pink, but in Whose Birthday is It?, the balloon with a picture of Swiper on it was yellow and orange. However, they both have the same design.
  • In later episodes, Dora's eyes will be larger, but her eyes may still look normal due to the size increase being insignificant.
  • The birthday party music that plays on the Birthday Balloon is recycled from Whose Birthday is It?.
  • This is the first episode using the Nickelodeon logo from 2009-present.
  • "Recuerda a mis amigos" is the Spanish phrase for "Remember my friends".
  • This episode premiered exactly 10 years after Lost and Found premiered.
  • The only episodes that were not used in the flashbacks were Journey to the Purple Planet, Star Mountain and Boots to the Rescue as well as the star catching scenes.
  • None of the Explorer Stars showed up at Dora's birthday party since the star-catching was completely retired after Season 4. However, if they did show up at the party, it would most likely be every single explorer star that appeared throughout Seasons 3-4 including the ordinary colored ones. There are other characters who did not show up at the party either such as:
  • Although this is a 2010 episode, Diego and Alicia are wearing their outfits from Season 4-5 (Dora), and Season 1-3 (Diego), in the Diego series, they are wearing their Season 4-present clothes.
    • However, it is possible that this episode was produced before the Season 4-5 Diego Series.


  • Unlike the TV version, the DVD version uses a variation of the intro from "Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom".
  • During the Pirate Dance segment, the song and background is different than what it is in Dora's Dance to the Rescue and Dora and Boots had their pirate outfit from Dora's Pirate Adventure.
  • Dora forgets to defeat La Bruja, so it's possible that La Bruja is not giving up just yet.
  • The scene where the Pirate Piggies are sailing under the wishing star is actually from an unfinished episode that was later merged to this episode, then scrapped due to it not fitting the theme of this episode.
  • A scene with Dora and Boots looking at all the stars and the wishing crystal in the night sky, Boots' original favorite part, followed by Dora showing the viewer their wishing star and telling them that it only works for good wishes was going to be included in this episode, as evidenced in a video behind-the-scenes look on Parents featuring voice actress Caitlin Sanchez, in which a snippet of the script of this episode is shown on camera.
  • When Dora said, "Look, it's Isa! We gotta turn the wheel!", her mouth is out of sync because the producers recycled the animation from Dora's Pirate Adventure.
  • Just like the rainbow in the season 2 episodes, "The Big Storm" and "The Missing Piece", the Season 5-6 Intro, and several more episodes, it did not have a red, indigo, and purple stripe, three colors that rainbows also have in real life.
    • However, when Boots said "The rainbow is back", the indigo stripe on the rainbow appears. After that, it disappears.
  • During the line, "Tico's drumming, and Benny plays his guitar!" in the Dora's Home song, the Grumpy Old Troll's beard is yellow instead of orange.
  • Before the We Did It! song, the Fiesta Trio play their fanfare music but without their instruments, their music just plays when they are flying on balloons.
  • It is unknown why their weren't any flashback of Dora in Go, Diego, Go!. It's possible that the producers wanted to focus only on Dora the Explorer.
  • Treehouse normally airs this special on Canada Day.


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