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Dora asks the viewers to get something from Backpack

Oh no! I don't know when to talk!

Boots: "But Dora, this episode's transcript is incomplete!"
Dora: "We need your help!"
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(Ballet music playing)

Dora: Hola. Soy Dora. Today is a really special day for my dance class. We're going to have a big dance show for all our friends and families. Do you like to dance? I love to dance, and I get to start our show today.

[She opens the curtain to see her family in the audience]

Dora: Look, there's my family! Ooh, I really want them to see my dance.

Boots: Dora, Dora! Are you ready to start the show? Are you ready? Are you ready?

Dora: (giggles) Almost Boots. We're just waiting for the delivery truck to come, and bring us our dance slippers. We can't start the show without our dance slippers.

(music playing)

Both: The Delivery Duck!

Delivery Duck: Delivery from the dance school.

[Dora gets the package; but the delivery is scuba flippers, not dance slippers.]

Dora: Ay no! Are these dance slippers? No, these are scuba flippers!

Teacher: The delivery duck must have left our box of slippers at our dance school by mistake!

Children: Oh, no!

Girl: Esas no son las zapatillas!

Boy 1: How are we going to dance?

Boy 2: We need our dance slippers!

Boots: Dora your class can't dance in scuba flippers!

Dora: I'll go get our slippers!

[She and Boots take off]

Boots: Everyone really wants to see the show. We need to get the dance slippers fast.

Dora: Really, really fast, Boots! We need to find the quickest way to the dance school. Who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go? The Map, right! You have to say "Map!" Louder!

Dora and Boots: Map!

[Map zooms into the air]

[I'm the Map plays]