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Dora's Backpack Adventure is a Dora the Explorer VHS tape featuring episodes from its 1st season.

Description on the cover[]

When Dora goes on an adventure, she never forgets her friend Backpack. Backpack carries anything that Dora and her preschoolers might need. Join their journey in these two episodes (Backpack! and Big River) of Dora the Explorer, the unique play-along adventure show from Nick Jr.!


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  8. Paramount Feature Presentation/FBI Warning
  9. Paramount Home Video (90th Anniversary) (2002)
  10. Nick Jr. Kids Opening Bumper (Little Bear, Blue's Clues, and Little Bill Variant)
  11. Face Travels In Many Different Ways (Dora the Explorer Version)
  12. Backpack!
  13. Face The Jigsaw Puzzle (Dora the Explorer Version)
  14. Big River
  15. Nick Jr. Kids Closing Bumper (Little Bear, Blue's Clues, and Little Bill Variant)
  16. Dora the Explorer Credits (Backpack! & Big River)
  17. Nick Jr. Productions (1999)
  18. Nick Jr. Pigs Logo
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  20. Paramount Home Video


Face Segments[]

  1. Face Travels in Many Different Ways (Dora the Explorer version)
  2. Face the Jigsaw Puzzle (Dora the Explorer version)


  • The episodes from this VHS can be seen on the DVD version of Rhymes and Riddles.
  • This VHS has two Nick Jr. Face segments: one involving traveling and one involving a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Starting from this video until Rhymes and Riddles, this VHS has two Nick Jr. Face segments, one after the Nick Jr. "Kids" intro and the other in between episodes 1 and 2.
  • The Face Travels segment would later be seen on the 2002 VHS of Little Bill: "Merry Christmas, Little Bill".
  • This is the first VHS to end with the credits for both episodes (first the credits for Backpack! and then the credits for Big River).
  • On the promotional copy of this VHS, the Paramount Television 1987 fanfare is heard on the Paramount logo. This will later be used in It's A Party.

Alternate covers[]